“Ani Summer” Aimer and B Komachi appear for the first time!Announcement of 2nd participating artists


“Ani Summer” Aimer and B Komachi appear for the first time!Announcement of 2nd participating artists – All in one Anime and manga new release updates, New anime release, 2024 animes, upcoming anime, trending anime, and lots more!!.

The world’s largest anime song live event “Animelo Summer Live 2024 -Stargazer-” (Anisama), which will be held for 3 days on August 30th, 31st, and September 1st, will be held at Saitama Super Arena for the 19th time this year. . The second group of performing artists has been announced, with Aimer and the popular idol unit B Komachi making their first appearance.

On the opening day, the 30th, the popular artist “Aimer” appeared at Anisama for the first time and said, “I am honored to be able to perform on the Anisama stage for the first time. Saitama Super Arena in the summer of 2024, which I will spend with you all, will become even more brilliant and unfading. I, Aimer, will do my best to sing to make you happy,” he commented with joy.

On the second day, the 31st, he will appear on “Love Live!”, which has already been announced. In addition to the 6 members of the Hasunosora Jogakuin School Idol Club from the series, there are 3 new members: Hina Sakurai (voice of Ginko Hyakusei), Fuuka Hayama (voice of Kosuzu Tachimachi), and Rin Kurusu (voice of Anyoji Himeme). The appearance of the name has been decided. Furthermore, the 6-piece air band “MASOCHISTIC ONO BAND”, which was born from the Nippon Cultural Broadcasting’s radio program “Hiroshi Kamiya and Daisuke Ono’s Dear Girl ~Stories~”, will appear for the first time at Anisama.

On the 1st, the last day, there will be a talk about the TV anime “Sound!” which has been airing since April this month. Kitauji Quartet, the unit that sings the ending theme song for “Euphonium 3”, will appear at Anisama for the third time. And from the TV anime “Oshi no Ko”, whose long-awaited second season will start from July this year, Ruby (CV. Yurie Ikoma), Kana Arima (CV. Megumi Han), MEMcho (CV. Okubo) Rumi)’s popular idol group “B Komachi” will be making their first appearance at Anisama.

“Anisama” started with “Animelo Summer Live 2005 -THE BRIDGE-” in 2005, and has become the world’s largest anime song live event that attracts over 80,000 people over three days. (*Including postponed events due to the effects of the new coronavirus)

This year’s theme, the 19th, is “Stargazer.” A stargazer is someone who gazes at the stars. The theme was inspired by Masayoshi Oishi’s MC, who served as last year’s grand contestant, who said, “Scenery that can only be seen at Anisama. A world that can only be created at Anisama.”

From the stage, the artist gazes at the starry sky of penlights created by the Anisama audience.

The audience then stares at the star, the artist, who shines brightly on stage. A unique scenery that Anisama creates together at the venue. The people who gaze at the stars themselves are each one of the stars that make up the starry sky, and the idea is to create a warm and expansive event for Anisama’s 20th anniversary next year, which is a romantic feeling.

The theme song for “Animelo Summer Live 2024 -Stargazer-” is “Stargazer”, with lyrics by Asuka Oda (Elements Garden), composition and arrangement by Junpei Fujita (Elements Garden) and Daisuke Kikuta (Elements Garden).

“Ani Summer” Aimer and B Komachi appear for the first time!Announcement of 2nd participating artists

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