Enjoy this shock…! 4 highlights of “Detective Conan: The Million Dollar Five Star” that made otakus tremble


Enjoy this shock…! 4 highlights of “Detective Conan: The Million Dollar Five Star” that made otakus tremble
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It was released on April 12th as the 27th theatrical series of the popular anime “Detective Conan”.Movie version “Detective Conan: Million Dollar Star”.

Speaking of the movie version of Conan, last year’s Detective Conan: The Black Iron Fish Shadow was released, and after the end credits, it was hinted that Kaitou Kid and Hattori Heiji would appear in the next movie, which aroused the expectations of many fans.

“Detective Conan: The Million Dollar Five Star” is packed with various highlights. An otaku writer who has been following the Conan movie introduces the main points and shocking highlights of this work, as well as his impressions. We will tell you about Kenjiro Tsuda’s fateful appointment, that foreshadowing that shocked fans, and more from an otaku perspective.

*Please note that this article contains minor spoilers for the main movie.

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From the official website of the movie “Detective Conan: The Million Dollar Star”

Are there any otakus who don’t like Shinsengumi? The perfect amount of “what if”

The theme of this work is a “treasure battle” involving Kid, Heiji, and Conan.The characters they will be competing against in Hakodate, Hokkaido this time are the heroes of the last days of the Edo period.Shinsengumi/Toshizo Hijikata’s swordThis has also been made clear in previous previews.

However, I am an otaku…I like all kinds of anime, manga, and games.

When I saw the preview, a question suddenly crossed my mind.

“Wait a minute! Isn’t Toshizo Hijikata’s sword the name of “Izumi no kami Kanesada”?”

As you all know, when it comes to the swords favored by Shinsengumi member Toshizo Hijikata, the name of the well-known uchikatana is Izumi no kami Kanesada. For those who like “Touken Ranbu” and “Golden Kamuy,” this name is probably already familiar.

However, the target of this work is the phantom sword, Hoshiryoto, which is said to have been used by Toshizo Hijikata only for one night due to various circumstances, even though he possessed the Izumi no kami Kanesada.
In order to obtain a legendary sword with an impressive star-shaped tsuba, Heiji, Conan, and his group, who had come to Hakodate for a kendo tournament, and Kaito Kid, who is aiming for the treasure, and various other people will clash. .

In addition to Conan, the author has been reading a lot of content related to the Shinsengumi.

Not only the works mentioned above, but also “Gintama” and “Hakuoki”… It’s no exaggeration to say that adult Otome Otaku were raised by the Shinsengumi (lol).

This story does not overly distort the correct history, but adds just a small amount of “what if”. I couldn’t help but be impressed by the exquisite amount of spooning.

CV that made all otakus happy: Kenjiro Tsuda.His appointment was “inevitable”

Another thing that attracted a lot of attention during the movie’s preview stage was the appointment of a gorgeous voice actor.

Toshizo Hijikata is still famous as a historical hero.It is exciting to be able to voice this role.Popular voice actor Kenjiro Tsudais.

The first trailer for the movie was released about three months ago. At the beginning, Tsuda, who plays Toshizo Hijikata, was revealed, and his appearance also attracted the attention of many fans.

That alone is enough to enjoy the movie, but for those who have been following the “Detective Conan” series in both manga and anime, the appointment of Kenjiro Tsuda in the role of Toshizo Hijikata is definitely “inevitable”. .

I’m sure there are many people who watched the movie who were stunned and thought, “Tsuda Ken is the only person I could think of to play such a powerful role!”

Actually, this is not the first time for Mr. Tsuda to appear in the Conan series. I once had a career in which I lent my voice to a certain character in an anime.

Also, this time, Toshizo Hijikata of the Shinsengumi is the subject of the movie. A character with a close connection to him and a character with the exact same name have already appeared in Conan. If you’ve been following the series for a long time and have a deep love for it, you’ll probably think of it right away.

The character is from the original author Gosho Aoyama’s previous works.『YAIBA』will make a crossover appearance fromOkita Souji! He often meets Heiji at kendo tournaments, and it was already hinted in the trailer and main visual that he would appear in this movie as well.

