An inside look at the “Funeral Freelen” exhibition!Fern & Stark’s “Let’s go out together!” corner too


An inside look at the “Funeral Freelen” exhibition!Fern & Stark’s “Let’s go out together!” corner too – All in one Anime and manga new release updates, New anime release, 2024 animes, upcoming anime, trending anime, and lots more!!.

A special exhibition themed on the anime “Funeral Freelen” titled “Anime Funeral Freelen Exhibition ~A story that begins at the end of the adventure~” will be held from April 25th to May 12th at Ikebukuro Sunshine City Exhibition Hall C. be done. Prior to this, a media preview was held today, the 24th, and the interior was unveiled.

Fern & Stark’s “Let’s go out together!” corner is available.

The special exhibition features a large-scale exhibition that recreates many famous scenes from the currently airing anime “Funeral Freeren,” impressive video productions, and photo spots with popular characters, allowing you to see the world of the work from various angles. This is a must-see for fans who can enjoy it from the beginning.

Relive many of your past trips with Freelen and his friends. Reaffirm its charm through various episodes of the anime “Funeral Freeren”, such as the farewell to the heroic group, the journey with new friends, the confrontation with the demons of fate, and the many trials that arise during the first-class wizard exam. It will be a special exhibition packed with exhibits and tricks.

The area is about the hero Himmel and his party who defeated the Demon King and returned triumphantly to the capital. While each of them looks back on the past 10 years of their adventures and thinks about their future lives, the elf Freelen is unimpressed and sets off on another quest for magic.

50 years later, Freelen returns to the capital to make a promise with everyone. After meeting her again, she decides to embark on her new journey. It begins with an area where you can look back on your journey with Himmel and his friends in a space filled with half-century (era) meteors.

In the first chapter, after Himmel’s death, Freelen goes on a journey again, saying, “I want to know more about people.” He lives with Heiter, a monk who defeated the Demon King, and this is an area where he looks back on his encounters with Fern, who later becomes Frieren’s disciple, and Stark, who is also a disciple of his former comrade warrior Eisen. There is also a photo spot with a statue of Himmel surrounded by the blue moon grass, the flower of Himmel’s hometown.

In the second chapter, Freelen’s group confronts demons who deceive and prey on people. This is an area where you can look back on the battle with Aura, a demon who is one of the “seven samurai” under the direct command of the Demon King, and is nicknamed “Aura of the Guillotine” through video production, and you can see why Freeren was called “Freeren of Funeral”. You can know.

In the third chapter, there is an area where you can look back on your encounters with unique characters such as Zain, a monk who joins the party as a member, Craft, a martial arts monk, and Old Man Fol, a dwarf warrior. In addition, Frieren and Himmel’s wonderful memories are displayed in a photo spot along with colored objects.

Chapter 4 is an area where Freelen and Fern look back on the episode of the first-class wizard exam that Freelen and Fern faced in the magical city of Oithast. Together with the unique wizards who took part in the exam, the story revolves around the second exam stage, “The Fallen Royal Tomb,” and the aim is to reach the deepest point.

In addition, there is a corner where you can watch battle scenes with impressive video productions, and a photo spot where you can take photos with Freelen’s weapons, making the exhibits worth seeing.

“Funeral Free Ren” is based on the manga of the same name that has been serialized in “Weekly Shonen Sunday” since April 2020, and is a “sequel fantasy” that depicts what happened to the group of heroes who defeated the Demon King. The story is about the magician Elf Freelen, who goes on a new adventure with his new friends in a world after the death of the hero.

The story, which unfolds in an innovative chronological order “after the defeat of the Demon King,” is woven by characters, including heart-rending drama and lines, battles with magic and swords, and humor that will make you laugh, and has won many readers. It is a popular work that won the Grand Prize at the Manga Awards 2021, and the comics have sold over 20 million copies in total, and the TV anime was broadcast from September 2023 to March 2024.

■Admission fee (tax included)
General (junior high school students and above): Same-day ticket 2000 yen
Children (elementary school students): Same-day ticket 1500 yen

An inside look at the “Funeral Freelen” exhibition!Fern & Stark’s “Let’s go out together!” corner too

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