[Kirby of the Stars]Celebrate your birthday on April 27th with a round roast!


[Kirby of the Stars]Celebrate your birthday on April 27th with a round roast!
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“Kirby’s Star Manmaru Yaki” (230 yen, tax included) will be available in the chilled sweets corners of approximately 16,300 FamilyMart stores nationwide (excluding some stores) from April 23, 2024 (Tuesday). Introducing Kirby’s round roast.

“Kirby’s Dream Land” is a work based on the first game released in 1992. The main character is a pink, round Kirby. He has been made into a TV anime, and has been loved by many fans regardless of age and gender due to his cute appearance and hilarious in-game behavior.

“Manmaru-yaki” is a chilled sweet that is about 65mm in diameter and is made of cream-filled Imagawa-yaki with an original design branding iron. This is a popular series that also comes with one random, original design sticker.

“Kirby the Star Manmaru Yaki” is a pink, chewy Imagawa yaki fabric with a cute Kirby branding iron on it.

There are 6 types of branding iron designs. The face design looks like Kirby, who is usually round, turned into candy, and the design that looks like Kirby is sitting on top of a round baked cake is very cute. By the way, there is milk-flavored cream inside.

There are also 8 types of stickers that come with one random sticker. The stickers come in a wide variety of designs, including pixel art designs and hand-drawn designs, so it’s fun to open them to see which one you’ll win.

It will be released ahead of Kirby’s birthday on April 27th, so it’s perfect for celebrating Kirby’s birthday.

Let’s enjoy Kirby who sucks everything!

>>> See the design of the branding iron, package, and sticker (5 photos)

(C) Nintendo / HAL Laboratory, Inc. KB24-P6069

[Kirby of the Stars]Celebrate your birthday on April 27th with a round roast!

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