[Gashapon]Blue Ham Ham looks like a troubled monk!


[Gashapon]Blue Ham Ham looks like a troubled monk!
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The Gashapon “Blue Ham Ham Sign Accessories” of the character “Blue Ham Ham” by designer and animation artist Yasushi Arimura of CHOCOLATE Inc. will be released in the Gashapon vending machine series from the fourth week of May 2024. We will introduce the cute sign accessories with a design that resembles a Teru Teru Bouzu.

“Blue Ham Ham” are four brothers of “space hamsters” who live by eating sounds. The animation of him playing a musical instrument in time with music has become a hot topic, and he is a popular character who is gaining support not only from Japan but also from overseas.

The Mejirushi Accessory is a mascot that can be attached to the handle of a plastic bottle or umbrella using the included crab claw and silicone parts to make your belongings look cute. It has become a popular series of Gashapon that has continued since 2020.

The four space hamster brothers “Blue Ham Ham”, whose animations have been viewed more than 850 million times on SNS such as X and TikTok, have become mascots with a total height of about 3 cm and come with a crab claw and silicone parts.
By attaching it to a pouch, plastic bottle, umbrella handle, etc. using the included crab claw and silicone parts, you can use it as a “meji mark'' for your belongings.

The original design of the raincoat-like gashapon is perfect for the rainy season, with a new look compared to the usual Blue Ham Ham. It reminds me of the Teruteru Bozu hanging there.

The lineup includes five types: blue, purple, pink, clear, and black.

Blue Ham Ham's design is cute, so you can kill two birds with one stone by using it as a mascot on a daily basis, or as a lucky charm when using an umbrella. Why not try to complete it for your family as well?

>>>View the lineup of Blue Ham Mejirushi accessories (7 photos)


[Gashapon]Blue Ham Ham looks like a troubled monk!

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