“Charisma” Yuki Ono & Sakuhin Hinata “I cried the moment “Minna ga Charisma” played in the final episode” Looking back at the final episode of the 2nd season & interview to commemorate the album release!


“Charisma” Yuki Ono & Sakuhin Hinata “I cried the moment “Minna ga Charisma” played in the final episode” Looking back at the final episode of the 2nd season & interview to commemorate the album release!
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Two months have passed since the final episode of the 2nd season of the superhuman share house story “Charisma.”
Yuki Ono said he cried after watching #107 “Kariju” and Sakuhin Hinata said he was struck by the way the seven charismatic characters told him, “It’s okay to be who you are.”

I don’t really understand why, but there are so many addictive songs and music videos that people are talking about.Superhuman share house story “Charisma”2nd album “Charisma Jamboree” is released!Yuki Ono (Fumiya Ito, charismatic right and wrong)andMr. Saku Hinata (the role of Minato Ose, the charismatic internal punishment)We asked them about their favorite songs on the album, their memories of the 2nd season, and their outlook for the future.

“Charisma” Yuki Ono & Saku Hinata “In the final episode, “Everyone is charismatic”…Click here for images >>

Fumiya Ito (CV: Yuki Ono)
Charisma of right and wrong. Resident of room 206. The person who gathered the residents at Charisma House. She is the youngest member of the house and has a sweet tooth that loves sweets.

Minato Ose (CV: Saku Hyuga)
Charisma of internal punishment.

Resident of room 203. He is negative, has low self-esteem, and tries to die at every turn. He often wears a plastic bag on his head.

Did Fumiya see through it? Torahime Hiiragi is “charismatic of destruction”! ?

–The 2nd season has reached its final episode with #107 “Kariju” released on February 15th, how do you feel now?

Saku Hyuga (hereinafter referred to as Hyuga):
Following is worrisome……! It ended like that… (lol) In the 2nd season, Tora-san (Torahime Hiiragi) moved into the charismatic house, but since that house is not open to ordinary people, I wonder what Fumiya-san saw in Tora-san and realized that he was charismatic and invited him in. .

Yuki Ono (hereinafter referred to as Ono):
I think the answer was all packed into the final episode of the second season. Torahime is like that… “charisma of destruction” perhaps? Fumiya may have been able to see that the destructive urge inside Torahime was outrageous.

I have a strong theory that Fumiya was reaching out to him and asking if he would come because he finally released him.
He may wear the skin of an ordinary person, but what he hides inside is dangerous. I think it also conveyed a message to the viewers of “Charisma,” that in reality, that’s what ordinary people are like.


You’re thinking a lot, aren’t you? (lol)
As Torahime, a representative of ordinary people, I was asked to try out Charisma House. I think he was referring to you all in the final episode, saying, “You all have something hidden inside, right?”

–Charisma, a superhuman share house story that started in the fall of 2021.

It’s been three years this year, but has your impression of the work and characters changed from when you first started to now?

The character I play, Minato Ose, is a character that is associated with death, so at first I thought it might be difficult to handle him in a work that focuses on gags. I tried to make the role as funny as possible and avoid making people feel sorry for me, but I was still worried about whether people would accept me. Once it started, I got the impression that although he was charismatic as an internal punisher, he also had a positive side, and after discovering within himself that that was what made it interesting, he and Ose ran toward that direction.
At the beginning, Ose acted by saying, “I didn’t want to be hated, so I left my housemates,” but in the second season, he decided to “leave everyone in order to protect my friends.” , I was happy to play the role because I could feel that he was growing as a person.

The part about being positive toward death is becoming easier to understand. At the beginning, I had a feeling that it would be bad if I came out strongly, but as the story progressed, it wasn’t like, “I’m going to die anyway,” but a trust similar to that emerged, and I also came out strongly, and Ose responded strongly. My impression from the second season is that sexuality has become established in the charismatic house.

In the final episode, Fumiya says, “If you don’t have a place to go, if you don’t have a place to live, why don’t you come and live with me?” There is a sense of Torahime reminiscing, but I personally think that it overlaps with the words she said to each of them back then. I thought to. Fumiya gave Ose and his friends a place to belong even though they had a place to be, but they didn’t feel comfortable there.
That scene is really cool! I’m saying this to Torahime, but the other members are also saying the same thing…I’m starting to wonder how they can do something so stylish (lol). Fumiya was probably like that from the beginning, but I feel like that scene became more convincing throughout the second season. I felt defeated. More than a change, I agree.

