[Sanrio]Nostalgic items in miniature form ♪ Enjoy your memories with “Retro Charms”


[Sanrio]Nostalgic items in miniature form ♪ Enjoy your memories with “Retro Charms”
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A new item that is attracting attention from Sanrio fans is now available in Bandai's Gashapon (R)♪ Check out the “Sanrio Characters Retro Miniature Charm”!

This product is a charm with a total height of approximately 1.5 to 4 cm that is a miniature size of a nostalgic item from Sanrio characters. You can enjoy the memories of when it was released by attaching it to your bag or pouch.

The lineup includes “Tuxedo Sam Watch,'' “Hello Kitty Vanity,'' “Hello Kitty Calculator,'' “Kerokero Keroppi Cup,'' and “Little Twin Stars Wallet.''

The “Tuxedo Sam Clock” is approximately 4cm in height, and has a nostalgic design with the transparency of the bow tie and the battery cover on the back.

“Hello Kitty Vanity” is approximately 3cm tall and features Hello Kitty with flowers attached. The texture of the quilting is also very cute♪

“Hello Kitty Calculator'' is approximately 4cm in height, and even the buttons on the calculator stand upright.

“Kerokero Keroppi Cup” is approximately 1.5cm in total height and consists of three blue, pink, and yellow cups with three different expressions of Kerokero Keroppi printed on them.

The “Little Twin Stars Wallet” is approximately 3cm in height, and the unique texture and printing on the surface have been recreated, making it an item that you can enjoy nostalgic memories of.

A delightful retro lineup that will make you want to pick it up and say, “I had it!” or “It reminds me of nostalgic!” For the younger generation, please enjoy Sanrio design items with charms that have a slightly different atmosphere from today!

☆ Check out the images of charms of nostalgic design items (11 photos) >>>

* “Gashapon” is a registered trademark of Bandai Co., Ltd.

[Sanrio]Nostalgic items in miniature form ♪ Enjoy your memories with “Retro Charms”

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