Subaru Kimura: “I don’t think I’ve lost yet. I won’t know until it’s released!” Interview with Subaru Kimura and Shimofuri Myojo and Seiya from “Blue Rock the Movie -EPISODE Nagi-” has arrived


Subaru Kimura: “I don’t think I’ve lost yet. I won’t know until it’s released!” Interview with Subaru Kimura and Shimofuri Myojo and Seiya from “Blue Rock the Movie -EPISODE Nagi-” has arrived – All in one Anime and manga new release updates, New anime release, 2024 animes, upcoming anime, trending anime, and lots more!!.

The official interview from “Blue Rock the Movie -EPISODE Nagi-” has arrived, with Subaru Kimura and Shimofuri Myojo Seiya talking about the appeal of the work.

Subaru Kimura: “I don’t think I’ve lost yet. I have to see it released… Click here for images >>

In “Blue Rock the Movie – EPISODE Nagi”, Subaru Kimura is the captain of Dada High School, a powerful school that regularly competes in national soccer tournaments, and who stands in the way of Nagi and Reio’s debut match before they join “Blue Rock”. In charge of the voice of Ryo Numeoka.

And this time, entertainer Shimofuri Myojo Seiya will be participating as a guest voice actor to play the soccer team member of Hakuho High School, which Nagi and Reio attend. Mr. Seiya is the biggest fan of manga in the entertainment world, and he has also declared that he is a big fan of “Blue Rock.”

An official interview was held with the two, who participated in “Blue Rock” for the first time as voice actors, to talk about “Blue Rock”, such as how they prepared for this role, the charm of this work, and what they are doing to aim for the top. I did.

Official interview with Subaru Kimura

–Did you know about “Blue Rock” before the offer?

Subaru Kimura: ``I don't think I've lost yet. I won't know until it's released!'' Interview with Subaru Kimura and Shimofuri Myojo and Seiya from ``Blue Rock the Movie -EPISODE Nagi-'' has arrived


I originally knew the title, and although I hadn’t read the manga or watched the anime, I was aware of its existence because it was a popular anime and many of my fellow voice actors were involved. It wasn’t until I was given the role that I read the manga properly for the first time.

–What do you think is the reason for the popularity of “Blue Rock”?

I’m sure there are a lot of soccer anime out there, but I think one of the things that makes it so interesting is that it’s “filled with tension” and “elements that aren’t just about soccer.” It’s interesting to read about the soccer games that take place in a place called “Blue Rock” while keeping you in suspense!

–What was your first impression of Ryo Numeoka, played by Mr. Kimura?

Let the dog bite! “There’s going to be a movie version of “Blue Rock.”

I would love for Mr. Kimura to play the original character of the movie version, Ryo Numeoka! “When I heard that story, I thought, “Oh, the original characters from the movie are so hot! I’m really looking forward to it!” I looked it up. There is a page that summarizes things about Ryo Nameoka, and when I look at it, the first line says “bite dog.”

Even before I read the manga, I knew that “Oh, he’s going to disappear soon”, and he was the only one who dropped out in the first half and couldn’t move on to the first selection. On the summary page, it was written like “poor captain,” and I thought a lot, “Oh, I see…how should I play him?” That’s my first impression. That impression was strong (lol)

However, I went into the studio feeling like I was going to lose, and I was thinking about how I was going to do it in a spectacular way, but the first thing the director said to me was, “I don’t want to draw this because I think it’s a dog that’s going to bite.”

I just want to draw him as an extremely strong boss-like character who stands in front of Nagi and Reio, so please try not to make him look like a dog that bites you. ”I was told. I thought, “I made a mistake in preparing everything for the role.What should I do?” “I got it all wrong. I see, you’re a strong guy. I’m sure you said it yourself.

It’s like, “I’m the strongest, and I’m strong.” ”, I played the role of a very confident captain who had no intention of losing.

――What is the charm of Namuoka?

