[New Core Mix]Zenon Comics released on May 20th!


[New Core Mix]Zenon Comics released on May 20th!
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Coremix Co., Ltd. (Musashino City, Tokyo) released 9 Zenon comics on Monday, May 20, 2024.

[9 new Zenon comics]

◆5 million views of videos posted on SNS! Already published reprint! A parent-child and medical manga that has been a big hit on SNS!

“Hanechin and Booky’s Children’s Medical Records” Volume 2

Mizu Sahara Medical Supervisor/Hiromi Kitaoka

Preview reading of episode 1:

◆Live-action movie in progress! The latest volume where each life and love are at a crossroads!

“Mobuko no Koi” Volume 19

Akane Tamura

Preview reading of episode 1:

◆ Form a hero party full of talented people (!?)!

“Fist of the North Star Gaiden: The Legend of the Genius Amiba's Overlord in Another World” Volume 7

Original idea: Buronson, Tetsuo Hara Original story: Nishiki Sokura Illustration: Natto Gohan

Preview reading of episode 1:

◆A story of men who vow revenge against the Vikings!

“Odin’s Funeral” Volume 2

Yoshioka Chihiro

Preview reading of episode 1:

◆Fans who don't recommend it immediately◯! Hellish idol!

“Pig's Revenge” Volume 8

Illustration: Takayoshi Kuroda Original work: Suna Nito

Preview reading of episode 1:

◆1st place in LINE Manga Mystery/Horror category!

“Happy Family Revenge Rental Mom” Volume 4

Ryosuke Funaki

Preview reading of episode 1:

◆Number 1 in e-book stores! The latest volume where the search for a birth mother begins!

“Mother Parasite” Volume 11

Hirotoshi Sato

Preview reading of episode 1:

◆I'm so excited to see him as a boss and as a doting husband!

“Ikinari Marriage: When I woke up, I found myself as my handsome boss’s wife!?” Volume 2

Manga/Tobukawo Original work/Otoi Sakurai (Everystar)

Preview reading of episode 1:

◆Electronic comic blockbuster! The final plan to degrade Karin is finally launched!

“Replica Ex-Wife’s Revenge” Volume 12

Original work/Tanaka Tomo Illustration/Hirai Hachi

Preview reading of episode 1:https://catalog.coamix.co.jp/replica/?viewer=open

Editing/Publishing/Sales: Coremix

[New Core Mix]Zenon Comics released on May 20th!

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[New Core Mix]Zenon Comics released on May 20th!
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