[Puroland]Summer event is the Summer Festival! New attractions are also born!


[Puroland]Summer event is the Summer Festival! New attractions are also born!
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Sanrio Puroland will hold the “Puroland Neo Natsu Matsuri” event, themed around a summer festival with colorful neon lights, from July 12th (Friday) to September 3rd (Tuesday), 2024. In addition, the title of the new theater attraction scheduled to open in the summer of 2024 has been decided as “Cinnamoroll's Little Big Adventure.”

It has been decided that the store will open on Friday, July 12th.

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Summer festivals are a seasonal tradition in Japan. This summer, Puroland will be transformed into a space where you can enjoy a slightly different summer festival, with unique Yatai and colorful neon decorations.

During the event, the first floor of Puro Village will host a new parade called “Puroland Neo Natsumatsuri WA☆SHOWI BEAT!”, which will be accompanied by “Neo Bon Odori” and a neo beat. Characters dressed in new costumes such as yukata and happi coats will appear in the new parade and “Puroland Neo Natsumatsuri Special Greetings,” livening up Puroland's Neo Natsumatsuri.

In the 1st floor entertainment hall, a variety of unique performers will appear and hold “Neo Ennichi.”

There will be “KAWAII ENNICHI” where you can enjoy three types of games and receive pin badges depending on your results, and “Bad Badtz-Maru's Neo Karakuriyashiki” where you can play ninja games with Bad Badtz-Maru. There will also be a “KAWAII (heart) Neon Shop” where you can choose letters and decoration parts to create your own original neon sign and project it onto the screen in the venue, as well as special photo spots.

Other items to be sold include a food menu that is an adaptation of classic street food dishes, original goods with cute neon designs, and a photo spot decorated with colourful neon lights at the entrance.

The new theater attraction “Cinnamoroll's Little Big Adventure,” starring “Cinnamoroll,” tells the story of an adventure with Cinnamoroll to solve the mystery of the rainbow. It is an experiential theater attraction that allows you to immerse yourself in the story with the motion seats and the “magic stick” that allows you to support Cinnamoroll and her friends on their adventures while progressing through the story.

Sanrio Puroland is an indoor theme park, so you don't have to worry even during the hot summer.

Enjoy the summer festival in comfort with Cinnamoroll's Sinatraction.

(C) 2024 SANRIO CO., LTD. TOKYO, JAPAN Copyright Sanrio Co., Ltd.

[Puroland]Summer event is the Summer Festival! New attractions are also born!

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