“IDOLiSH7 the Movie” finally surpasses 3 billion yen in box office revenue, with fans continuing to support it even a year after its release


“IDOLiSH7 the Movie” finally surpasses 3 billion yen in box office revenue, with fans continuing to support it even a year after its release – All in one Anime and manga new release updates, New anime release, 2024 animes, upcoming anime, trending anime, and lots more!!.

“IDOLiSH7 LIVE 4bit BEYOND THE PERiOD'', which was released on May 20, 2023, attracted 1,759,097 viewers and box office revenue of 3,043,503,041 yen in 366 days after its release. It once again ranked in the top 10 in the national movie mobilization ranking.

Currently, the first anniversary week is being held until May 23rd to celebrate the first anniversary of the release, and as the film is being screened in some theaters, it has surpassed the 3 billion yen mark. In addition, the director and producers have sent comments of thanks to the audience.

“IDOLiSH7'' is based on a popular smartphone game, and tells the story of a player who takes on the role of a manager at an entertainment agency and trains male idols “IDOLiSH7.'' The growth story of an idol is gaining popularity, and the first season of the TV anime was broadcast in January 2018, and up to the third season has been broadcast so far.

This work is a dream live performance with 16 members that brings together IDOLiSH7, TRIGGER, Re:vale, and ZOOL.

■Hiroshi Nishikori (Director)
A year has passed since Mbinana was released.

Thank you for your continued support.
This work was created by listening to the thoughts of 16 people in 4 groups and bringing them together, so it feels like the passion we received from them still remains within our staff.
We hope that the 1st anniversary week will be an opportunity to confirm that passion with everyone.
Enjoy the special screening! !

■Kensuke Yamamoto (Director)
A live performance created together with 16 idols. It's already been a year since we waited for the show to begin, and on the first and second days, we were quietly listening to the cheers of the fans in a corner of the theater.
Even now, I can't forget that space filled with surprise and joy.

Since then, I have always been trembling with the excitement of seeing the atmosphere filled with joy and joy wherever I went to the theater.
I'm really thankful to you.
We look forward to seeing you at the theater again! !

■Sokichi Shimooka (“IDOLiSH7” Executive Producer)
“BEYOND THE PERiODO” is celebrating its 1st anniversary.
This is a live show that will never fade into the future.
I am grateful for the miracle that has allowed my desire to be loved forever to this day.
The idols' formations and facial expressions.

The way he speaks with his eyes is especially beautiful, so please take a look!
Let's do Ainana together!

■Ayaka Negishi (“IDOLiSH7” General Producer)
Surprisingly, “Mbinana'' is celebrating its 1st anniversary. The countdown started on January 1st, and I can still remember the excitement I felt the moment we announced it on January 7th like it was yesterday.
Thanks to all of you who have loved “Mbinana” for a long time and visited Rainbow Arena many times, we were able to hold this event as part of our 1st anniversary week. thank you very much!
“Mbinana'' has been created with the love of our managers and the love of our live production staff. Spotlights, lasers, cameras, drones… We hope you will pay attention to each and every device that makes the idols shine.

We would be very happy if you could discover new charms of “Mbinana'' during the 1st anniversary week.

■Yamato Sogo (“IDOLiSH7” music producer)
Congratulations ☆ Mbinana 1st anniversary
Let them be themselves and run their way,
It was a dream-like year with Mbinana being loved all over the world.
This live show that you and they created together,
We will continue to dwell in music as “Pieces” as irreplaceable and precious memories.
Thank you so much for all your support!
We hope you will continue to support them as they continue to reach new heights!
Kick it up Mbinana

“IDOLiSH7 the Movie” finally surpasses 3 billion yen in box office revenue, with fans continuing to support it even a year after its release

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