[Puroland]PUROSPRING PARTY is being held!Check the latest information


[Puroland]PUROSPRING PARTY is being held!Check the latest information
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From April 12th (Friday) to June 4th (Tuesday), 2024, the first special event “PUROSPRINGPARTY” with the theme of “Fresh” will be held for the first time at Sanrio Puroland! Fun information perfect for spring outings, such as the new release of “#Selpuri” where you can choose high-angle shots and frames of your favorite characters, which will be launched in Japan for the first time, a new participatory show, and “Super FRESH SAKURA PARTY!” that you can enjoy with all standing. Delivery!

The special event “PUROSPRINGPARTY” will be held from April 12, 2024 (Friday), with the theme of a fresh spring party and the keyword “Spring party at Puro”, so you can start your new life with a fresh feeling in April. In May and June, there are events that can be enjoyed according to the season, where you can recharge your energy and refresh yourself by blowing away your tired mood.

At Puro Village, a new participatory show called “Chou FRESHSAKURAPARTY!” will be performed, where you can enjoy singing and dancing with the characters in an all-standing event.

Cinnamoroll, Pompompurin, Pochacco, Hello Kitty, My Melody, and Kuromi will appear in new pink and green pop costumes reminiscent of spring and freshness.
The costumes have cherry blossom flowers and different fruit motifs for each character, giving it a seasonal feel and cuteness♪ Don’t miss it!

In addition, there are many ways to enjoy printed photos (#Selpuri), which is based on the concept of a Korean self-photo studio, where you can enjoy a variety of ways to enjoy photography, such as taking “high-angle shots” with a fresh angle of view from above, or taking two-shot style shots with characters. “Photoism” is here for the first time!
Let’s leave memories of Puroland with wonderful angles and shots.

In addition, there is plenty of content that you can enjoy actively with friends and family, such as a limited-time photo spot where you can hear the voice of a character when you press a button.

Furthermore, in addition to holding the “PUROSPRING PARTY Special Greeting” (paid, advance reservation required) where you can enjoy taking photos with characters in new costumes that are very popular every season, we will also be holding “Fresh” characters who have just made their debut at Puroland in line with the theme. Don’t miss the event where “Hanamaru Ghost” and “Team Pudding” will be active! Enjoy the new faces.

Sanrio Puroland’s “Spring Park” will also feature various other fun contents such as limited-time goods and food.

Spend your holidays in a dreamland where you can enjoy entertainment, dining, and shopping.

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(C) 2024 SANRIO CO., LTD. TOKYO, JAPAN Copyright Sanrio Co., Ltd.

[Puroland]PUROSPRING PARTY is being held!Check the latest information

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