Prison Architect 2 has been delayed 4 months


Prison Architect 2 has been delayed 4 months
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Initially scheduled for release on March 26th and later postponed to May 7th, the Paradox Interactive and the Double Eleven announced now that they’ve postponed again Prison Architect 2this time for September 3, 2024.

The companies revealed that they need these additional four months to reduce crashes, optimize game performance and improve existing features.

In the statement we can read:

While we currently have certified builds on all platforms and are ready for release, some issues have arisen related to memory usage and minimum spec configurations that are causing more failures.

Considering the legacy of Prison Architect and you – our passionate community, we want to release the best possible sequel to such a beloved game, without cutting corners to do so.

Prison Architect 2 will be released for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, and PC via Steam, and in its description we can read:

Welcome, architect! Create and develop your own custom penitentiary in Prison Architect 2. The classic prison builder has escaped two dimensions and is now in 3D — it’s up to you to contain him!

Use your resources to build, manage and control your prison in classic Prison Architect gameplay — now in three glorious dimensions! Create every corner of your prison and manage everything from the daily schedule to the food policy, and ensure that your prison is safe, self-sustaining and secure.

Create your entire prison infrastructure across multiple floors and use a variety of captivating new tools that allow you to build a top-notch prison facility. The design of your prison will affect every aspect of your prisoners’ lives, so design your layouts with that in mind!

There are unique prisoners with their own schemas — now, they establish distinct relationships that influence behavior and make decisions based on their needs and wants. Watch them interact and deal with the daily trials of your prison. Remember, every choice you make can help or hinder your prisoners’ prison journey. You decide what kind of experiences your prisoners have in your prison.

Establish and manage a true top institution and build unique prison establishments in an updated career mode that will introduce you to a new map of the world. Will your prisons end up becoming monuments to rehabilitation or retribution? Above all, will they be able to pay the bills?

Choices matter and yours will determine the fate of your prison. More control than ever before — over prisoners, prison policies, architecture, and more — means more ways for things to go well… or wrong! Plan carefully or you may have to deal with escapes, riots and all manner of destructive and expensive problems.

Prison Architect 2 has been delayed 4 months

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Prison Architect 2 has been delayed 4 months

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