In episode 6 of the anime “Kaiju No. 8”, pay attention to Mina Ajiro’s nickname “Kafka-kun”!Viewers expressed concern at the ending, which foreshadows a certain character's crisis.


In episode 6 of the anime “Kaiju No. 8”, pay attention to Mina Ajiro’s nickname “Kafka-kun”!Viewers expressed concern at the ending, which foreshadows a certain character's crisis. – All in one Anime and manga new release updates, New anime release, 2024 animes, upcoming anime, trending anime, and lots more!!.

TV anime“Monster No. 8”Episode 6 “Dawn Sagamihara Subjugation Operation” will be broadcast from 23:00 on May 18th. Official X (formerly Twitter) has released scene cuts and more.

In episode 6 of the anime “Kaiju No. 8”, Mina Ajiro is called “Kafka-kun”…Click here for images >>

*This article contains spoilers for episode 6 of the anime “Kaiju No. 8”, “Sagamihara Subjugation Operation at Dawn.”

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  • Shin Furukawa has been chosen to play Ryo Ikaruga in the anime “Kaiju No. 8”!Episode 6 “Dawn Sagamihara Subjugation Operation” synopsis and advance cut also released
  • The “Sagamihara subjugation operation'' begins this time, and a special trailer has been released for the anime “Kaiju No. 8''. In episode 6, Kafka and his friends begin their first mission while evacuation efforts are underway due to the outbreak of a monster in Sagamihara.

    Viewers watched the battle of the defense personnel, which began even before the operation began, including evacuation of civilians, checking the situation, and planning strategies, with comments such as, “This is a great movie to watch,'' “The music makes my heart pound,'' and “I can't hear the conversations of ordinary people anymore.'' I think there's a monster out there.'' While Kafka is already drawn in, it seems like he's about to throw up after eating too much. The gap between the tension and the sense of urgency caused some viewers to burst out laughing, saying, “Open the window! What are you doing, old man!'' that made me laugh lol, and “Kafka, are you so nervous that you want to throw up!?''

    The first mission of Kafka and the new members is to subjugate the remaining beasts at the rear of the unit. The wording may be plain, but it is an important mission that is the last line of defense for citizens' lives. The soldiers prepare for the mission with enthusiasm.

    Kafka is worried about the situation where he will be fired if he doesn't perform well within three months, but he can't hide his excitement about his dream job, but he seems to be having a hard time bringing out the suit's full potential. However, when he struggles with his experience in the monster dismantling business, as he did during the exam, he contributes to the defense forces by dismantling leftover beasts and providing outstanding assistance in understanding nuclear and breeding engine data.

    Meanwhile, Abyaku Mina, who Kafka is standing next to, subdues the monster with overwhelming power. “Overkill is not on the level!'' “No, the firepower is amazing!?!?'' Amidst the exclamations, Kafka turned to look at Kafka and called him “Kafka-kun.'' !!!” and “Captain Ahaku is so excited (lol)”.

    It was thought that once the main beast was subdued and the remaining beasts were subdued, Kafka and his friends would complete their first mission without incident…but then, in front of Reno Ichikawa and Iharu Furuhashi, who were on their mission, Kaiju No. 9 appeared. Takamichi Hotaka, disguised as a human…!

    The ending foreshadows further turmoil, with comments like, “It ended in a good place, I'm curious about what happens next!'' “That's too bad… Reno and Iharu…'' ““Nanika Shittemasu?'' Kyoi! ” There were many happy screams from the viewers! Also, after the broadcast, Mina Ashiro's exclusive weapon visual will be released. This was also well received.

    Anime “Kaiju No. 8” work overview

    [Broadcast/distribution information]


    TV Tokyo series: Every Saturday from 23:00 starting April 13th (Saturday)

    (TV Tokyo, TV Osaka, TV Aichi, TV Setouchi, TV Hokkaido, TVQ Kyushu Broadcasting)

    BS TV Tokyo: Every Saturday from 24:00 starting April 13th (Saturday)

    AT-X: Every Sunday from 22:00 starting April 14th (Sunday)

    Animax: Every Saturday from 21:00 starting April 27th (Saturday)


    X (Twitter) Worldwide real-time distribution from 23:00 every Saturday from April 13th (Saturday)

    Distribution will start sequentially on various distribution platforms from 23:30 after the broadcast ends.


    Original work: Naoya Matsumoto (serialized in Shueisha “Shonen Jump +”)

    Director: Shigeyuki Miya, Tomomi Kamiya

    Series composition/screenplay: Ichiro Okochi

    Character design/chief animation director: Tetsuya Nishio

    Monster design: Masahiro Maeda

    Art director: Shinji Kimura

    Color design: Izumi Hirose

    3D Director: Masaru Matsumoto

    Director of Photography: Eiji Arai

    Edit: Fumi Hida

    Sound director: Yuki Gofumi

    Music: Yudai Bando

    Kaiju Design & Works: Studio Color

    Animation production: Production IG

    Opening theme: YUNGBLUD “Abyss”

    Ending theme: OneRepublic “Nobody”


    Kafka Hibino/Monster No. 8: Katsuya Fukunishi

    White Mina: Masami Seto

    Reno Ichikawa: Wataru Kato

    Kikoru Shinomiya: Ai Fairuz

    Soshiro Hoshina: Kengo Kasai

    Iharu Furuhashi: Yuki Shin

    Haruichi Izumo: Keisuke Kawamoto

    Kagura Kioi: Shunsuke Takeuchi

    Konomi Okonogi: Ayaka Senbongi

    Isao Shinomiya: Tetsuaki Genda

    Monster No. 9: Hiroyuki Yoshino

    *The image is a cut from a scene that has already been released.

    Anime “Kaiju No. 8” official website

    “Kaiju No. 8” official Twitter

    (C) Defense Force 3rd Unit (C) Naoya Matsumoto/Shueisha

    In episode 6 of the anime “Kaiju No. 8”, pay attention to Mina Ajiro’s nickname “Kafka-kun”!Viewers expressed concern at the ending, which foreshadows a certain character's crisis.

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