The teaser site for the latest work in the “Trajectories” series “The Legend of Heroes: KAI no Kiseki -Farewell, O Zemuria-” has been opened!Character profiles and new battle elements revealed all at once


The teaser site for the latest work in the “Trajectories” series “The Legend of Heroes: KAI no Kiseki -Farewell, O Zemuria-” has been opened!Character profiles and new battle elements revealed all at once
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Nippon Falcom has released a teaser site for the latest work in the story RPG “Kiseki” series, “The Legend of Heroes: Kiseki no Kiseki -Farewell, O Zemuria-“. We announced the profiles of the three main characters, the setting, keywords, new elements of the battle system, etc.

◆The latest work in the “Kiseki” series, commemorating the 20th anniversary!
This work is the latest work in the story RPG “Kiseki” series, which has been praised for its detailed world setting and epic story development, and has sold over 7.5 million copies in total. It is also a commemorative work celebrating the 20th anniversary of the series.

“The story on the Zemuria continent” started with the first work “The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky” and has been passed down to “Kiseki of Zero,” “Kiseki of Ao,” “Kiseki of Cold Steel,” “Kiseki of Creation,” and “Kiseki of Rei.” However, this work undergoes a drastic change.

◆Story Prologue
“In 120X, everything will end.”

C. Epstein, the father of the leadership revolution who predicted the end of the Zemurian continent.

As “X-Day” approaches, a power rocket is about to be launched from a huge base built in the land of Kunlun.

“Can humans reach beyond the atmosphere?” “What lies at the end of the continent?” “Can humans know the truth about the “world”?”

While the whole world is paying attention to witness the greatest project since recorded history, a certain place in the Autonomous Prefecture of Oredo, which can be called the technological singularity, is visited by people from all over the world, including a young man who is a Spriggan. The forces of… were about to gather.

Will Zemuria’s path towards the distant heavens become the future of Zemuria…or…

◆Character introduction
■Van Arkride
Age: 25 years old / CV: Daisuke Ono
“Whether you run away from yourself or face yourself – in the end, it’s up to you to decide.”

A young man who makes a living as a “spriggan” who helps those who are lost between the surface society and the underworld.

Perhaps because he is a lifelong loner, he seems to have a dry and realistic personality, but he is the type to make decisions in his own way. (However, there is a risk that your favorite sweets may sway your judgment.)

He was born with a “Demon Core” as a servant of the Demon King, but after a direct confrontation with the Demon King who had separated from himself, he succeeded in sealing the “Demon Core” between worlds.

■Agnès Claudel
Age: 17 years old / CV: Miku Ito
“So Van-san… please don’t have any regrets when thinking about someone important to you.”

A second-year student at Aramis High School, a prestigious school where a strong will can be seen in a neat and cute atmosphere. After asking Van to search for her great-grandfather’s legacy, the power device “Genesis,” she started working as a part-time worker at the “Arcride Solution Office.”

Although he has achieved his original goal of collecting the eight Genesis that were scattered around the Republic, he still continues to work part-time at the agency under Van, whom he has a vague crush on.

■Bellegarde Zeeman
Age: 69 years old / CV: Akio Otsuka
“For someone like you to grow to this level… Master, this is the ultimate blessing.”

A muscular old man who once served as an itinerant priest at Nanaya Church.

As a master of the Kunlun style, one of the three greatest martial arts techniques in the East, he has many disciples all over the continent, and is an important mentor and benefactor to Van.

Although he was worried about Van’s unique background, he gave strict guidance and guided him in various aspects as a mentor in life. After the incident that occurred in the Republic was resolved, he went to the eastern part of the continent for a certain reason, but decided to rejoin Van and his friends and lend his strength.

◆Stage setting/keywords
■Startaker plan
A large-scale national project that the Calvard Republic was preparing behind the scenes under the leadership of the 23rd president, Roy Gramhart. The goal is to launch a communication satellite using a power rocket into an unexplored area of ​​“space outside the atmosphere,” and ultimately achieve manned spaceflight. The significance of the plan is said to include countermeasures against environmental problems through surface observation from extremely high altitudes, and the establishment of a new satellite-based communication network.

■Zekhu Space Force Base
A large-scale facility built in a vast basin deep in the Ishgar Mountains in the southeast of the Republic to carry out the Startaker Project. Until the plan was announced, its existence was kept strictly secret as a top national secret.

■Oredo Autonomous Region
An autonomous province located in the north-central part of the Zemuria continent, bordering the Principality of Remiferia and the Republic of Calvard. Although it is located further north than Messeldam, a city in the northern part of the Republic, the climate is warm, so it has developed its own agriculture since ancient times.

The state is known as an idyllic region where most of the area is farmland, but in recent years the influence of foreign capital has increased, with Marduk’s headquarters now located here.

■Marduk comprehensive security guarantee
Private military companies (PMCs) have shown rapid growth in recent years.

It possesses and operates combat equipment and guidance equipment using extremely advanced technology, but the origin of much of it is unknown.
◆Battle system introduction
“The Legend of Heroes: Kiseki no Kiseki” is based on the previous series “The Legend of Heroes: Rei no Kiseki” which seamlessly switches between field battles and command battles, and is equipped with new strategic elements “Awakening” and “BLTZ system”. Masu.

■Field battle new element “Awakening”
Some characters, such as Van, who has the ability to turn into Grendel, and the guardian knight, who has the stigmata, become “awakened” by consuming their boost gauge during field battles, allowing them to temporarily significantly increase their combat abilities. is.

While awake, not only does your appearance change, but your attack power and speed also increase. You can hit the enemy with continuous attacks in an overwhelmingly advantageous situation.

■New command battle element “BLTZ system”
During a command battle, if you perform a normal attack, craft (skill), or arts (magic) with the bonus element “Blitz”, “BLTZ Chain/BLTZ Support” will be activated immediately.

You can influence the battle in various ways, such as pursuing with your partner, further pursuing with “BLTZ Chain”, crafting with “BLTZ Support”, and increasing the effects of arts.

In addition, “BLTZ Support” can improve not only offensive crafts/arts, but also recovery and support abilities. Furthermore, the effect of “BLTZ Support” is also applied when using items, so even in situations where you don’t have enough gauge for crafting/arts, you can use the item effect increase of “BLTZ Support” to get out of a predicament.

“The Legend of Heroes: Kiseki no Kiseki -Farewell, O Zemuria-” is scheduled to be released in 2024. Compatible models and prices have not yet been determined.

The teaser site for the latest work in the “Trajectories” series “The Legend of Heroes: KAI no Kiseki -Farewell, O Zemuria-” has been opened!Character profiles and new battle elements revealed all at once

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