[Ragnarok Masters]“Tears of Glastheim Part 3” & hero update “Moonwolf Fenrir” implemented!


[Ragnarok Masters]“Tears of Glastheim Part 3” & hero update “Moonwolf Fenrir” implemented!
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“Tears of Glastheim Part 3” & hero update “Moonwolf Fenrir” are now available!“Tears of Glastheim Part 3” & hero update “Moonwolf Fenrir” are now available!

A magnificent scale that unravels the history of Glastheim.Update “Tears of Glastheim” Part 3Then, in the vast GlastheimNew area opened on tear mapTo do. Various quests and ferocious new EX monsters that stand in your way.The ancient illusion of Baphomet” will appear, further expanding the range of play.

Also,New hero occupation “Fenrir”will appear. “Fenrir” is a powerful physical attacker who specializes in long-range attacks using a bow. Please experience a new adventure stage and a new occupation.

New hero occupation “Fenrir” is now available!New hero occupation “Fenrir” is now available!

New EX Monster “Illusion of Ancient Baphomet”New EX Monster “Illusion of Ancient Baphomet”



・New hero occupation “Fenrir”

・New chapter added to Tears of Glastheim main quest

・New area and new quest added to Glastheim Tears map

・EX monster “Illusion of Ancient Baphomet” appears, etc.

In addition, we have implemented various updates. Please see the special website for details.

[Implementation date]After maintenance on Wednesday, April 24, 2024 ~

  • Event “Sunrise Festa ~Invitation from Eclage~” will be held!

“Sunrise Festa ~Invitation from Eclage~” is held!“Sunrise Festa ~Invitation from Eclage~” is held!

Collect Collect “Eternal Flower Petals” and exchange them for various items!

Sunrise Festa ~Invitation from Eclage~“It will be held. Collected at various eventseternal flower petals“teeth,”Relic Peace Stone“”sunrise backpack“”festival gacha ticket” can be exchanged.

Furthermore, in response to a monster subjugation request from “Helmut” of the Levenburg family, who was also selected as a tourism ambassador, “glittery paper pieces“”Random picture book/MINI card“”ancient relic shard“or,New head equipment “Fairy Girl”etc. are available.


In addition, we will hold various events such as a 7-day login bonus where you can get rewards every day just by logging in. Please enjoy this event filled with spring-like rewards.

[“Sunrise Festa ~Invitation from Eclage~” event period]

After maintenance on Wednesday, April 24, 2024 – Wednesday, May 29, 2024, 4:59

*Please check the official website for the holding period and details of each event.

▼Check out the event calendar too! ▼

Event calendarEvent calendar

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Android 5.0 or later: Required RAM: 2.0GB or more
*Some models may not work even if the above conditions are met.
Official site: https://ragnarokm.gungho.jp/
Features: A parallel world with a new interpretation of the world of Ragnarok Online.
A huge amount of unique and highly evolved content is waiting for you.
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[Ragnarok Masters]“Tears of Glastheim Part 3” & hero update “Moonwolf Fenrir” implemented!

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[Ragnarok Masters]“Tears of Glastheim Part 3” & hero update “Moonwolf Fenrir” implemented!
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