The smile he showed towards Torahime was something I could not have imagined from Fumiya in his early days.

In the second season, Fumiya started to look like he was having fun. It’s the same with the music, but it’s so much fun to listen to. I think one of Fumiya’s charms is that when he looks like he’s having fun, he’s inspired to have fun too.

–Please tell us what you think about the charm of the relationship between Fumiya Ito and Ose Minato.

Fumiya-san will be Ose’s youngest share house member, so I feel like she was strong from the beginning.

Fumiya-san is quite positive about Ose, so I think that’s something that Ose never had before. Ose looks comfortable being near Fumiya. I guess that’s why he shows a smile to Fumiya-san that he doesn’t show to other people in his breakout episode. I think it gives me a sense of security.

If he had called out to Ose and invited him to the house like he did in the final episode, his feelings toward Fumiya might have been a little different from other people’s.

I cried the moment “Minna ga Charismatic” was played in the final episode.

–Which dramas have been released so far that have left a particularly strong impression on you?

In the 2nd season, the characters were explored in depth, so every episode was impressive, but personally, the one that left an impression on me was Ose’s breakout episode. Ose was standing up for others, but when the doctor was about to suppress him, Tera-san called Ose by her name for the first time. Until then, Terra’s stance was, “Just let that child do what she wants,” and that hasn’t changed even now. That’s why Tera sensed that Ose was about to be forced to do something she didn’t want to do, so he called her name and said, “Knock it off!” that stuck with me.
I think some people think of it as trying to beat up the doctor, but I saw it as trying to beat out the weak self inside me. I was particularly impressed by the way the play depicts the scene where the people he cares about are in danger and yet he still gives in, which turns into anger and becomes a breakthrough.

This overlaps with what I said earlier, but at the end of the final episode, Fumiya invites her to Charisma House, saying, “If you don’t have a place to go, if you don’t have a place to stay, why don’t you come live with me?” It even became an animation!
The number of stories that made me laugh is staggering! (lol)

It’s the one at the bus stop (lol).

It was so innocent there, and I still wonder what happened at that time.

Fumiya was like no other.

Unusually, Fumiya’s emotions were clearly expressed. Even though I was just drawing a picture of a bus not coming, she was like, “I’ve been hit!” (lol).

–Your 2nd album was released on April 24th, but which songs have you sung so far that are particularly memorable?

Since he participated in all of the songs, they all leave a deep impression on me, but I think it’s Ose’s breakout song “Hell lazy, Psychology.” In the 1st season, I sang a song with the motif of a “suicide note” in a rather quiet way.

It’s strange to say, “A suicide note is enough.”

If you ask me again, that’s true…. I sang “Hell lazy, Psychology.” from the 2nd season because I thought it depicted the process of forming internal punishment. It all started with questions like “Why?” and “Why would someone say something like that?” Asking yourself “why” means that there is still hope within you. It’s cute to say that he was cornered into a dead end and had a “metamorphosis of regret,” but I interpret it as a sign of hope. Therefore, instead of giving back to those around us what we receive from those around us, we turn it within ourselves. I think this song captures Ose’s anger. There are times when he screams in anger, and times when he’s so angry that it makes you laugh.This song particularly left an impression on me because it expresses Ose’s feelings in a variety of ways.

Actually, this is my favorite song on the 2nd album. First of all, the title “Hell lazy, Psychology.” is a great pun! The songs are peaky and fun to listen to, and I was able to participate in the chorus, so it’s the most touching of the 2nd season! But…

But it was! ?

After watching the final episode of acting and singing, what struck me once again was how charismatic everyone was. Of course, since I was given a script and was acting, I knew the development and structure, and I knew that the song would be included at this point in the drama, so I was supposed to be like, “We did it!”, but that MV I was crying when I saw him enter… I’m the type of person who can explain my feelings and situations in words, but I can’t explain those tears… The nice scene where Fumiya invites everyone to Charisma House is after the MV, and it was the first time I’ve experienced such inexplicable tears.

–Similarly, which MVs have been released so far that left an impression on you?

