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Oshikara (Oshikara)
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Meaning of “Oshi Color”

“Oshikara” is a color that is associated with oshi. Also called “image color” or “concept color.”
There are a wide variety of patterns, including cases where a specific color is officially announced, cases where it is tacitly agreed upon among fans, and cases where each fan has a different perception.

In the case of idol groups, the official side often reveals the “member colors”. Costumes and live performance penlight colors tend to follow this “member color.” Therefore, many fans consider this “member color” to be the “favorite color.”

Origin and etymology of “Oshi Color”

Because it is a “color” that is associated with “favorite”.
In recent otaku terms and oshi conjugations, “concept” = “a motif or matter that is reminiscent of oshi,” so it has come to be called “concept color.” In addition, the image colors and theme colors of characters in two-dimensional works are also called “character colors”, and are used as motifs such as hair color and eye color in the development of goods.

According to music critic and writer Satoshi Ichikawa, the member color culture in Japan’s idol world was largely influenced by the special effects drama “Himitsu Sentai Gorenger” that began airing in 1975.

Examples of how to use “Oshi Color”

“I have to coordinate my favorite colors for the live event.”

“I feel better just by looking at the popular color drinks.”

“When I went to the theater for the first time, I was impressed to see so many fellow performers holding merchandise in their favorite colors.”

“Look at the colors of this tableware set! Red and green are my favorite conceptual colors!”

“I dyed my hair with a recommended color.”

“My friend gave me cosmetics in the color I recommended…”

“The official recommended color is pink, but it’s hard because the interpretation is different from the official one…”

▼Advantages of knowing your favorite color
It is quite difficult to always incorporate popular photos and illustrations into daily life. However, if it’s a popular color, it’s easy to incorporate it into your daily life. With some ingenuity, you can wear everyday items such as tableware, school bags, and office stationery without any problem, even in front of people who have no idea what you like.
For people who always want to feel the presence of their favorites close to them, or who want to gain vitality in life from items that remind them of their favorites, “favorite colors” and “conceptual colors” can be of great help.

▼Goods that highlight your favorite colors
In recent years, there has been an unprecedented boom in Otakatsu and Otakatsu, and many goods focusing on “Oshikatsu” and “Conceptual Colors” have been released. The lineup ranges from field items such as card holders, bromide cases, and fan cases to everyday miscellaneous goods such as stationery and personal clothing. Additionally, even items that are not targeted at the active consumer segment are often designed with a specific color theme, providing a wide range of purchasing options.

▼Diversifying “member colors”
Particularly in the idol world, “member colors,” which are similar to favorite colors, are becoming increasingly diverse. Previously, the colors were simple, such as “red,” “green,” “yellow,” “blue,” and “pink,” but the number of members with similar colors has increased to measure the difference from other idol groups and as the group itself has grown into a larger household. Increasingly, members are setting more unique member colors (=favorite colors) for various reasons.

(One case)
・Female idol group “Dempagumi.inc”
Red, white, blue, egg color, navy blue, powder pink, orange
(Past members include pink, purple, yellow, mint green, light green, and sky blue)

・Female idol group “Juice=Juice”
Melon, mint green, orange, pink, royal blue, light blue, purple, light purple, daisy, white, pure red
(Past members included Peach, Grape, Lemon, Apple, Hot Pink, Medium Blue, etc.)

・Male group “JO1”
Yellow, blue, pink, black, camel, light purple, light blue, white, gray, green, red

▼You can also express your “preferred color” or “concept color” by combining colors.
In some cases, you can enjoy a “favorite color” by combining two or more colors instead of using a single color.

・If you are recommending a specific pair or team
I like the combination of characters with a red image and characters with a blue image, so “red & blue” is my favorite color.

・If there is a team or country that the favorite belongs to
The favorite character is active in France, so the favorite colors are “red, white, and blue.”

Also, in the 48 Group and the Sakamichi Group, the psyllium colors of the members are often designated as a combination of two or three colors. There are cases where such a combination is considered to be a favorite color, such as Motonogizaka46’s Saito Asuka’s “light blue x white”.

Oshi (Oshi)

Oshigoto (work)


Oshikara (Oshikara)

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