Rotwood is now available in Early Access


Rotwood is now available in Early Access
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A Klei Entertainment announced that the game Rotwood is now available in Early Access for PRAÇA (Steam) with a 10% discount, which can be purchased for €9.89. However, after May 8, 2024, the cost will be €10.99.

The game is planned to remain in Early Access throughout 2024, with the full version of the game featuring more bosses, weapons, armor, biomes and customization options. The Early Access version already has most of the main features, and most of the time in its development will be focused on adding extra content and complementary systems.

Through the page Rotwood at Steam we can read the following:

“The world has been thrown into chaos, and it’s up to you and your friends to fight the corrupted creatures of Rotwood. Improve your equipment, choose your favorite weapon and perfect your skills to defend your safe haven.

Rotwood is about improving, getting stronger and facing challenges that once seemed impossible. With rich and varied combat mechanics, play solo or co-op with up to three friends to fight your way through Rotwood and its increasingly frantic inhabitants.

Surviving Rotwood is not easy. It takes practice, strategy and skill to face the game’s most challenging encounters.

Complex and rewarding combat

Button mashing and decent gear won’t get you very far. You’ll have to use your skills and everything you can muster before venturing into the depths of Rotwood.

Choose your target and fight through interesting encounters that require more and more time, creativity and skill to reach your prey – a corrupted creature that will put your skills to the test.

Tools of the trade

Master a collection of weapons to fight your way through Rotwood, or play to your strengths and stick to your favorite. Rotwood offers a variety of weapons, each with unique and interesting ways to crush, hit, jab and explode your enemies.

Practice and perfect various skill combinations for each weapon to reach your destructive potential. Discover different armor and weapons and design your own builds to maximize your chances of success.

Face the Bosses

Gather your friends and equipment and head out to face each boss in its own territory. Collect rewards, become stronger and master your weapon to face bigger, badder bosses and their minions.

A new hunt, always

Each time you venture into the Rotwood, collect and combine interesting powers and abilities offered throughout your hunt. Choose your gear and strategize to create insane builds that probably shouldn’t be allowed.”

Rotwood is now available in Early Access

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Rotwood is now available in Early Access

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