This is after all “everyone is charismatic”! It’s a mysterious MV where that idol pose keeps going round and round, and even though it’s funny, it brings tears to my eyes. In the middle of the scene, light rays come out from where everyone’s nipples are presumed to be, but only Amahiko has light coming out not only from his nipples but also from his crotch. “What the hell!” I laughed and said tsukkomi, but my tears haven’t stopped. I rewatched it before the interview and it brought tears to my eyes again (lol).

Well, I wonder why? (lol)

As a song, it gives off the feel of an old idol, so there may be an element of nostalgia as well. But I’m not the type to cry just because of it, so out of all the ordinary people who watched the superhuman share house story “Charisma,” I was probably the one who was more disturbed and confused than anyone else.

I didn’t cry, but I was struck by the fact that seven people living their lives as they please said, “It’s okay to be yourself.”

“Kasugomi Chili Kasukuzu” is supported by six charismatic members

――What was your impression after singing the new songs “Charisma Jamboree” and “Charisma in Da House”?

“Charisma Jamboree” gives me the impression that it’s an easy-to-understand and fun song.It’s a song that everyone wants to sing out loud and can enjoy without thinking about anything.

I want to say it out loud! “Charisma Jamboree” does not have any solo parts, and consists of parts sung by all members or by two or three people. Ose is singing with Fumiya-san, but they usually have low tones, so when they sing a fun song called “Jamboree” by themselves, even if it’s just a part of it, I wonder what’s going to happen. ” I thought. But when I heard the finished song, it came together as a song, and I felt comfortable with Ose and Fumiya’s parts, so I think the appeal of these members is that they can make a song in any combination. .

The original phrase for “Charisma Jamboree” is “If you’re happy, clap your hands.” I think both songs have a matching sense of euphoria and are happy songs that will make you laugh, have fun, and become invincible. I want to sing live!

The lyrics, “Let’s all laugh together 10 years from now” really caught my attention, and if I sang it live, I might cry… “Charisma in Da House” was the first song in a long time that all the members sang solo, so it has a nostalgic feel, but the last song has a feeling that “things are about to begin”.

It feels like the charismatic band has returned with this song. The wording of the lyrics is also good. The lyrics can be interpreted in many ways, but please be careful not to have too high expectations towards the end of the lyrics! (lol)

――What impresses you about the lyrics and recordings of Ose’s solo song “Hell lazy, Psychology.” and Fumiya’s solo song “Charisma Battle Anthem,” and what parts do you want people to hear?

The first thing I thought was, “Isn’t this a solo?” (laughs)

That’s what I thought! (lol)

When I received the materials for “Charisma Battle Anthem,” I thought, “Oh, it’s the entire song.” I thought it was amazing how everyone sings this song, so when I asked about it, I was surprised to hear that it was Fumiya’s solo song (lol).
Until now, there haven’t been many songs that feature coolness, so I thought people would enjoy it as a song. On the other hand, I would like to see a market survey to find out how often the question “What is Fumiya’s solo?” is asked.

Vote for the question “What is a solo song?” (lol)
“Hell lazy, Psychology.” was also disguised as a solo song with everyone participating, so the six members of the starting group “Kasugomi Chiri Kasukuzu” sang it as a way to support Ose. I was happy to support you! Support… right?

–The CD version comes with “Fumiya and Ose’s Death Game” as an extra, but was the duet song with a Showa pop-era feel recorded as part of the drama part?

This was recorded properly.

In the first season, the songs in the drama were often sung at the drama recording location, but from the second season onwards, we recorded them in the recording studio. It was also fun to be able to record a lot of songs sung by multiple people.

If you want to enter the Charisma House, you should go for “Carbohydrate Charisma” and “Ghost Story Charisma.”

–From here on, you will be challenged to answer two questions! If you were to enter a charisma house, what kind of charisma would you enter?

I like scary stories, so I want to become a “charismatic ghost story” person. I love listening to ghost stories, but someday I’d like to try my hand at telling them as well.

Someone who can see ghosts?

I guess I can hear it a little.

I am a person who is scared of ghosts! I love sweets, so if I were to enter the Charisma house, it would be “Carbohydrate Charisma.” Recently, in order to lose weight, he is a “carbohydrate charismatic” who is trying to eat rare sugar before eating rice. Fumiya also has a sweet tooth, so I think we’ll get along well.