I guess that’s why he’s good at soccer. I’m also looking for the rest, but I guess I’ll just cut it! I really like cropping. I think it grows faster if it’s cut, so I think it’s healthy because I think it’s hard to maintain. You can’t help but imagine, “Oh, she probably shaves constantly. But if she was in Blue Rock, she probably wouldn’t have time to go to the hair salon, so she probably shaves herself.”

It’s beautifully cut.

–What did you keep in mind when acting?

I played him thinking he was a strong guy. Like a boss standing in your way. I played it as if I was one of the bosses in the movie version. Even now, I still don’t think I’ve lost. We won’t know until it’s released!

–The players of “Blue Rock” are aiming to become the best strikers in the world, and I believe Mr. Kimura has also appeared in many famous works, but what are the things he must do to aim for the top and heights? Please let me know if there is anything that is important to you.

I don’t want to tell you (lol). I never want to say that. It’s embarassing! If I had to say, if I have a goal or dream, I’ll tell people about it. I don’t do things secretly or keep things to myself, so I say things like, “I’ll definitely do this,” or “This is how it will turn out, so please,” or “By what year will I do this?” or what I want to do. Instead, I say it right away, like, “I’m going to do it, so please watch.”

I feel like I say a lot to those around me, and I try to do what I say. If you do that, you’ll naturally start doing those moves yourself, and the people around you will naturally turn in that direction.

It doesn’t mean that someone will help you. It feels like the world is starting to move in order for me to make that dream come true.

–Is it the power of words?

I guess so! I guess that’s what I mean if I say it in a cool way, but it gives me a sense of responsibility for saying it, and it puts pressure on me to feel like I’m lame if I don’t fulfill it, so it’s better to say it. I think it will make you work harder if you do that, and it would be great if people around you would think, “Oh, I want to see you make your dreams come true.” When you actually make it come true, everyone around you will think, “It turned out just like I said. That’s super cool!” and you’ll think “That’s cool!” too. I think it will be a good cycle. That’s why the important thing is to “talk about your goals.”

–Please give a message to the fans who are waiting for the movie to be released.

I didn’t know if Ryo Namuoka would lose yet, so I played with the intention of winning. Watch the movie to see how it turned out! There’s a chance that the director might decide to make some changes to my play. There is also a possibility that it will remain until the second half! Please take a look!

Official interview with Shimofuri Myojo Seiya

Subaru Kimura: ``I don't think I've lost yet. I won't know until it's released!'' Interview with Subaru Kimura and Shimofuri Myojo and Seiya from ``Blue Rock the Movie -EPISODE Nagi-'' has arrived


–Honestly, first of all, how did you feel after finishing the dubbing?

I wasn’t expecting to be allowed to enter the world of Blue Rock, so I was surprised. I was like, “Huh? Is that okay?” I had a chance to talk with the teacher (original author), and he also watched a video of me eating sushi, so it seemed like we were both watching the work. I never thought that “Blue Rock” would become so close to me. I was surprised because I really liked it and was just watching it.

–From your perspective, what is the appeal of Blue Rock?

It’s crazy in both good and bad ways, so what is this soccer manga like? I think it’s the worldview that really grabs me first, and I think the first episode is the one that grabs you the most in this soccer manga. There are many kinds of soccer manga, but I think they pursue reality, and in terms of the latest trends, they are sprinkled with things that you can understand from the soccer club, and “Blue Rock” is one of those things. It’s not the dimension of a certain point.

It’s like a super aggressive manga that hasn’t been seen before, focusing on the theme of the striker. And it’s clean after all. In the manga, it is stated that there are no strikers in Japan. I don’t know how closely it’s linked to the real world, but it’s interesting too. They say Japan is weak. Wow! What an interesting worldview! I thought.

–Do you have a favorite character among them?

I think it’s a manga that people will love because there are so many characters. I like Gagamaru. At first, I thought he was kind of impersonal (or rather, he was elusive…), but in a few episodes, there were scenes where he played an active role, and with his sixth sense, he reached places that weren’t supposed to reach him. Gagamaru stretches his legs and looks cool at first glance, but then suddenly he makes a crazy face and hits the post. They work in good places. Gagamaru’s awakening appears quite early on. I think the highlight of “Blue Rock” is the awakening of each character, so I think Gagamaru is interesting and has a pretty important position.

