You can’t help but empathize with the No. 1 “Golden Week” selected by Generation Z!? The top 10 rankings of “Golden Day” chosen by Generation Z have been announced


You can’t help but empathize with the No. 1 “Golden Week” selected by Generation Z!? The top 10 rankings of “Golden Day” chosen by Generation Z have been announced – All in one Anime and manga new release updates, New anime release, 2024 animes, upcoming anime, trending anime, and lots more!!.

“Simeji,” a customization emoticon keyboard app provided by Baidu, conducted a survey of Simeji users on the app and announced the “Simeji Ranking,” which ranks the data.

You can’t help but empathize with the No. 1 “Golden Week” chosen by Generation Z!?Click here for images of “Generation Z…”

We conducted a survey of Generation Z users on the Simeji app and ranked the survey results.

This time’s theme is “Generation Z’s choice!! GW is happening”.

Collection period: 2023/12/28-2024/1/4

Number of valid responses: 2,348 men and women aged 10-24

No. 10: Finished without doing homework

“I was having so much fun, but Golden Week was already over” “I was so absorbed in my hobbies that I forgot to do them ( ̄▽ ̄;)” “Even if I try to do it every time, I don’t have the motivation to do anything, so I don’t do anything until the last day. “I lost time watching YouTube etc.” “I was so absorbed in my hobbies that I forgot to do them ( ̄▽ ̄;)” “GW is an enemy that seduces students! I don’t touch my homework every time. ((>ω<�.))" "Maybe it's because I have a habit of slacking off..." ``The Golden Week template is to do everything the day before and make it in time because it's not finished in a flash,'' and ``I don't feel motivated unless it's at the last minute,'' as they tackled a large amount of homework towards the end of the holidays.

No. 9: The amount of homework and holidays do not match.

“Even though we only have 5 days, we are given so much homework that it would take about a month” “The amount of homework is buggy compared to the holidays” “We have 5 times as much homework at cram school or school!” “The teacher smiles and smiles. I will give you a collection of handmade prints titled “Golden Week Gifts”. “Every year, I play too much, time passes by so quickly, and I end up in hell with my homework.” “I don’t want to be overwhelmed with homework, so I start doing it in advance.” “Even though I’ve made plans, I feel like I can’t finish it in time.” “I’m the type of person who almost always finishes on the last day.” “I do my assignments at the last minute.” “Every time, on the last day, I’m grumbling.” Everyone has their own way of completing their homework, but we can see that Generation Z feels stressed by the large amount of homework.

No. 8: Loss of sense of the days of the week

“I have a day off tomorrow too! I feel like ☆ and stop thinking about it.” “Golden Week is so long that I forget the days of the week.” “Every day I ask, “What day is it today?” ” “You can spend time without worrying about the time” “If it’s a school day, you care about the days of the week, but if it’s a long holiday, you don’t have a sense of the days of the week” “When you’re relaxing at your grandmother’s house in the countryside, you don’t really need to think about the days of the week.” “I keep sleeping too much and staying up late,” “I don’t even look at the calendar!” Without school, there is no need to be aware of the days of the week, and it seems that many Generation Z lose their sense of the days of the week.

No. 7: Watch movies, anime, and dramas all at once

“It’s a holiday?! I can watch anime straight through!” “I’m most looking forward to watching the anime I’ve been saving up” “I’ve accumulated a lot of anime and videos that I can’t usually watch due to lessons or family chores. When I have a long vacation, I binge-watch it.” “I love anime (heart), so I can watch my favorite anime for a second week.” “Even if I can watch anime on weekdays, I only watch 1 to 3 episodes, but during Golden Week, I watch them all at once.” We received comments such as, “I can watch 12 episodes in one day at a time,” “I only have time to watch anime on my days off (because I’m playing with friends),” and “It’s how otakus spend their time.” It’s a blissful time to take advantage of Golden Week and watch it all at once because you don’t have enough time to watch it on weekdays!

6th place: There is nothing to do

“I really don’t have anything to do. I don’t have anywhere to go.” “I don’t have any plans, so I have nothing to do.” “Now, even if you say it’s a five-day weekend, where should I go?” “I was just lazing around and it ended (I was really sad), but now I’m going to see all kinds of scenery,” and “I ended up just lazing around all day because I had free time.” “There are so many things I want to do before the holidays,” and “I don’t know what to do during the long holidays.” When the holidays come around, it seems like you may not know what you wanted to do until then. .