I think the person I can get along with at Charisma House is Ose. I also like making things. I’d like you to quietly take a look at Ose’s creations, as I’m sure he won’t like it if I ask him a lot of questions.

–Please tell us what you two are currently addicted to.

Food, fat, and sugar. I love eating, but around the year before last I realized that it would be bad if I gained any more weight, so I lost 25 kg in two months. I had lost the weight I had when I was playing soccer in my school days, and my body fat percentage had reached 10%, so I thought, “Okay, now I can eat normally” and started eating a normal amount, but I gained 30kg in 10 months. I put it away. I didn’t really eat a lot, I just ate a normal amount. It’s not good for the body to repeatedly gain and lose weight, and although I eat as much as I like, I try to maintain a weight that doesn’t become unhealthy. It’s not about Fumiya’s “right and wrong,” but I’ve been addicted to the paradox of eating but not gaining weight for the past six months.

I’m addicted to cucumbers. Basically, we eat it with “Salt Massage”. One time, the cucumbers I bought and ate were really sweet. I wondered why the taste was so different even though I bought the same cucumbers from my usual store, so I started eating and comparing different types of cucumbers. Even within a single cucumber, there are sweet parts and non-sweet parts. There are also watery cucumbers and cucumbers that taste like watermelon. I eat a lot of different cucumbers, looking for the differences.

–Now that the 2nd season has reached its final episode, please tell us what you would like to challenge in the future of “Charisma” and what you would like people to pay attention to.

Fumiya-kun moved as an animation at the very end.

I’m looking forward to it!

Charisma House has been destroyed, but I think it will be demolished and rebuilt as a before and after. There was also a line that said, “We’re being targeted by bad guys,” but it’s possible that they just said it and the details haven’t been finalized… Please look forward to how the charismatic troupe will develop from here!

The 2nd season started with the song “Charismatic Picnic”. I hope someday I can go on a business trip with the charismatic members and meet ordinary people.

Photography/Yuri Inoue

Product Summary

charismatic jamboree

Release date: April 24, 2024
List price: 3,300 yen (tax excluded price: 3,000 yen)
Product number: KICA-3305

M1.Charisma Picnic / Charisma of the Seven
M2.Hell lazy, Psychology. / Minato Ose
M3.Tsuppare!Lifelong Repulsion / Kei Sarukawa
M4. Munrahorumao / Tendo Tenhiko
M5.Charisma Battle Anthem / Fumiya Ito feat. Six Charisma
M6. In dreamland / Terra
M7.MAGICAL Order☆Licapure! / Understanding Kusanagi
M8. Solitary death / Yotoshi Motohashi
M9. Everyone is charismatic / Charisma of the seven people
M10. Charisma in da House/ Seven Charismatics ★New song ①
M11.Charisma Jamboree / Charisma of the Seven★New song ②

M12.Sexy Beauty Pair Theme / Terra Tendo Amahiko
M13.Sexy Baseball Fist / Charisma of the Seven
M14. Comprehension Exercises / Kusanagi Comprehension
M15. Fumiya and Ose’s Death Game / Fumiya Ito and Minato Ose

*(Bonus) can only be heard on CD.

Work summary

This is a charismatic house.
Even today, they are charismatic and are looking into the charisma within themselves every day.
However, it can be said that they have not yet achieved “true charisma.” Therefore, this is a state of temporary residence where charismatics huddle together, cultivate their charisma every day, and aim for even greater heights. There will be people in the world who will ridicule it. However, no damage was done to these charismatic people. Rather, he uses such adversity as fuel to generate even more charisma, accumulating an impressive “charisma charge”.
What lies beyond the charge…! ?
I don’t think ordinary people understand this, but this is a story about charismatic people.

Original work: Dazed/Hide Matsubara
Music production: EVIL LINE RECORDS
Character design: Ebimo
Art direction: BALCOLONY.

Official site:https://charisma-house.com/

Official YouTube: Charisma Official Channel

Official X:@charisma__house

© Dazed CO.,LTD.

“Charisma” Yuki Ono & Sakuhin Hinata “I cried the moment “Minna ga Charisma” played in the final episode” Looking back at the final episode of the 2nd season & interview to commemorate the album release!

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