You can now pre-register at Zenless Zone Zero


You can now pre-register at Zenless Zone Zero
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A App Store let slip the information that Zenless Zone Zero will be released on the day July 3and in the game press we received today, although the release date has not yet been revealed, it was announced that pre-registrations are now open.

You can sign up here in this free game that will be released for PlayStation 5, PC via Epic Games Store, iOS and Android.

In the description of Zenless Zone Zero we can read:

Zenless Zone Zero is a game set in a post-apocalyptic metropolitan city, featuring an immersive story with a futuristic art style, distinctive characters, and an action-oriented combat system. Players will embody a “Proxy” and embark on an adventure with a diverse group of partners to conquer unknown enemies and unravel the mysteries in New Eridu – the last shelter for urban civilization.

Contemporary civilization was destroyed by a supernatural disaster known as the “Hollows”. These beings grow exponentially out of nowhere, creating disorderly dimensions where mysterious monsters dubbed “Ethereal” roam. New Eridu, the last urban civilization to survive the Apocalypse, managed to prosper by acquiring the technology to extract valuable resources from the Hollow dimensions.

As New Eridu became a miracle city and attracted more inhabitants, it also began the massive exploitation of the Hollows for their perpetual expansion. These dimensions quickly industrialized and became the hubs of the city under its administration, which gradually led to growing tension between monopoly companies, gangs, conspirators and fanatics.

Players take on the role of a “Proxy” – a special professional who guides society in the exploration of Hollows. Many want to enter the Hollows for their own reasons and the “Proxies” are their indispensable partners. Players will help them explore the dimensions, fight their enemies, achieve their goals and, in the process, learn more about their history.

In addition to an engaging story, this 3D anime-style title features a fluid and cinematic action-oriented combat system. While fighting the Ethereal, players can take control of different characters to unleash electrifying abilities and unlimited QTE combos. The game also develops a roguelike gameplay engine that offers exploration.

You can now pre-register at Zenless Zone Zero

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You can now pre-register at Zenless Zone Zero

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