“Goddess of Victory: NIKKE” Who is the new Nike that will be implemented on the 1.5th anniversary? ? What is “Kilo” that threatens the big favorite?Don’t underestimate the popular characters who appeared unexpectedly.


“Goddess of Victory: NIKKE” Who is the new Nike that will be implemented on the 1.5th anniversary? ? What is “Kilo” that threatens the big favorite?Don’t underestimate the popular characters who appeared unexpectedly.
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“NIKKE: Goddess of Victory” attracts users with a variety of charms, such as the strategic nature of identifying synergies between Nikes and the harsh story depicted in a post-apocalyptic worldview. The momentum continues unabated, and we are about to reach the 1.5th anniversary of our half anniversary.

Exactly one year ago, for the half-anniversary, Pilgrim’s Nike “Dorothy” was implemented. She showed her face early in the story, but her past was also revealed in the event story “OVER ZONE” coinciding with the half-anniversary, and some people clearly remember her becoming a hot topic. I’m sure there are many.

Also, it became a hot topic that “Rai”, who belongs to MMR High School, was implemented as the first SSR distribution Nike. An event set at MMR High School was later held, but this was implemented in advance of that event.

Following last year’s excitement, the half anniversary is likely to attract attention this year as well. What I’m curious about is the newly implemented Nike.

There are many Nikes that have appeared in previous stories and events that have not yet been implemented in the game, so there is a good chance that you will be selected from among them.

How many Nikes are currently waiting for implementation? Also, who is the most powerful among them? While picking up representative unimplemented Nikes, we will select and deliver those who seem to have particularly high potential. Please read this article and make your own predictions!

“D”, which belongs to “Siegeperilla”, a unit that identifies people who commit evil acts and takes action against them, was implemented in April 2023. The story, in which the commander is deeply involved in the decision, is impressive, and some commanders are sure to be unforgettable.

“K”, who belongs to the same unit as D, is also one of the Nikes that has not been implemented yet. Due to her position, she seems to have a lot of interpersonal battles, but what kind of battle will she have against Rapture? She has no shortage of interest in that.

Last year’s half-anniversary was a lively event, and the limited-time event “Bunny

This is because “Blanc” and “Noir”, which were implemented at this time, had both a sexy and attractive appearance and extremely useful performance in battle, and quickly attracted attention.

At Coin Rush, where these women usually work, there was also a woman called “Rouge.”

Details have not been disclosed, but if she is in the same unit as Bran and Noir, there is a possibility that it will be implemented eventually.

■Ein, Zwei
The Rai that I mentioned earlier will make a full-fledged appearance at the limited-time event “SCHOOL OF LOCK” to be held in September 2023. In addition to the story of the MMR affiliated high school that trains Nike and the others, it was also an event where “Marchana” was implemented.

There are two people who appear with Rai, but have not yet been implemented: “Ein” and “Zwei”. There are cases where a combination is implemented at the same time, such as Blanc and Noir, so there are high expectations for the implementation of such synergy between the two.

Time flies at once, but “BOOMS DAY” was held in February 2024, and a gamer girl “Eleg” who loves the retro game “BOOM” was implemented.

She also appears in the main scenarios “Chapter 27” and “Chapter 28,” which were released at the same time, and makes a double appearance in the main scenario and the event.

“Trony”, who is assigned to the same unit as her and whose reason for locking herself in a room was depicted in “BOOMS DAY”, is also likely to join the war someday. The relationship between Eleg and Trony is also heartwarming, and I’m really looking forward to her future activities.

In the event “ONE MORE TIME” that is currently being held, “Bey” who devotes all her energy to cheerleading has been implemented, and “Clay” who is on the same team as her has also appeared.

It’s almost the 1.5th anniversary. If Cray were to be implemented at that timing, it would be more natural for it to be implemented at “ONE MORE TIME.”

It’s the youngest of the Nikes waiting for implementation, so it looks like we’ll have to wait for a while.

Next, let’s look back at the players who have appeared in the main scenario but have not yet been implemented. First up is Papillon, whose activities outside of combat are also notable.

She is now working on a deal with Dorothy in Eden, under direction from Burningham. As for the timing of implementation, it is a little premature in its current state, so it seems more likely that it will be implemented a little later.

“EH” is not Nike but a human, but there is a story behind him asking Ingrid, the CEO of Elysion, to make him Nike.

Ingrid has also accepted the offer, so it is likely that EH will eventually reappear as Nike. However, it seems a little early to coincide with the 1st and 5th anniversaries, so we may have to wait until the main scenario progresses before she appears.

■Hammering, Rivalin
Nike, who newly appeared in “Chapter 27” and “Chapter 28”, not only joined Eleg, but also “Hammering” and “Rivalin” joined Counters and accompanied them on the operation.

However, unlike Eleg, both of them have not been implemented in the game yet, and are listed in the unimplemented group. The background for each of them hasn’t been fully told yet, so it looks like it will happen before the 1.5th anniversary. Furthermore, since each unit is different, there is little chance of them being implemented at the same time.

■The members of “Heretic” may also be implemented someday
The “Heretic” subordinates of the “Queen” are of course enemies of humanity, but some have escaped their position or have temporarily entered into a truce (effectively implemented).

The former is “Modania”, which was by far the most popular in the first popularity poll (this article will use the name “Modania” because it involves spoilers), and the latter is “Nihilister”, which was implemented with exploration elements. “is.

Because of this precedent, the current enemies “River Rerio” and “Indivilia” may be implemented one day.

