“Kira” Soichiro Hoshi, “I won’t call it a finale!” Even as the movie nears the end, Akira Ishida comments on the “never-ending greetings”


“Kira” Soichiro Hoshi, “I won’t call it a finale!” Even as the movie nears the end, Akira Ishida comments on the “never-ending greetings” – All in one Anime and manga new release updates, New anime release, 2024 animes, upcoming anime, trending anime, and lots more!!.

The finale stage greeting for the theatrical version of “Mobile Suit Gundam SEED FREEDOM'' (to be released on January 26th), the first completely new work in the “Mobile Suit Gundam SEED'' ​​anime series in about 20 years, was held in Tokyo on the 18th.

At the event, Soichiro Hoshi as Kira Yamato, Rie Tanaka as Lacus Clyne, Akira Ishida as Athrun Zala, Jun Fukuyama as Albert Heinlein, Hiro Shimono as Orpheus Lam Tao, and Mizu Fukuda. Director Hiroshi took the stage.

The 17th week marks the finale week. Box office revenue to date has exceeded 4.7 billion yen. In his opening greeting, Hoshi declared, “I won't let you call it the finale!'' and Director Fukuda chided, “It says “finale'', which caused laughter in the audience. Still, Hoshi feels a sense of regret about the “finale'' and predicts, “I'm definitely not going to finish it yet. Why don't you do it in the summer or fall? The second chapter is beginning.'' I'm going to do Chapter 2 (lol). Don't decide on your own (lol).

You really are Kira,” he laughed.

In your closing greetings, be honest. He used to record Kira's voice every year for games, etc., and says, “I used to do it every year to the point where I didn't feel lonely, but then I started thinking, “I wonder if there's going to be that movie version anymore.'''' This work, which was the result of the thoughts of many people, was completed and became such a hit that it recorded box office revenue of 4.7 billion yen, the highest in Gundam series history. “Once it was released in theaters, everyone was waiting for it, and it was even more exciting than we could have imagined,'' he said with a smile.

After that, I tried to express my gratitude as much as I could, but I couldn't express my gratitude.

In the end, he said, “Four months have passed by in the blink of an eye. I'm sad to hear the finale stage greeting, but I feel like I can't finish it.I don't know, but I think there are many countries overseas where it will be released from now on.'' I want to expand this circle of “SEED FREEDOM'' to the world,'' he said passionately. They continued to talk after that, and director Fukuda suggested, “Why don't we do a talk live that never ends around the summer?'' To which Hoshi replied, “(Subtitle of the final episode of “Mobile Suit Gundam SEED'') Something like “Toward an Endless Tomorrow.'' ” he responds with a smile. Just when I thought the punch line had been delivered, Hoshi started talking again, saying, “I just remembered…'' and Ishida tsked, “It's not over yet!'' The audience burst into laughter.

The “Mobile Suit Gundam SEED” series is the first Gundam TV series produced in the 21st century, and was broadcast for a total of 50 episodes starting in October 2002. The story revolves around genetically adjusted humans (Coordinators) and conventional humans (Naturals), who are divided into battles between the military organization ZAFT and the Earth Allied Forces. The story depicts the suffering and growth of Kira Yamato, the main character and coordinator, through this war.

In addition to the existing fan base, it has gained a large number of women, and achieved the highest audience rating of 8.0%. Furthermore, it sparked a second Gunpla boom among elementary school students, and became popular throughout the world as the “new generation Gundam series.”

In addition, the sequel TV series “Mobile Suit Gundam SEED DESTINY'' began airing in October 2004, and achieved the highest audience rating of 8.2%, exceeding the previous work.

Cumulative package sales for the series have exceeded an astonishing 4 million copies, and the series has become a popular work that has taken Japan by storm, transcending the framework of the TV anime series with its music and events.

The story of the movie version of “Mobile Suit Gundam SEED FREEDOM'', which is a completely new series, is a sequel to “Mobile Suit Gundam SEED DESTINY'', and a new story of Kira, Athrun, and Shin will unfold in a world where battles continue.

“Kira” Soichiro Hoshi, “I won’t call it a finale!” Even as the movie nears the end, Akira Ishida comments on the “never-ending greetings”

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