Kenjiro Tsuda, who played the role of Toshizo Hijikata, voiced a certain character only once in the past in an anime. And Souji Okita, a character who has a strong relationship with Heiji through Kendo.

One scene that was made possible because the two met in Hakodate was a clever foreshadowing. Even as a fan of the Shinsengumi, I couldn’t help but feel excited.

I think this is definitely one of the must-see scenes in this movie.

Heiji and Kazuha Niirettasa MAX.

Hurry up!

The second highlight of this work is also one of the main characters of this time.Hattori Heiji.Speaking of Heiji, of course his childhood friend.Kazuha ToyamaThe presence of is also indispensable.

Once again, Kazuha is accompanying Conan and Ran to Hakodate to support Heiji at the Kendo tournament he will be participating in. The encounter between Kazuha and a certain person serves as the introduction to the story of this work.

While looking for Heiji, who was not at the match venue for some reason, Kazuha met a young man who lived in Hakodate.Fukujo Hijiri. He is also a master of Iaido, and apparently fell in love with Kazuha at first sight when he saw her at the venue.

After a chance encounter, the two meet again during the investigation of a case that Heiji has started working on, but Hijiri’s friendly behavior toward Kazuha puts Heiji in a wary mode, treating him as a love rival. Hijiri also sees Heiji’s behavior and realizes that he is his love rival.

Hijiri seems to have known Heiji’s name from his Kendo skills. Apart from the phantom sword that Kid is aiming for, Heiji will also have a battle over an “important treasure” here.

After a long time, Shinichi and Ran finally started dating as a couple, but Heiji and Kazuha, childhood friends from Osaka, are still unaware of their true feelings for each other. I’m sure there are many fans who are excited about the two, who have been in a state of unrequited love for many years.

Furthermore, Kazuha’s love rival Momiji Ooka, who also appeared in the anime from the previous movie Detective Conan: Crimson Love Song, also appears in this work.

You can’t help but laugh at the comical nature of Momiji, who literally runs east and west across Hokkaido in pursuit of her lover Heiji. However, I am also overwhelmed by his presence, which firmly grasps the key to the story at key points.

Their love journey becomes increasingly confusing due to their rivals. I’m sure I’m not the only one who was so impatient that I said, “Hurry up and put it together!” lol.

Shocking as the truth about Kid is revealed for the first time. I agree with the many hints…

And the third highlight is the “truth about Kid,” which is also widely announced in the movie! This time, information will be revealed for the first time about an important hidden secret of Kaitou Kid, which is closely related to the story of the main story of the Conan series.

As many people know, Kaitou Kid was originally a past work by the original author, Mr. Aoyama.“Magic Kaito”A character that appears more as a crossover.

His true form is a high school boy.Kaito Kuroba.He has a brain that rivals that of the great detective Kudo Shinichi, and he continues to work as the second generation Phantom Thief Kid while hiding his true identity in order to uncover the truth behind the death of his father, Kuroba Toichi. I am.

Kid has been targeting various Big Jewels around the world and has been involved in crimes, and has also competed with detectives and police such as Conan and Heiji. In this film as well, there is a treasure battle with them over the sword, and there are often scenes in the film where multiple characters mention something about Kid, Conan, and even Shinichi. .

“Kid’s truth” revealed after the ending.

When I learned about this, I thought, “Huh! I’ve never heard of such a story in the original work. Is it okay to say it in a movie…?” But when I noticed the hints scattered throughout the story, I couldn’t help but think, “Ah!” I was completely convinced.

In fact, I didn’t follow Conan’s story that closely, and only had a vague grasp of the characters and their relationships. The very important “truth about Kid” was revealed in this work to a level that surprised even me.

At the same time, the secret was revealed, and many people who have been Conan fans for a long time will probably think, “Now there are even more mysteries…?”

The best way to know the truth is to see it with your own eyes. Please come and enjoy the world of “Detective Conan: Million Dollar Star” at the theater.

(Written by Natsume Sogami)

Enjoy this shock…! 4 highlights of “Detective Conan: The Million Dollar Five Star” that made otakus tremble

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