–I heard that you played soccer in junior high and high school. This time, you played a member of the soccer team, so how did you prepare for the role?

Honestly, I think you’ll understand when you hear my voice, but I haven’t done any preparation for the role, and I’m very “Seiya”. But I thought that if I let go of the person I was when I was on the soccer club, I would never be able to enter the world of Blue Rock, so I didn’t let go of that part (lol).

――Is there a part of you that you think is the most egoistic, such as not being able to lose to anyone, or something that you cannot compromise on?

I like impersonation, and my repertoire is old. Tetsuya Takeda, Toshiyuki Nishida, Master Sakata. Today’s children are becoming less and less of a generation, but they still have this “ego” to continue doing what they do. I’m a Showa-loving “ego” who is passing on this good old impersonation.

――Please tell us the charms of “Nagi” and “Reio”.

You can’t have one without the other, and it’s the same as a combination. That relationship of trust! Nagi is more selfish, or rather, works at her own pace, but it’s amazing how the two of them really work together. I think they are exactly similar to the duo. That’s why I think it would be interesting if Nagi and Reio did a manzai. I feel like it’s also suitable for manzai!

――This time, you played the role of a teammate of Seishiro Nagi, but who around you do you think is a ?

It’s my partner. It’s a small gift! It’s even more amazing than Nagi! However, if the gift is a genius, then I am also a genius because I am working with that genius. (lol)

–Finally, this is your first theatrical production of “Blue Rock the Movie -EPISODE Nagi-”, so please give a message to everyone who is looking forward to it.

I’m also looking forward to going to see Blue Rock’s crazy worldview on the big screen in the theater! Let’s enjoy the world of “Blue Rock” together!

Outline of the movie “Blue Rock -EPISODE Nagi-”

[Public notation]

Friday, April 19, 2024


Original work: Muneyuki Kinjo

Manga: Kota Sannomiya

Character design: Yusuke Nomura (serialized in Kodansha “Bessatsu Shonen Magazine”)

Director: Shunsuke Ishikawa

Series composition/screenplay: Takashi Kishimoto

Story supervision: Muneyuki Kinjo

Character design: Yu Shindo, Kusho Shimizu

Chief animation director: Kenji Tanabe, Tomoko Mori, Kusho Shimizu

Special effects: Akane

Color design: Sakura Komatsu

Art setting/art director: Akira Hirosawa

Background:Creative Freaks

Director of Photography: Yasuhiro Asagi

Photography: Chiptune

3DCG: Aura Studio

Edit: Mai Hasegawa

Sound director: Yuki Gofumi

Sound production: Bit Groove Promotion

Music: Jun Murayama

Theme song: “Stormy” Nissy x SKY-HI (MoooD Records / Bandai Namco Music Live)

Producer: Ryoya Arisawa, Naoya Sato, Yushinori Kawakatsu, Hiroshi Yanai

Animation producer: Hidenori Kosuge

Animation production: Eightbit

Distribution: Bandai Namco Film Works


Seishiro Nagi: Nobunaga Shimazaki

Reio Mikage: Yuma Uchida

Kenjo Zantetsu: Kazuyuki Okitsu

Kiyoshiichi: Urawaki

Hachirakukai: Tsubasa Kaito

Rensuke Kunigami: Yuki Ono

Shredded Leopard Horse: Souma Saito

Teruhide Marou: Junichi Suwabe

Rin Itoshi: Kouki Uchiyama

Ryo Numeoka: Akira Kimura

Eshin Jinpachi: Hiroshi Kamiya

(C) Muneyuki Kinjo, Kota Sannomiya, Yusuke Nomura, Kodansha/“Blue Rock the Movie” Production Committee

Subaru Kimura: “I don’t think I’ve lost yet. I won’t know until it’s released!” Interview with Subaru Kimura and Shimofuri Myojo and Seiya from “Blue Rock the Movie -EPISODE Nagi-” has arrived

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