“Ultraman: Rising” trailer released! Hiroko Sakurai and Takaya Aoyagi appear in the dubbing!


“Ultraman: Rising” trailer released! Hiroko Sakurai and Takaya Aoyagi appear in the dubbing!
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New key art and preview video for CG animation feature film “Ultraman: Rising” co-produced by Tsuburaya Productions and Netflix have been released! Additionally, additional information has arrived regarding the super-luxurious Japanese dubbed cast, and it has been announced that in addition to Yuki Yamada, Fumiyo Kohinata and Akari Hayami will be participating.

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“Ultraman: Rising'' is a CG animated feature film co-produced by Tsuburaya Productions and Netflix and released worldwide on June 14th.

A month before the worldwide release, new key art and a preview (Japanese version) have been released, and in addition to Yuki Yamada, who plays the main character, the cast of the Japanese dubbed version has also been announced.

The Netflix movie “Ultraman: Rising” is directed and written by Shannon Tindle, a creator known for works such as “KUBO The Secret of the Two Strings” (2016, Original Story/Character Design), and co-directed by John Aoshima. serve.
The CG animation was produced by Industrial Light & Magic (ILM), which has produced numerous masterpieces and hits such as Star Wars and Jurassic Park.
We will create a new story with the theme of “parents and children” and “family” that can be enjoyed by all generations, based on the immortal hero “Ultraman”, which has been loved around the world for more than half a century since its broadcast began in 1966.

The preview (Japanese version) released this time shows Ken Sato fighting as Ultraman, and scenes where he becomes the parent of the “baby monster” Emi during the battle and struggles to raise her. The intense battle between the monster defense team and the monster defense team trying to abduct Emi is depicted in beautiful images.
In addition, music by Grammy award-winning dance music super producer Diplo, Oliver Tree, and Alicia Creti enlivens Ultraman's battle.

Furthermore, new cast information has arrived in addition to Yuki Yamada, who will play the lead role of Ken Sato, which was announced last November.
Fumiyo Kohinata plays the role of Professor Sato, Ken's estranged father, and Akari Hayami plays the role of Ami Wakita, a single mother journalist who deepens his relationship with Ken.The organization that confronts Ultraman over the “baby monster” Emi. It has been announced that Fumihiko Yoshiki will play the role of Dr. Onda, the cold-hearted commander of the Monster Defense Force (KDF), and Ayumi Tsunematsu will play the role of Mina, the supercomputer who takes care of Ken.

Also, Hiroko Sakurai, known for her role as Fuji Akiko in “Ultraman'' (1966), plays Ami's mother, and Takaya Aoyagi, who played the role of Juggler Juggler in “Ultraman Orb'' and “Ultraman Z,'' also plays Dr. Onda's right-hand man. As an Aoshima member, he will specially participate as a voice actor.

Please look forward to this work, which features a gorgeous dubbing cast and special guests who have appeared in previous Ultra series!

(C) Tsuburaya Productions

“Ultraman: Rising” trailer released! Hiroko Sakurai and Takaya Aoyagi appear in the dubbing!

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