[Moomin]Introducing a modern Japanese curtain that expresses the world view with Kyoto dyeing!


[Moomin]Introducing a modern Japanese curtain that expresses the world view with Kyoto dyeing!
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Modern Japanese curtains depicting the world of Moomin, hand-dyed bricks from the Kyoto dyeing workshop, will be sold at the I・E・I original shop. Introducing items that express Moominvalley using Japanese techniques.

When we think of “Noren”, we think of it as something that is hung at the entrance of a restaurant and that you flip over while saying “Are you open?” or as a sign to show whether the restaurant is open or not, but it was originally used as a partition, sunshade, and blindfold. It is also a traditional interior fabric that has colored the homes and lives of Japanese people as an accent in the room.

Moomin and Little My walking through the forest, Snufkin fishing – the friends of Moominvalley have been hand-dyed in the old-fashioned way by skilled craftsmen in Kyoto, creating curtains that express the soothing world of Moomin.

The hand-dyed curtains of the Kyoto dyeing workshop are hand-printed by skilled craftsmen in Kyoto one by one on slightly transparent, roughly woven fabric. A scene from the story reflected in Japanese dyed colors creates a relaxing interior space.

The lineup includes “Indigo Grove” Moomin and Little My”, which gives a modern impression with the beautiful lines of trees dyed in a shading pattern, and “Green Waterside” Snufkin, which expresses a quiet moment reflected in the gentle water surface. 2 types.

It is an easy-to-decorate double-width type with a width of about half an inch (approximately 88 cm) and a length of about 150 cm, which fits a typical frontage, and the scene of a fun story emerges with a light sheer feel.

A natural wood “Noren stick” is included.

It would also be nice to display it like a tapestry in a Western-style room. How about redecorating your room?

>>>Check out the photos of Moomin’s hand-dyed curtains (6 photos)

(C) Moomin Characters TM

[Moomin]Introducing a modern Japanese curtain that expresses the world view with Kyoto dyeing!

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