TV anime “The Fable” opening theme song ALI “Professionalism feat. Hannya” MV released!


TV anime “The Fable” opening theme song ALI “Professionalism feat. Hannya” MV released!
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“Professionalism feat. Hannya” is the first collaboration between ALI and Hannya. Featuring Hannya, a true “professional” in the HIP hop world, the song is based on a disco sound and has an urban atmosphere that colors the world of the TV anime “The Fable.”

The music video features ALI and Hannya's stoic performances in a monochrome worldview. This is a work that clearly conveys the passion of two groups of artists, captured quietly by a single camera.

This song will be released on June 26th as a split single by ALI and Umeda Cypher, “Professionalism feat. Hannya / Odd Numbers.'' The 12-inch record-sized paper jacket written by the original author Katsuhisa Minami and the triple collaboration T-shirt between the TV anime “The Fable'', ALI, and Umeda Cipher are must-have items for fans.

©Katsuhisa Minami/Kodansha/Anime “The Fable” Production Committee

■ALI – Professionalism feat. Hannya


■ALI / Umeda Cypher “Professionalism feat. Hannya / Odd Numbers”

Released on June 26th

▼Click here to purchase the CD

▼Complete production limited edition (CD + T-shirt *Size XL only): 4,950 yen (tax included) SRCL-12915 ~ SRCL-12916

*12 inch LP size paper jacket specification

*T-shirt (XL): Size: Length 77.5cm / Width 58.5cm / Shoulder width 53.5cm / Material 100% cotton (*Actual size will vary depending on individual differences.)

1.Professionalism feat. Hannya / ALI

2.Odd Numbers / Umeda Cipher

3.Professionalism feat. Hannya -Instrumental-/ ALI

4.Odd Numbers -Instrumental- / Umeda Cypher

5.Professionalism feat. Hannya -Anime Size-/ ALI

6.Odd Numbers -Anime Size- / Umeda Cipher

■TV anime “The Fable” non-credit OP movie/OP theme: ALI “Professionalism feat. Hannya” | Broadcast nationwide on Nippon Television every Saturday from 24:55──‼ ︎

■TV anime “The Fable” Non-credit ED movie/ED theme: Umeda Cipher “Odd Numbers” | Broadcast nationwide every Saturday from 24:55 on Nippon Television Network──‼ ︎

■Umeda Cypher – Odd Numbers (prod.BACHLOGIC) (Music Video)

■ALI “Professionalism feat. Hannya”

・Distribution link

■Umeda Cipher “Odd Numbers”

・Distribution link

[ALI Profile]

A multinational band centered on vocalist and leader LEO. From Tokyo/Shibuya.

They are attracting attention for their crossover musicality, which mixes roots music such as FUNK, SOUL, JAZZ, and Latin with HIPHOP, ROCK, and SKA.





Official Web:

[Prajna Profile]

Born in 1978.

Born in Sangenjaya, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo. he is a rapper

Released 14 albums from 2004 to 2023.

He has held one-man live shows three times at Hibiya Open-Air Concert Hall and once at Nippon Budokan.

He has also been active as an actor since 2015.



YouTube channel:

[Umeda Cipher Profile]

A collective that grew out of participants in a cypher (an impromptu rap session held in a circle) on the pedestrian bridge of Umeda Station in Osaka.

Many members have achieved brilliant results in rap battles, and R-Rated has produced rappers from all over the country. There is no hierarchy, there is no leader, and there has been no talk of forming the group. It is characterized by the fact that it is a gathering of individuals and not a group. The “free relationship born from the connections between rappers'' itself can be described as Umeda Cypher. Some members are videographers, designers, track makers, etc., and their activities are wide-ranging.





Official Website

■TV anime “The Fable”

Broadcast nationwide every Saturday from 24:55 on Nippon Television

Unlimited viewing of all episodes on Disney Plus, exclusive

Available for rental on other distribution sites

*TV broadcast date and time and distribution start date and time are subject to change without notice.


The most powerful genius assassin…but shouldn't he be killed?

He was trained as a killer from an early age,

Destroy any enemy vividly within 6 seconds.

An invincible killing genius, commonly known as “Fable”.

One day, the boss of the organization

“Don't kill anyone for a year”

He received a sudden command,

He ends up living a completely new life without killing people.

He calls himself Akira Sato and lives a normal life as a professional for the first time.

However, amidst the peaceful daily life, a disturbing atmosphere looms over them…

Will he be able to complete this most difficult mission?

A cool and funny story about the invincible assassin “Fable” who is known as a fable.

And so begins a somewhat unusual one-year hiatus as a killer!


Kazuyuki Okitsu Miyuki Sawashiro Kana Hanazawa

Akio Otsuka Kenjiro Tsuda Tetsuo Komura

Jun Fukushima

Yasushi Ishii Ryota Iwasaki Yudai Mino Kojiro Takahashi Kiyomitsu Mizuuchi

Takeharu Onishi Takumi Asahina

Kazuya Ichijo Yuki Kaji


Original work: Katsuhisa Minami “The Fable” (published in Kodansha “Young Magazine”)

Director: Ryosuke Takahashi

Series composition: Yuya Takashima

Screenplay: Yuya Takashima, Mayumi Morita

Character design: Hisuma Oshita Saki Hasegawa

Sound director: Yasuyuki Urakami

Music: Shuichiro Fukuhiro

Sound production: Audio Planning You

Opening theme: ALI “Professionalism feat. Hannya”

Ending theme: Umeda Cipher “Odd Numbers”

Animation production: Tezuka Productions

©Katsuhisa Minami/Kodansha/Anime “The Fable” Production Committee

[Original information]

“The Fable” Katsuhisa Minami

It was serialized in Kodansha's “Young Magazine” for about five years until November 2019, and the first part has been completed. The second part, “The Fable, the Second Contact,'' which gained popularity, will be concluded in July 2023, although it will be missed. Cumulative circulation: 24 million copies.

Many celebrities have called it “the most interesting manga right now.'' Currently, Volumes 1 to 22 of Part 1 and Volumes 1 to 9 of Part 2 are on sale.

Click here for original details and free trial reading!▶

“The Fable The second contact” latest volume 9 is now on sale!▶

TV anime “The Fable” official website:

Official X:

Official TikTok:

TV anime “The Fable” opening theme song ALI “Professionalism feat. Hannya” MV released!

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TV anime “The Fable” opening theme song ALI “Professionalism feat. Hannya” MV released!
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