No. 5: Eventually, the house will settle down.

“My home is the most comfortable place” “I love my home and family!” “Even if I go to club activities or go out, I end up coming home and I feel the most calm at home.” “I feel safer when I’m at home.” ” “Relaxing at home is the best!!” “Hikikomori is the best (≧∇≦)” “Everywhere I go is crowded and the house is calm” “Every year, my family and I go on a trip for about 2 nights and 3 days. “I’m an indoor person. I don’t like going out.” “At home, it’s not crowded and I can do what I want!” to avoid crowds. , it seems that many Gen Z spend their time at home where they can relax.

4th place: Day and night reversal

During the holidays, I tend to stay up late. “Day and night reversal is the basic of Golden Week!” “Midnight is evening” “Holidays = day and night reversal” has developed within me” “I end up playing games until midnight and wake up later” “Becoming nocturnal” “Oh, isn’t it already noon?” “I’ve been sleeping since I slept twice in the morning” “My daily rhythm is disrupted by staying up late” “There’s no Golden Week where day and night don’t change!” “I’m doing it because I want to!” “I’m having fun every day, so I end up staying up late, and my days and nights change quickly lol” “I want to play games…lol” “I want to watch YouTube” “I watch too much anime” “I can play because it’s Golden Week ”, and it seems that they are enjoying doing what they like during the holidays as much as they want!

3rd place: Almost ends with club activities

“There will be a blowing club tournament in July!” “There will be a recital for the club activities soon” and “Most club tournaments will be held during Golden Week.” We can see how they are working hard during Golden Week in preparation for the tournament. . They also have a positive outlook on club activities, such as, “I only win in club activities,” “I love club activities,” “This is a strong school!”, “I actively participate in club activities,” “My first priority is club activities,” and “I do club activities every day, but it’s fun (heart).” On the other hand, there are people who seem to be working on their club activities, but also, “I only have club activities on my days off”, “I’m going to lose my precious days off for volleyball”, “I made a mistake in choosing a club activity… (I’m so black)”, “There are so many black club activities that there’s no Golden Week lol ” “There are only club activities… Wow” “There are club activities only on holidays, why? (*^^*)” “Club activities are so hard that holidays are not days off”, Golden Week said. It seems that many Gen Z want to take a break from work.

2nd place: Extremely crowded no matter where you go

“The first day of Golden Week is extremely crowded, so I went there on the last day, but everyone had the same idea, so it was extremely crowded even on the last day.” “There were many people in places where there were usually not many people.” “Everywhere I went, it was crowded, and the clock was ticking. “I don’t want all the restaurants and amusement parks to be crowded.” “It’s terrible when I go camping.” “The expressways are always congested.” “When I book hotels, almost everything is booked.” “When I go to a big place, there are so many people that I can’t even park my car in the parking lot.” “I remember the other day I had a reservation for a long time, but it was canceled because it was crowded.” A voice said. Since it’s a long weekend, you want to go out and have some fun, but when you imagine the crowds you’ve experienced in the past, you’re wondering whether to go out or not.

1st place: Before I knew it, it was the last day

“If you did various things, the GW was over \ (*´ ・ ▽ ・) / ナ ゛ ゛ ゛」 」」 」」 」」 」」 」」 」」 」」 」」 」」 」」 」」 」」 」」 」」 」」 」」 」」 」」 」」 」」 」」 」」 」」 」」 」」 」」 」」 」」 」」 」」 」」 時間 」」 」」 」」 」」 ;’)” “I play with my friends every day and it’s over even if it’s for a moment!!” “I’m feeling “gimmicky!!” while playing a game, and before I know it, it’s the last day without doing any assignments.” It seems that many Gen Z spend their days engrossed in activities, only to realize in the blink of an eye that it’s the last day.

Also, “The time on holidays and weekdays is clearly different,” “It feels like 2 hours,” “Time seems to go faster on holidays,” “Someone definitely makes the Golden Week day last 1 second, right?” and “48 weekdays.” It felt like 1 minute during the Golden Week.” “It’s so fast! I woke up late, so time flies!” “I was just eating and sleeping, but…oh! Was it a dream?” “The last day must have been the second day already!? It seems like they often lose track of time because they are having so much fun.

You can’t help but empathize with the No. 1 “Golden Week” selected by Generation Z!? The top 10 rankings of “Golden Day” chosen by Generation Z have been announced

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