Splash Mountain “Drenched MAX” and “Drenched Wet” times are held!Tokyo Disneyland & DisneySea summer program announced


Splash Mountain “Drenched MAX” and “Drenched Wet” times are held!Tokyo Disneyland & DisneySea summer program announced – All in one Anime and manga new release updates, New anime release, 2024 animes, upcoming anime, trending anime, and lots more!!.

At Tokyo Disney Resort, from July 2nd (Tuesday) to September 18th (Wednesday), we will be holding a variety of summer-like programs where you can get soaked and have fun, as well as goods that are useful in the summer and items that are perfect for the hot summer. We will be offering a cool menu and more.

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Along the Tokyo Disneyland parade route, Baymax, the care robot that appears in the Disney movie “Big Hero 6,” will be participating in the “Bay Max” watering program, which uses large amounts of water to raise guests’ “energy levels,” which have decreased due to the heat. We will deliver “Max’s Mission Cooldown” with an increased amount of watering compared to last year.

In addition, the attraction “Splash Mountain” will have a special version “Splash Mountain “Drenched MAX””. In addition, Toon Town will also hold a “‘Soaking Wet’ Toon Town” event where soaking wet spots will appear within the area. At the attraction “Country Bear Theater”, a special summer version of “Country Bear Theater Vacation Jamboree” will be performed for the first time in five years from May 17th (Friday) to November 7th (Thursday). .

The Aquatopia attraction at Tokyo DisneySea will be operated in a special version where you can get soaked. In addition, the two parks will hold a “Drenched Time” where you can get cool mist sprayed by cast members carrying barrels of water on their backs, as well as goods such as T-shirts that are useful in the summer, and items that are perfect for hot summer days. A cool menu will also be available. In addition, the Disney Ambassador Hotel will offer a special menu depicting Mickey Mouse and his friends enjoying summer, and the Disney Resort Line will also sell tickets with original designs.

Why not make some special summer memories at Tokyo Disney Resort, where two parks offer a variety of programs that will get you drenched.

soaking wet program

Tokyo Disneyland: Splash Mountain “Drenched MAX”

Splash Mountain


At the “Splash Mountain” attraction, where you ride a log boat and plunge from a mountain approximately 16m high into a waterfall basin, a special version called “Splash Mountain ‘Soaked MAX'” will be held again this year, where you will get soaked. To help you feel the exhilaration of jumping into the basin of a waterfall, we will be adding a feature that will splash water on you for a limited time. Enjoy the thrill and coolness at the same time.

*”Splash Mountain” is provided by Kao.

Tokyo Disneyland: “Big Hero 6 Mission Cooldown”

Performance location: Parade route

Performance time: Approximately 35 minutes (3 performances per day)

Number of floats: 2

Along the parade route, Baymax, the care robot from the Disney movie “Big Hero 6,” will continue to carry out a water sprinkling program that protects guests from the summer heat. Entrusted with the mission of raising the guests’ energy levels, which have dropped due to the heat, Baymax searches for areas that need care while sprinkling a cool mist.

If it detects an area where the guest’s “energy level” is significantly low, the float will stop and water will be released. This year, a water trailer will be added to the back of each float to increase the amount of water sprinkled. Enjoy a summer-like program with bright and light music.

Tokyo Disneyland: “Soaked” Toontown

Splash Mountain


Toontown will once again feature drenching spots this year, with cool mist and waterfall-like water spouting from the Jolly Trolley garage in the area, and even more water than usual from the Toontown Fire Station and Fireworks Factory. Please experience the “dripping wet” experience that is so exciting in the hot summer.

*For safety reasons, please refrain from using the facility barefoot, in swimsuits, or without clothes, including small children.

*“Toontown” is provided by Kodansha.

Tokyo DisneySea: Aquatopia

Splash Mountain


Aquatopia, an attraction where you can ride a self-driving water vehicle and enjoy unpredictable movements, will be holding a special version that will get you wet for a limited time this year as well. This summer as well, all of our cast members are looking forward to seeing our guests take on the challenge of “an irresistible soaking wet experience.”

*”Aquatopia” is eligible for the “Tokyo Disney Resort 40th Anniversary Priority Pass” for a limited time during the summer program.

Tokyo Disneyland/Tokyo DisneySea: “Drenched” time

Splash Mountain


Starting last year, we will once again carry out the “Drenched Wet” time, where cast members sprinkle cool mist on guests who want to cool off. If you see a cast member carrying a barrel on their back, let’s cool down by spraying them with cool mist and have fun together!

*Each drenching program may be subject to change or cancellation depending on weather and conditions.

*During the drenching program, your face, clothes, shoes, etc. may get splashed with a large amount of water. Please be careful not to get electronic devices such as smartphones wet by storing them in your bag or pocket.

Goods and cool menu perfect for summer

Tokyo Disneyland/Tokyo Disney Sea: Goods perfect for summer

In addition to new merchandise centered on apparel such as T-shirts, the two parks will also be selling “SuiSui Summer” merchandise with summery designs from June 13th (Thursday). Enjoy Tokyo Disney Resort in the perfect summer outfit.

Tokyo Disneyland/Tokyo DisneySea: Cool Menu

The two parks will be selling cool menu items that are perfect for the hot summer. At Tokyo Disneyland, new flavors of the classic shave ice will be introduced. The two types of shave ice are each made with plenty of fruit, making them both visually appealing and refreshing.

At Tokyo DisneySea, a new cool Churro (creme brûlée style) is now available. Enjoy the crispy outside and chewy inside of these cold churros. In addition, each park will feature refreshing chilled noodles, refreshing cold drinks, and a summer-themed “SuiSui Summer” souvenir menu.

Splash Mountain


Splash Mountain


Splash Mountain


*Sales start time varies depending on the menu.

*Goods and menu contents are subject to change without notice. Also, items may be out of stock or discontinued.

Other content

Country Bear Theater “Vacation Jamboree”

Splash Mountain


Country Bear Theater, an attraction at Tokyo Disneyland, will be open from May 17th (Friday) to November 7th (Thu. ), we will be operating a special summer version of “Country Bear Theater “Vacation Jamboree” for the first time in five years. Enjoy a cheerful vacation with unique and fun bears.

* “Country Bear Theater” is provided by House Foods Group Headquarters.

disney hotel

Splash Mountain


All restaurants in the Disney Ambassador Hotel will be offering a special summer-themed “SuiSui Summer” menu from July 1st (Monday) to August 31st (Saturday). There will be menus that look cool and perfect for the hot summer, such as shave ice cream and tarts made with tropical fruits, as well as menus that come with original charms and original coasters.

*The contents of the special menu are subject to change without notice. Also, items may be out of stock or discontinued.

*Original charms and original coasters will end as soon as they run out.

disney resort line

Splash Mountain


On the Disney Resort Line, free tickets with the “SuiSui Summer” design will be sold at ticket vending machines at each station.

*Sales will end once sold out.

※The image is an image.

Tokyo Disney Resort Official Website

Tokyo Disney Resort Official X (old Twitter)


Splash Mountain “Drenched MAX” and “Drenched Wet” times are held!Tokyo Disneyland & DisneySea summer program announced

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