“Voltes V Legacy” to be released in Japan! Original anime BD-BOX


“Voltes V Legacy” to be released in Japan! Original anime BD-BOX
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To commemorate the decision to release the Philippine-produced live-action version of “Voltes V Legacy” in Japan, the Blu-ray BOX of the original anime version of “Super Electromagnetic Machine Voltes V” will be released on Wednesday, September 11, 2024.

>>> Check out the Blu-ray Box and scene cuts for “Super Electromagnetic Machine Voltes V” (5 images)

“Super Electromagnetic Machine Voltes V” is a giant combined robot anime that aired in 1977.

This is the second installment of the Nagahama Roman Robo series, produced following the huge success of the anime Chodenji Robo Combattler V, which aired the previous year. Five mecha combine to become one robot, and five young people pilot it, risking their youth in battle. While the basic setting follows that of the previous film, Director Tadao Nagahama and the rest of the production staff have created a completely different worldview by making full use of the profound drama and setting.

The story unfolds with a lot of momentum as a historical drama, including the shocking development that the protagonist is of the descent of the enemy, the Boazan planet, the separation of father and son, the confrontation with half-brothers, resistance and revolution against oppression, and a story of liberation. It was an ambitious attempt unlike any other to delve into the issue of discrimination through the setting of the enemy planet Boazan.

The popularity of “Voltes V” spread overseas, becoming immensely popular in the Philippines, where it has continued to be loved for over 45 years.

In response to the love and passion for “Voltes V” among the Filipino people, GMA Network, the Philippines' largest terrestrial TV station, and production company Telesuccess Productions produced a live-action remake film and TV series, which were released in theaters and broadcast in 2023.
Now, it has been decided that a live-action version of the Filipino film will be released in Japan.
The film, titled “Voltes V Legacy,” will be released on Friday, October 18, 2024, and a TV series will be broadcast on TOKYO MX in the fall of 2024.

To commemorate this, all 40 episodes of the TV anime series that serves as the original source for “Legacy” will be released on the long-awaited negative scan HD remastered Blu-ray on Wednesday, September 11, 2024.
The Toei Video Online Shop will include a setting materials collection, a reprint of the script for episode 40 (the final episode), and a booklet. The jacket will feature an original illustration by Kazuhiro Ochi.

It is sometimes said that giant robot anime before Mobile Suit Gundam were simple stories of good triumphing over evil, but in reality, Gundam did not suddenly mutate. Robot anime before Gundam also had stories that questioned the humanity of the good side, and stories that depicted the logic and circumstances of the evil side, and these themes were deepened by each work year after year, and accumulated in the hearts of anime fans.
There is no denying that “Gundam” was the starting point, but “Voltes V” is also an important work in the evolution and deepening of robot anime following “Gundam.”

If you liked “Voltes V” back then, or are looking forward to “Legacy,” be sure to check out this Blu-ray BOX.

(C) Toei

“Voltes V Legacy” to be released in Japan! Original anime BD-BOX

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