“Monster Hunter Rise” is finally under 1,000 yen! “CAPCOM SPRING SALE” for Steam has been updated


“Monster Hunter Rise” is finally under 1,000 yen! “CAPCOM SPRING SALE” for Steam has been updated
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Capcom Co., Ltd. is holding “CAPCOM SPRING SALE‘ has been updated!
Steam Store sale titles have been added,Lowest price everorFirst sale titleare lined up!

“CAPCOM SPRING SALE” for Steam has been updated

“Monster Hunter Rise” is finally under 1,000 yen! “CAPCOM SPRING SALE” for Steam has been updated


“CAPCOM SPRING SALE” being held by Capcom Co., Ltd. on various platforms until late April 2024
The Steam Store lineup has been updated from Tuesday, April 16, 2024, and new titles for sale have been added.

The latest work “Monster Hunter Rise” is 75% off the regular price997 yen (tax included)Introducing!
This is believed to be the lowest price ever for the same title on the Steam Store, and it’s finally your chance to enjoy a variety of weapons and exhilarating Shoumushi action for less than 1,000 yen!
If you’ve been playing on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Xbox, etc., why not try playing on PC again?

Furthermore, “Resident Evil RE:4 Gold Edition”, which includes the main story, additional scenarios, costumes, etc., will be available for the first time on sale.
To enjoy “Resident Evil RE:4”, a full remake of the timeless masterpiece, be sure to purchase the Gold Edition!

Other items on sale include “Street Fighter 6”, where the additional character Akuma is about to be implemented, and “Exo Primal”, whose 4th title update is scheduled for tomorrow!
For details, please see the “CAPCOM SPRING SALE” special page.

Steam Store (excerpt)

The sale period for the following titles isTuesday, April 30, 2024 1:59 a.m.Until.

  • Monster Hunter Rise: 997 yen(75% off)
  • Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak: 1,596 yen(60% off)
  • Monster Hunter Rise + Sunbreak Set: 1,976 yen(67% off)
  • Monster Hunter: World: 986 yen(67% off)
  • Monster Hunter World: Iceborne: 1,476 yen(63% off)
  • Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Master Edition: 1,976 yen(67% off)
  • Resident Evil RE:4: 3,742 yen(25% off)
  • Resident Evil RE:4 Gold Edition: 4,792 yen(20% off)
  • Resident Evil Village: 1,996 yen(60% off)
  • Resident Evil Village Gold Edition: 2,396 yen(60% off)
  • Resident Evil 7 Resident Evil: 796 yen(60% off)
  • Resident Evil RE:2: 997 yen(75% off)
  • Resident Evil RE:3: 997 yen(75% off)
  • RACCOON CITY EDITION: 1,747 yen(75% off)
  • Street Fighter 6: 5,273 yen(34% off)
  • Street Fighter 6 Deluxe Edition: 7,867 yen(25% off)
  • Exoprimal: 3,995 yen(50% off)
  • Capcom Fighting Collection: 2,495 yen(50% off)
  • Capcom belt action collection: 1,681 yen(50% off)


“Monster Hunter Rise” is finally under 1,000 yen! “CAPCOM SPRING SALE” for Steam has been updated

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