Rusty Rabbit will be released in September


Rusty Rabbit will be released in September
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A NetEase Games and the Nitroplus announced that the game Rusty Rabbit will be released for PlayStation 5 It is PRAÇA (Steam) on September 24, 2024 worldwide.

Through page Rusty Rabbit on the website of NetEase we can read:

“An original work by Nitroplus and from NetEase Gameswith conceptual planning of Gen Urobuchi.

Millennia after humanity abandoned the planet, rabbits reclaimed their place…

Stamp, a fun-loving bunny with an old soul, pilots his trusty “Junkster” mecha through the giant ruins of a frozen world in this side-scrolling action adventure.


Stamp, a rabbit who lives on the abandoned planet of humanity, spends his days collecting trash and tinkering with machines. In a stroke of bad luck, Stamp crashes into the lower levels. There he finds the D-TAM, a terminal for storing information. By turning to D-TAMs scattered throughout, Stamp finds information related to his missing daughter and a hidden truth about the world in which they live. So he begins his journey.


Stamp – Eccentric rabbit who likes to tinker with machines. His daughter left him after an argument.
Lucas – Bartender at the city pub. People confide in him about their problems and Stamp gives them solutions.
Jed – Parts store owner. Can handle parts that are outside of Stamp's capabilities.
Eliza – Waitress at the restaurant. She does her best to mediate any problems between the townspeople.
Amelia – General store salesperson. Small and curious, she sells useful items to Stamp.


Enjoy thrilling action and mystery as you dig deeper and deeper into the giant ruins! Follow Stamp as he pilots his trusty “Junkster” mech to smash enemies and blocks in the ruins and find treasure.

“Smash and Dash” through labyrinthine ruins – With the ninja speed and mobility of your mecha, “Smash and Dash” through the labyrinthine ruins and loot the treasures that await you!

RPG-style progression and customization – Upgrade your mecha with parts and materials collected from the ruins and defeat enemies that guard treasures to strengthen the Stamp!”

Rusty Rabbit will be released in September

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Rusty Rabbit will be released in September

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