Illaoi will be a fighter in 2XKO


Illaoi will be a fighter in 2XKO
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Exactly two months ago, the game Project L was officially revealed as 2XKO the fighting game spin-off League of Legendsafter years of behind-the-scenes development.

A Riot Games released a new trailer and description of its latest champion for 2XKOIllaoi, who will be available to play very soon.

Despite having been previously announced for the team-based fighting game, this is the first opportunity to see the Kraken Priestess in action and learn more about her playstyle.

As you would expect from her appearance, Illaoi appears to be a “big body brawler” type character, with big blows and slow movements, but that is not the only thing that defines her.

The other important part of his game plan appears to be using his Kraken to place traps on the stage with tentacles to grab the opponent or hit them to extend combos.

After the brief trailer, the game designer Caroline Montanotalks about Illaoi and delves into its unique movements and mechanics.

The warrior can reposition the tentacles after placing them, but opponents can hit them to make the traps disappear, for a more balanced counterattack.

Illaoi’s level one Super hits the enemy several times, while his level two summons giant tentacles that appear on the scene, and his ultimate drags the opponent into the depths to be eaten by big fish.

Illaoi can be played at the end of this week, that is, between the 27th and 29th of April at Evo Japan 2024as part of the demo available to participants.

2XKO is under development for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series It is PRAÇA with launch scheduled for 2025.

Illaoi will be a fighter in 2XKO

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Illaoi will be a fighter in 2XKO

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