[Touken Ranbu Kai]All Joyful collaboration goods designs released!


[Touken Ranbu Kai]All Joyful collaboration goods designs released!
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The collaboration goods designs for the “TV anime “Touken Ranbu Kai -Kouden Moyuru Honnoji” x Joyful TV anime broadcast commemorative campaign”, which is being held at the family restaurant Joyful from April 16th, are now on display! Look at the sword men with their loose and cute hoods♪

The original idea for this work is the PC browser and smartphone app game “Touken Ranbu ONLINE.” This is a sword training simulation game in which the player takes on the role of a priest, leading a group of “sword men” who have transformed famous swords into warriors, and fight to protect history.

Since DMM GAMES and Nitroplus teamed up and launched the service in January 2015, “Touken Ranbu ONLINE”, also known as “Tourabu”, has gained huge support and contributed to the nationwide sword boom.・He has succeeded in numerous media mixes such as musicals, consumer games, plays, movies, and kabuki, and is taking the entertainment world by storm.
The anime “Touken Ranbu Kai -Kouden Moyuru Honnoji-” is a new anime based on the script for the first work of the stage play “Touken Ranbu,” which premiered in 2016.

The design used in the collaboration goods available during the ongoing “TV anime ‘Touken Ranbu Kai -Kouden Burning Honnoji-‘ x Joyful TV anime broadcast commemorative campaign” is an official design of Joyful’s mascot character “Joy-chan” Collaboration illustration with the anime “Touken Ranbu Kai” by an illustrator.
The campaign prizes are used for the “original tumbler,” “original canvas board,” and “original wallpaper.” The design, which combines the worldview of the anime and Joy-chan’s cuteness, is a design that fans of both characters can’t miss. It’s finished.

Let’s take a look at the campaigns currently being held.
In the campaign to collect “Joyful Visit Stamps”, “Original Wallpaper”, “X” Follow & Repost, “Original Tumbler”, “Instagram” Follow & Like! You will receive an “original design canvas board” as a gift.

Don’t miss this opportunity to get your hands on goods designed by the cute swordsmen in the limited-time special collaboration campaign!

☆ Loosely cute swordsman collaboration design (5 photos) >>>

(C)2024 NITRO PLUS・EXNOA LLC/“Touken Ranbu Kai” Production Committee

[Touken Ranbu Kai]All Joyful collaboration goods designs released!

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