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The number of Fallout players increased considerably after the series
The number of Fallout players increased considerably after the series

Fallout – Analysis


Fallout – Analysis
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Premiering on April 10th at Prime Videothe series based on the game Fallout It arrived in a simple but extremely competent way. O Animewik had early access to the episodes of the series and in this text we will talk about the first season of the live-action series by Fallout.

The series is produced by Amazon MGM Studios and from Kilter Films in association with the Bethesda Game Studios It is Bethesda Softworks. Jonathan Nolan It is Lisa Joy are responsible for the executive production of Kilter Films as part of its global agreement with Amazon. Nolan directs the first three episodes of this epic series. Geneva Robertson-Dworek and Graham Wagner are the executive producers, writers and showrunners of Fallout. Athena Wickham of Kilter Films is also executive producing alongside Todd Howard of Bethesda Game Studios and James Altman of Bethesda Softworks.

The “Fallout” games take place in a world where the future imagined by Americans in the late 1940s actually happens due to a nuclear war in 2077. The first game was released in 1997 and the prequel game Fallout 76 was released in 2018.

Fallout synopsis

Based on the best-selling video game franchise of all time, Fallout It is the story of the haves and the have-nots, in a world where there is almost nothing to have. 200 years after the apocalypse, the peaceful inhabitants of luxurious anti-nuclear refuges are forced to return to the hellish world full of radiation that their ancestors left behind and are surprised to discover that an incredibly complex, joyfully strange and very violent universe awaits them.

Personally, when an adaptation of a game for another medium is announced, I see the new version following three directions: the first is an almost faithful adaptation, with few changes and some additions (as happened with the series of The Last of Us). The second direction is to mix original game content with new things original to the new media (which happened with the Sonic). The third direction is to go for 100% original content using only the game base. It is exactly in this third aspect that the live-action series Fallout fits, but it goes further.

One of the main problems in adaptations is presenting and attracting people who are not familiar with the work. Just like in a game, in a series a good first impression right from the start is essential to hook the viewer and Fallout it does this masterfully by mixing the original content with the adaptation of things from the game. This is accomplished through a trio of protagonists who are charismatic (each in their own way) and a well-done production of script, visual effects and editing.

Based on the worldview of three different people, the series interestingly addresses current issues such as real estate speculation, political extremes and fanaticism. This occurs by questioning many of the so-called American symbols of the 1950s, experiences on humans and how radiation has benefits as energy, but has great harm as a weapon of destruction. The text of the series has been written in a way in which these issues are addressed in a way where new fans do not need to have played the games to begin to understand the lore of the franchise, at the same time fans of the games welcome the addition of items to story of Fallout. In addition to the arc involving the main trio, the series has an arc within Vault 33 directly linked to the main story of the series and leaves a lot of mystery for the future of the series.

The trio of protagonists of the series serves to introduce the public to how the world of Fallout. Lucy (played by Ella Purnell) is the character equivalent to one of the games’ protagonists, leaving Vault 33 and discovering how the world works and the plots surrounding her main mission. I liked how the character has an innocence while at the same time being able to turn around very well. Maximus (performed by Aaron Moten) serves as the person who wants the power to change the world, even though he has several decisions that don’t please everyone, I found him to be a very interesting character. The Ghoul (played by Walton Goggins) works as the link between the past and the present of the story, the Ghoul is the best character in the series and it is interesting how Walton Goggins has his own charisma in his scenes in the past and present. Along with the trio of protagonists, the series has a supporting cast that works very well throughout the work, the highlight is clearly Norm (Moises Arias), who has a very interesting development throughout the series, unraveling the mysteries surrounding Vault 33.

One of the main positive factors in the course of Fallout It’s the production of the sets, with the sets being so well produced the scenes ended up being very believable. The visual effects throughout the series also work very well, there are small things with lower quality but nothing that gets in the way. The use of gore was also a positive factor, mixed with the well-developed sarcasm of the script, the gore was very well used and without exaggeration. The soundtrack and sound effects are also extremely positive, with music that takes us back to the 50s/60s period and fits well with the theme of the series.

Even giving all the praise to the series Fallout I still have one complaint, I found the series completely pointless Fallout have all eight episodes released at once. With a premiere just in the week in which another series gained prominence due to the release of a tragic episode, Fallout ended up completely hidden by the media and social networks. Even with many saying good things, the series did not gain much traction on the networks after its launch, which could have happened if it had been launched weekly over a period of eight weeks.

Overall, the live-action series Fallout It is highly recommended for those who already know the games and for those who want to discover a new universe. With a charismatic cast, the series has a script that brings the development of a good plot and mysteries for the future season. The visual and special effects are well produced, even with a few weaker moments. With a 50s/60s themed track, a lot of sarcasm and a small mix of comedy, the series’ only real flaw was not having a weekly release on Prime Video.

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Fallout – Analysis

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Fallout – Analysis

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