Also of interest is Cinderella, aka Anakior, who stood in the way of the Goddess squad in the past story RED ASH. Her imagination will be stimulated to see how her special armament, the “glass slipper”, will be expressed.

■The word “kingdom” raises expectations for the implementation of crowns and chimes.
Up to this point, we have carefully selected and introduced people who are likely to participate in the war someday, but when it comes to the Nikes that will be implemented in time for the 1.5th anniversary, personally, “Crown” and “Chime” are very strong candidates. I think so.

This is just a trend so far, but for last year’s half-anniversary and first-year anniversary, Nike belonging to “Pilgrim” was newly implemented for gacha. If we follow that trend, there is a high possibility that Pilgrim will be chosen this time as well.

Crown and Chime are both Pilgrims, so they meet that condition. Modernia and Nihilister are also treated as Pilgrims, so Rivererio and Indivilia are also likely candidates, but there are other reasons to consider Crown and Chime as likely candidates.

A particularly big reason is the line in the key visual announcing the 1.5th anniversary: ​​“Hope lies with the final kingdom.” The word “kingdom” is often spoken by the Crown, and it is the responsibility of the Crown to protect its people. As you all know, Chaim also serves her and spends his days supporting her kingdom.

If we think of this phrase as a keyword for the 1.5th anniversary, we can’t help but feel that it is related to Crown Chime, and it would not be surprising if both of them were implemented together.

By the way, Crown and Chime also appeared in the side story that was implemented in the recent update, and both played an active role in accordance with their positions. The stock price has just risen significantly recently, so considering that it coincided with the implementation of the 1.5th anniversary, the timing is perfect.

■Both popularity and ability are sufficient! Will “Modania” take off?
Personally, I think the chances of Crown and Chime being implemented are so high that it’s safe to say I’m a big favorite, but I can’t say for sure 100% and there are some concerns.

One of them is the existence of “Modania”, which also appeared in the side story. Of course, Modernia itself is Nike, which was implemented in January 2023, but this side story is about Modernia going to the kingdom. In that sense, it was a story in which she was the main character.

What’s more, at the end of the side story, her attire changes drastically and she is upgraded to a new appearance. It was a surprise announcement that the commanders did not expect, so many people were surprised.

She is one of the characters that cannot be left out when talking about “Nikke: Goddess of Victory”, and she is in the hall of fame in the popular vote, and her ability is said to be the strongest class, so it is natural that there are high expectations for her to be implemented in the new version. It is possible that it could be implemented as a skin, but if it were to meet this level of attention, it would probably be implemented as a gacha.

Due to the surprise surprise of the new Modernia, which was unveiled without warning, the predictions for the characters that will be implemented for the 1.5th anniversary are becoming unclear. However, since it has attracted so much attention that it wouldn’t be strange if it was implemented in conjunction with the 2nd anniversary, I personally think that it will be enough to show its face this time.

■Expectations for implementation are mixed due to the presence of the mysterious character “Kiro”
In a sense, there is another entity that disrupts expectations even more than New Modernia. Even if you are told that it is “kilo”, it seems that there are many people who do not understand it. This is because “Kiro” is a character that does not seem to have appeared in “Goddess of Victory: NIKKE” yet.

The reason why a character that no one knows is being considered as a candidate for implementation is extremely simple. It has been decided that “NIKKE 1.5th Anniversary Live Broadcast ~Kingdom Celebration~” will be held in detail about the 1.5th anniversary, and it has been revealed that Megumi Han will appear on stage as “Kiro” on this program. This is because the existence of a new character was suddenly hinted at in the announcement, and it suddenly attracted attention, with people wondering, “Maybe there’s something going on!?”

I don’t know what kind of person Kiro is yet, but it’s hard to imagine that the character in charge of the voice actor who will appear on the “NIKKE 1.5th Anniversary Live Broadcast” has nothing to do with the 1.5th anniversary. In fact, if you think of it as a newly implemented Nike, it makes sense that Mr. Han was invited to the program.

Currently, “Kiro” is shrouded in mystery just by its name. Due to the closeness of their names, some speculate that he is one of the Mighty Tools, to which Ritter and Centi belong, while others assume that he is a person whose name is unknown who appeared at the end of Chapter 28… Some people think so, and predictions for the implementation of the 1.5th anniversary are mixed.

We don’t even know if it’s Nike in the first place, and it’s all just imagination and conjecture, but the commanders’ opinions tend to be divided over the information that he’s playing the role of Kiro, who was thrown in without any information. A dark horse, completely unknown, but with a good chance of overtaking the favorite, has appeared, and we are in a situation where we cannot let our guard down.

Before the announcement of the side story and the program, many people thought it would be Crown and Chime, the new implementation Nike for the 1.5th anniversary. However, the situation is now unpredictable.

Personally, I was surprised by the impact of “New Modernia,” but since it has yet to be used in that form, I think it will be implemented after it gets more exciting. Also, while “Kiro” cannot be ignored in relation to the program, it is certain that now is the time for the implementation of “Crown” and “Chime” to become popular.

Maybe it’s a form of 2 people implementing + 1 person distributing. In that case, it is possible that Chime, which was said in the story to be “unsuitable for combat,” will be distributed, and Crown and Kilo will be implemented as suitable for gacha.

Since the dark horse of Kilo suddenly appeared, it is difficult to predict, but who will be the new Nike who will actually participate in the race? Please make your own predictions.

“Goddess of Victory: NIKKE” Who is the new Nike that will be implemented on the 1.5th anniversary? ? What is “Kilo” that threatens the big favorite?Don’t underestimate the popular characters who appeared unexpectedly.

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