GALIX: New Horizons is announced


GALIX: New Horizons is announced
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A Magicfish Games announced that the game GALIX: New Horizonswill be released for PlayStation 5 It is PRAÇA (Steam) on a date yet to be announced.

Through the page Galix: New Horizons at Steam we can read the following:

“In a distant future, where human civilization has crumbled, Earth has become a new, pristine world, teeming with life. In this open-world ARPG, play as the brave Hailey and set off on a journey full of mystery and adventure. Begin your own fantastic journey as you pursue the unknown.

Main Features:

Embark on a fantastic journey on a mission – Billions of years later, humanity’s advanced civilization lies in ruins and Earth has transformed into a pristine world with new ecosystems. In this mysterious and ever-changing world, a brave girl sets out on an exciting adventure to find a lost friend from the old world.

Explore the vast world – In the game, you will explore a vast world full of diverse landscapes. From rejuvenated lands that pulse with ancient cosmic energy, to the stunning Rainbow Mountains, to the mystical Crimson Kingdoms sustained by elemental energies, you will find a wide variety of ecosystems to marvel at.

A rich gaming experience – Players will delve into various unique biomes, reveal the legends hidden in NPCs around the world, and work side by side with the inhabitants to build a thriving new world and bring the planet back to life.

Customized gameplay – In the game, you will have the opportunity to deeply explore the vast world, from the land of rebirth that contains the original divine power of the universe, to the magnificent and dazzling mountains of ten thousand colors, to the Crimson Realm of the Underworld that fuels the divine power of the universe. meta-world to nurture and enjoy the diversity of ecological environments.

Enjoy intense and exciting battles firsthand – Players have the freedom to switch between different ranged or melee weapons while enjoying their prowess in difficult and ever-changing combat. Specially designed combat techniques for each boss offer players diverse challenges and a rewarding feeling of success.”

GALIX: New Horizons is announced

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GALIX: New Horizons is announced

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