OPP bag (OPP bag)


OPP bag (OPP bag)
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Meaning of “OPP bag”

“OPP bag” is a term used to store goods such as “OPP bag”.transactionA thin plastic bag used for packaging. Basically, it refers to a bag in which goods are directly placed.
In addition to being available at 100 yen shops, there are also specialty stores.

Origin and etymology of “OPP bag”

The official name is “Oriented Polypropylene,” and “OPP” is an abbreviation. Compared to regular plastic bags, this bag is characterized by its high transparency, crispness and elasticity, and the fact that the bag itself does not expand or contract. Since they are often used as wrapping bags, they come in various sizes. There is also another form with a tape attached to the opening, which is used as a transparent envelope for direct mail.

Under such circumstances, there is a form of “OPP bag” for storing developed photos.
The one that stores general photos is called the “L photo size,” and it originally existed. In recent years, there has been a resurgence in film cameras and instax cameras, and the need for storing developed photos has increased, and perhaps for this reason, many 100 yen shops sell them at low prices as “for L-size photos”.

And then the “Oshikatsu” and “Otakatsu” booms arrived. There will be a need to not only store the photos and bromides taken, but also to carry them around, give them to someone, and mail them. Although this is just a guess, it may have become popular because people who originally used “OPP bags” or knew of their existence also used them for “Otakatsu.”

Then, 100 yen shops and manufacturers who originally manufactured “OPP bags” noticed the boom, and in addition to “photos”, they started selling “OPP bags exclusively for otaku” such as “can badges” and “mini colored paper”. It has come to be. For example, Fukuro no Oukoku, a company that manufactures packages and is famous in the Otakatsu community, sells OPP bags that can store various forms of goods that cannot be covered by the L photo size. ”, and a list page has also been created.

Utilization of “OPP bags”

▼When used for “transactions”
The general rule is to put goods in an “OPP bag” and take measures to prevent it from getting wet in case of rain, by taking measures such as “folding”. This varies from person to person, but some use non-specialized “OPP bags” on the premise that the goods will not stick out.

In addition, an “OPP bag with tape” is sometimes used as a “measure to prevent water from getting wet,” but in this case, this is considered a “preventative measure from water and is not called an “OPP bag.”

▼When storing and carrying around
Some people use “OPP bags” to store and carry around “photos” and “tin badges.”
In the case of “photos,” they are often placed in albums or in “hard cases” for carrying around. However, there is a limit to the number of “OPP bags” that can be used in conjunction with these. Please be careful as it may stick out or not fit in depending on the case. Regarding “can badges”, the common method is to store them in “OPP bags for can badges (mainly with tape)” and store them in drawers or cases.

▼When using “local delivery”
In this case, there are cases in which goods are brought to the venue and cases in which goods purchased on the spot are handed over.
In the case of the former, the item is often stored in an “OPP bag” at home beforehand and brought in. I would like you to think about this in general, but when you give something to someone, you rarely give it to them “as is”. It would be good to think of it as similar.
In the latter case, there is of course the option of handing it out in the original bag, but since the contents of the random goods in such cases cannot be seen, they are sometimes used to prevent mistakes. Probably many.

Transaction (Oitorihiki)

hand delivery (tewashi)

Please excuse me from searching.

Aksuta (Akusuta)

OPP bag (OPP bag)

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