Shin Megami Tensei character designer left Atlus


Shin Megami Tensei character designer left Atlus
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Kazuma Kanekothe character designer of Shin Megami Tenseirevealed in an interview that after 35 years he left Atlus and is now working for Colopla mobile gaming company.

Kazuma Kaneko did not reveal the reasons that led him to leave the Atlusbut said he joined the Colopl through a recruitment agency in 2023, after applying to several companies.

The artist also revealed that he is working on a new IP with Colopl and has already designed the characters. The project aims to reflect the worldview of Kaneko and incorporate the latest technology.

The team has not determined what type of game the project will be, so they are dedicating themselves to delving deeper into the world of the IP, so that they can create not just an RPG, but even a hypothetical anime or novel.

Kaneko joined the Atlus in 1988 and worked on the game series Shin Megami Tensei It is Persona. He was involved in concept creation, world-building, and character designs.

The smartphone game Shironeko Project from the Colopl was released in Japan in 2014 and in English with the title Rune Story in 2015. The 3D action RPG features real-time battles and players can team up in groups of four to take on enemies. City building is also a prominent aspect that can affect the growth of player characters. The game inspired an anime series in April 2020.

A Colopl bought all shares of the multimedia company MAGES. of the company CHIYOMARU STUDIO and MAGES. became a wholly owned subsidiary of Colopl in March 2020.

Shin Megami Tensei character designer left Atlus

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Shin Megami Tensei character designer left Atlus

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