AI in Games event at Universidade Lusófona


AI in Games event at Universidade Lusófona
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A Lusófona University will host on the 6th of May, starting at 10:00, the lecture open to the public “AI in Games: How AI is Changing the Games Industry”, dedicated to the use of Artificial Intelligence in games. The program of this event will feature academic representatives and representatives from the national and international video game industry to debate the potential of this new technology in games. During this period, the institution’s new Master’s degree “Artificial Intelligence for Games” will also be officially announced, which will be focused on programming for video games and will start in September 2024.

The lecture “AI and Games” is part of the academic training of Lusófona University, whose training offer for the video games and gaming industry, also extends to the “Video Games” Degree (general training in Programming, Art and Game Design) and the Master’s Degree in “Game Design and Playable Media” (specialization in Game Design) . During the event, a new Master’s degree at the institution will also be announced, ”Artificial Intelligence for Games” (focused on programming for video games).

The event “AI in Games: How AI is Changing the Games Industry” is an event organized by the AI ​​for Games Master Program @ Universidade Lusófona, Lisbon, which aims to bring together industry, academics, students and enthusiasts to reflect on the current panorama of artificial intelligence in the field of digital games. This event will look at current trends, including topics such as procedural content generation, NPC behaviors, LLMs for interactive storytelling, player profiles, automatic testing in QA, and mixed tools for initiative diagnostics. The objective of this event is to discuss, publicize and reflect on the current state of the industry in relation to these new technologies and how educational programs in the national industry must adapt to these changes.

The event will start at 10:00, with entry being free and open to the public.

AI in Games event at Universidade Lusófona

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AI in Games event at Universidade Lusófona

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