Lords of the Fallen “Master of Fate” update now available


Lords of the Fallen “Master of Fate” update now available
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A CI Games and the Hexworks announced that update Lords of the Fallen “Master of Fate” is now available for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series It is PRAÇA (Steam and Epic Games Store).

Through the page Lords of the Fallen “Master of Fate” on the website of CI Games we can read the following:

“Master of Fate” is the culmination of more than 30 updates since launch that result in significant performance, stability and optimization improvements, along with a rigorous balance of difficulty in response to user feedback. The update also introduces the game’s latest post-launch element: the Advanced Game Modifier System.

“Master of Fate” concludes a weekly cadence of new content and improvements for Lords of the Fallen and significantly improves players’ experience by including significant performance, optimization and stability improvements.

  • Strict difficulty balancing that includes reduced mob density and nerfed ranged attacks.
  • Game balance divided between player-versus-player and player-versus-environment.
  • Online multiplayer improvements to improve matchmaking and connection stability.
  • New quests include Season of the Bleak, Trial of the Three Spirits, and Way of the Bucket.
  • New armor and weapon sets.
  • Additional boss secret weapon abilities.
  • Improved boss encounters with additional move sets and new AI.
  • 12 new spells that include the devastating Immolation.
  • New Powerful Moves: Each weapon family now has two unique finishes: one for one-handed wielders and one for two-handed wielders.
  • Three new projectiles: Blood Vomit, Explosive Mines and Ice Worms.
  • QOL Updates Inventory expansion, redefined appearance, storage functionality, and reset of buttons on the gamepad.
  • The latest addition – the Advanced Game Modifier System – puts the power directly in the hands of players by allowing them to fully customize their gaming experience and use any combination of seven modifiers to make the game easier, harder or simply a completely new experience each time. Modifiers include the ability to randomize enemies, change monster density, and even allow for a form of permanent death.”

Lords of the Fallen “Master of Fate” update now available

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Lords of the Fallen “Master of Fate” update now available

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