NIGHTMARE OPERATOR gets a scary new trailer


NIGHTMARE OPERATOR gets a scary new trailer
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A DDDistortion released a new trailer for the action game NIGHTMARE OPERATOR which will be released for PRAÇA (Steam) that the main character was designed by Takeshi Ogathe artist of the series Gravity Rush.

Through the page NIGHTMARE OPERATOR at Steam we can read the following:

“The year is 2036. Humanity has entered decline. Misha is a Public Security Operator: a contractor for the Provisional Government tasked with hunting down Youkai and protecting Shin-Chiba City. In the haunted ruins of Tokyo, she uncovers a mystery that could destroy what's left of civilization.

NIGHTMARE OPERATOR is an action-horror game about hunting Youkai in the haunted ruins of Tokyo. Combat fuses the tense shooting gameplay of classic survival horror with the skill-based and execution-based mechanics of fighting games.

Main Features:

  • Dynamic system – Misha's modular weapon allows him to quickly switch between weapon modules using fighting game-inspired commands. To defeat the Youkai efficiently it is necessary to maintain a cool head and skillful execution, even when the horrible creatures approach.
  • Legends brought to life – The Youkai that Misha encounters are taken from urban legends and Japanese folklore. However, they do not appear exactly as they are portrayed in known stories. These are the monsters the stories are based on.
  • Powerful status effects – Weapon modules are imbued with various types of elemental damage that allow Misha to inflict states such as “freeze”, “stun” or “bleed” on Youkai. Learning when your next shot will send a Youkai reeling or freezing it is the key to survival.
  • Build your own combos – While exploring the ruins of Tokyo, Misha discovers and builds an impressive arsenal of Weapon Modules. Weapon modules can be slotted into different “command slots” on Misha's modular weapon and allow players to choose which commands to assign to which modules.
  • Lo-Rez Tokyo – The places Misha explores in NIGHTMARE OPERATOR they are all based on real Tokyo districts and neighborhoods. Famous landmarks and beloved streets are rendered in a beautiful low-poly aesthetic inspired by the early days of 3D video games.
  • Kanpai! – Between missions, Misha and his team have nomikai at a local izakaya in Quarantine City. These sections will allow players to explore the archives of the destroyed world of NIGHTMARE OPERATORinteract with the inhabitants of Quarantine City and enjoy izakaya food.”

NIGHTMARE OPERATOR gets a scary new trailer

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NIGHTMARE OPERATOR gets a scary new trailer

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