Histera will be released in Early Access in May


Histera will be released in Early Access in May
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A StickyLock announced that the free frantic FPS Hystera will be released in Early Access on PC (Steam) on May 16, 2024.

In the trailer above, the producer StickyLock shows what the unpredictable battlefields of its online title look like.

In the press we can read:

Will you reign over chaos or become its victim in Hystera?

Inside the arena Hystera, the battlefield is in a constant state of flux — the Glitch can transform sections of the map into a variety of landscapes from different Eras at any time. In 8 vs. 8 player matches, you only have a small window of time to change your strategy and maintain (or gain) the advantage on the field, so it’s best to act quickly as soon as the Glitch becomes imminent!

The first Ages to be included in Hystera are the futuristic City of Montorro, the prehistoric Pliocene Plateau and Novgorod, which in the middle of the 20th century was devastated by war. With Glitch, maps from these different eras can transform, presenting both possibilities and challenges for players. Two game modes will be available at the Early Access launch: Team Deathmatch, where the objective is to eliminate the enemy as often as possible, and Territory Control, where areas must be claimed and protected. Hystera will receive regular updates both during its Early Access phase and beyond. The official timeline highlighting the studio’s future plans will be released following the game’s Early Access launch.

Take action in style!

To give players the opportunity to add some style to their gaming experience Hystera, you can visually customize your characters and weapons with unique skins that can be purchased through the game store. All customizations are purely cosmetic and will have no effect on gameplay. For everyone who joins the game’s Early Access, there will be an exclusive skin available for free for the first two weeks!

After the initial launch, a Battle Pass will be introduced that will offer players more customization options for their weapons and characters.

Histera will be released in Early Access in May

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Histera will be released in Early Access in May

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