[Thomas the Tank Engine movie]Cast appears on stage for the first time! Full-throttle talk with a sparkling personality!


[Thomas the Tank Engine movie]Cast appears on stage for the first time! Full-throttle talk with a sparkling personality!
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The latest animated movie version of “Thomas the Tank Engine”, which was born in the UK and will celebrate its 80th anniversary as a picture book in 2025, is “Thomas the Tank Engine: The Great Adventure!” To commemorate the release of “Lookout Mountain and the Secret Tunnel”, the first voice actor stage greeting event was held. The voice actors of the main characters of this work will be on stage and will introduce plenty of stories about how they became new members of the Thomas the Tank Engine family!

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“Thomas the Tank Engine: The Great Adventure!” The first voice actor stage greeting for “Lookout Mountain and the Secret Tunnel” was held at a movie theater in Tokyo on April 29th, and voice actors Mimi Tanaka, Kanade Koshino, Erina Koga, Rumi Okubo, and Momoko Yamafuji participated.

The voice actors took to the stage wearing costumes in the theme colors of the characters they played, as well as watches based on the characters they had obtained through gacha.
Looking back on the moment he passed the audition, Tanaka, who played the role of Thomas, said, “Suddenly, I received a report from my manager…I felt even more tense, and it made me feel like I had to work hard.From now on, I wanted to create my own version of Thomas.” Tara,” he said, expressing his enthusiasm for the big role.

Koshino, who plays Percy, touched on the singing scene and reported, “I was nervous because I had no singing experience,” and Koga, who played Near, said, “Nia is the first character I was chosen for through an audition.I was so happy that I couldn’t stop crying. I have a lot of feelings for it,” he said resolutely.

Okubo, who plays Kana, said, “I’m outspoken and I hate losing.When I auditioned, I thought, “Is Kana referring to me?”” she said, empathizing with the role.
Yamafuji, who played the role of Diesel, said that he received the news of his acceptance while working part-time, saying, “I was caught between me crying with joy after receiving the call that I had been accepted, and the store manager who was angry at me for answering the phone while working part-time. ”, revealing the inside story and making people laugh.

Speaking about the recording process, Tanaka said, “We all worked together to create Thomas as we know it today, so we all came together as a family.When new goods were released, we all exchanged information and obtained them, and at the scene we worked hard to get them. We’re friendly,” he said, highlighting their close friendship. It seems that they all went out to eat “Hama Sushi”, which was a collaboration with Thomas, and Okubo recalled, “It was strange to see a grown woman spinning the Hama sushi clatter so seriously,” which elicited laughter.

It seems that all the voice actors went to Thomas Station Ikebukuro, and Okubo said, “After embarrassingly riding the Thomas train that only children can ride, I suggested, “Everyone please go next time,” and he said, “Oh, it’s okay…”. The ladder was removed by everyone! Even though I am an adult, I did two laps! ” he said with a smug face.
In response, Yamafuji said, “It was cool to see Mr. Okubo asking the store clerk if adults could ride on the ride.He was really smart and reliable, so I decided to take a picture of him,” which sounded like an excuse.

The singing scenes in the movie are also a highlight.
Okubo introduced his particular style by saying, “Normally, songs in a play are often sung as an extension of the dubbing, but for Thomas, we call in a music teacher and record separately from the dubbing.”

Tanaka said, “It’s fun to record expressively because he sings along with the pictures,” and Yamafuji said, “Diesel is a character with a low tone, so I tried to make it an accent among everyone.” talked.
Tanaka also gave some advice to the children who gathered, saying, “The most important thing to sing is to have fun. It’s okay to get the lyrics or pitch wrong. I want everyone to enjoy singing while clapping their hands.”

He also spoke positively about his hopes for the next movie version, although he is a bit impatient. Koshino said, “I’d like it to be a story where everyone goes to the zoo and becomes friends with the animals,” and Okubo said, “I’d like a mystery.

“A story where Sir Topham Hatt is kidnapped and everyone wonders if they should go save him or not,” he requested.
Yamafuji said, “Since the Dai, Dai, Dai Adventure Club has grown to eight members in this work, I would like to see a super spin-off story about them playing baseball (if there is one more member),” and Koga said, “Diesel and Bruno are good friends, so I want to see the warm story between these two.”
On the other hand, Tanaka shared his surprising idea, saying, “I want to try making a full-length musical!” He expressed his hopes for the musical, saying, “The dubbing is going to be extremely difficult, but all the lines will be sung.The singing part is part of Thomas’ charm, so I’d like to liven it up with singing.” Other members agreed, saying, “Everyone can dance with the new Thomas.”

Finally, Tanaka, who plays Thomas, said, “I’m really happy that everyone from children to older friends gathered together.In the movie, not only Thomas, but each character is powered up.After watching the movie during Golden Week, everyone Please revive your adventurous spirit and go to various places. If you do so, you will be able to feel the same way Thomas loves adventure.”

The latest animated movie “Thomas the Tank Engine: The Great Adventure!” “Lookout Mountain and the Secret Tunnel” is now available nationwide!
Why not take a look at this work filled with love for Thomas by the new voice actors.

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[Thomas the Tank Engine movie]Cast appears on stage for the first time! Full-throttle talk with a sparkling personality!

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