Blade Chimera has been postponed until August


Blade Chimera has been postponed until August
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A PLAYISMThe WSS playground and the Team Ladybug announced that Blade Chimera was postponed to August 2024. The game was scheduled for release in the spring, remains in development for Nintendo Switch It is PRAÇA (Steam) and will be one of the titles on Steam Next Fest June 2024.

Through the page Blade Chimera we can read the following:

When the past catches up with you in various ways, desolation becomes your strength.

Blade Chimera is a new original metroidvania from Team Ladybugthe team behind the acclaimed 2D metroidvanias Touhou Luna Nightsthe game created by fans of Touhou Project which sold more than 50,000 copies, and the game Record of Lodoss War Record of Lodoss War-Deedlit in Wonder Labyrinth-.

In Blade Chimerathe demon Lux transforms into your trusted weapon, the Lumina Sword, which you will have to use to interfere with the past, create new platforms and protect you from danger to explore a desolate world.

In addition to the Lumina Sword, you will also have access to other weapons, such as fast daggers and long-range pistols. Find the perfect weapons for your fighting style.

This game has a skill tree system. As you level up, you will receive points that can be spent on unlocking skills that will help you on your journey.

The entire game is represented in the company's acclaimed pixel art. Team Ladybug, in which every frame of every shot is meticulously detailed. Revel in this dystopian cyberpunk world, cruel but beautiful.

Launch postponed to August 2024: Entering Steam Next Fest in June!

The launch of Blade Chimera was originally planned for spring 2024, but to refine the game and improve its quality, the release date was pushed back to August 2024. The game is packed with story and gameplay content, and the game's signature pixel art Team Ladybug is being improved. We are very sorry for the delay, but we hope that the Blade Chimera improved is of high quality and can entertain a wide audience.

The newly released trailer shows off lots of new boss battles and gimmicks, all carefully designed by Team Ladybug. We're going to offer a sneak peek into the game world… but so that more players can experience the game, Blade Chimera will join the Steam Next Fest in June (next month!) with a public demo. Also play the demo when it is released!

Play as Shin, a demon hunter who has lost his memories and sets out to explore the world with his sword – the demon Lumina transformed into Lux – which collects memories about you, your missing wife and skills you forgot.

Whenever you recover a lost ability, Lux changes form according to its wielder's will and makes Shin stronger and gives access to more areas of the world.


The game takes place in the near future, where deformed monsters and ghouls appeared out of nowhere, invaded cities and forced humans to fight against these creatures they called “demons” in a Demon War. After 30 years of merciless war, the surviving humans joined the Mass Association, a religious group formed by a leader who knows the secret to fighting demons. Cities and civilizations continue to thrive despite regular sightings of bizarre monsters.

Three years ago, a man known as Shin was rescued from the rubble in a state of cryopreservation. With no memory of his past, he quickly becomes one of the association's best warriors and protectors.

However, when Shin comes across the beautiful and brilliant demon Lux, a name that seems strangely familiar to him. This feeling of deja vu leads him to welcome her, even if it means going against the association's creeds.

From that moment on, the past begins to slowly unfold and reveals the events that led the city to assume its current form…”

Blade Chimera has been postponed until August

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Blade Chimera has been postponed until August

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