[April 22, 2024]Have you read it yet? Today’s “LINE Manga” ranking top 5


[April 22, 2024]Have you read it yet? Today’s “LINE Manga” ranking top 5
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We will introduce the overall ranking as of April 22, 2024 from LINE Manga, where you can read not only popular works and masterpieces, but also many original manga and indie works.

*Ranking as of 18:00 on April 22, 2024
○1st place “I request approval for remarriage”

Alphatart, SUMPUL, HereLee/LINE Manga LINE WEBTOON
Fantasy/SF/Updated every Monday

Navier was the “perfect empress,” having been educated all her life to become an empress and married the emperor for political convenience.

However, three years after becoming Empress, Emperor Sobies fell in love with Rasta, a former slave, whom she met on a hunting ground, and welcomed her into the palace, giving her the title of “concubine of the Emperor.” And the more Sobiesh becomes addicted to Rasta, the more he repeatedly acts to hurt Navier. Rasta begs Sobieş to make her his empress, and aims to make her the emperor. Navier realizes that all her efforts to become empress have gone in vain, so she decides to divorce and demands her permission to remarry in order to become empress of her neighboring country. …
○2nd place: “Dear author, I am the main character in this life.”

LeeRita (illustration), SAN (adaptation), Daldaramji (original) / LINE WEBTOON LINE Manga
Fantasy/SF/Free every day

Guided by a god who calls himself a fan of mine, I ended up becoming a supporting character in a novel whose series has been canceled! If I don’t finish the novel, only death awaits me! A web novel in which I announce myself as the protagonist in place of the heroine. Adventure and romance unfolded by the author!
○3rd place “Academy’s Genius Swordsman”

CH (text/illustrations), SeoGwando (original)/LINE Manga LINE WEBTOON
Fantasy/SF/Updated every Tuesday

Ronan’s life ended with regret. But a second chance came along by chance. The adventure to save the world begins now.

○4th place: “My in-laws are attached to me”

seungu (manga)/Han Yoon seol (original)/LINE Manga LINE WEBTOON
Fantasy/SF/Updated every Monday

“One day, I was killed by my beloved family.” Pereshati returns to the past and decides to protect his inheritance and his life from the traitors, and visits Grand Duke Lapireon, who is rumored to be from a cursed family. However, something is wrong with this Grand Duke family. Although she only divorced after a year, not only her husband but also her in-laws began to become attached to Pereshati. Will Pereshati be able to successfully take revenge on her and get her divorce?
○5th place “Anti-hero at the bottom of the occupational caste[Full color][Tateyomi]”

Satoshi Oshio, Digital Artisan STUDIO/CLLENN
Fantasy/SF/Updated every Sunday

In a world where the value of one’s existence is determined by one’s occupation (class), the protagonist, who has awakened to the skills of a “thief,” is persecuted as a “designated harmful class.” One day, he is saved by Aoi, the head of Shinobi Street, a town where people who are similarly persecuted gather, and he decides to join her. However, the short-lived peace is in vain as Shinobi Street is attacked by a mysterious group and his friends are killed one by one.

At that time, Jin’s skill, which he could only do by watching, awakens and he acquires the “skill to steal the skills of the dead.” Jin vows to use this skill to take revenge on the mastermind who killed his friends.

Many other popular works are currently being serialized on LINE Manga! Be sure to check out the works that interest you.

[April 22, 2024]Have you read it yet? Today’s “LINE Manga” ranking top 5

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