Nintendo Switch version of “Paper Mario RPG” will be released on May 23rd, eligible for catalog ticket exchange


Nintendo Switch version of “Paper Mario RPG” will be released on May 23rd, eligible for catalog ticket exchange
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Nintendo will release the Nintendo Switch version of “Paper Mario RPG” has been released.
This is a remake of a title released in 2004.

“Paper Mario RPG” released

Mario is fluent this time! ?
The Nintendo Switch version of “Paper Mario RPG” is an adventure in a world made entirely of paper.Thursday, May 23, 2024It was released on.

You can go through narrow passages or fly far away as a paper airplane.
Pave the way with actions unique to Mario, who has become paper.

This work is a remake of Paper Mario RPG released on the Nintendo GameCube in 2004.
Many new elements have been added, such as a “Gallery” where you can view concept art and music as you progress through the game.

Title Overview Name Paper Mario RPG Release Date Thursday, May 23, 2024 Suggested Retail Price Package version: 6,578 yen (tax included)
Download version: 6,500 yen (tax included) CEROB

“Yoiko's Paper Mario Perapera Life” is now available

A video of the comedy duo Yoiko playing “Paper Mario RPG” is also available.
You can check out the beginning of the story and RPG battles unique to this work.

New icon parts added to “Mission & Gift”

Nintendo Switch version of

icon parts

The unique characters from “Paper Mario RPG” are now available as Platinum Points Gifts that can be exchanged by subscribers to the paid online service “Nintendo Switch Online”!
From May 23, 2024 (Thursday) to June 20, 2024 (Thursday) 9:00 a.m.It will be distributed on a weekly basis.

  • 1st wave: May 23rd (Thu) – May 30th (Thu) 2024: Mario, Christine
  • Part 2 May 30, 2024 (Thursday) to June 6, 2024 (Thursday): Crowder, Nokotarou
  • 3rd installment: June 6th (Thu) – June 13th (Thu), 2024: Bowser, Baby Yoshi
  • 4th installment May 13th (Thu) – June 20th (Thu) 2024: Tuturina, Mario

A campaign is being held where you can purchase Mario titles and goods at a set price.

Nintendo Switch version of

Mario titles and merchandise available at set price

Many Mario-related titles have been released in recent months, including Super Mario Bros. Wonder in October 2023, Mario vs. Donkey Kong in February 2024, Princess Peach Showtime! in March 2024, and Paper Mario RPG in May 2024.
To commemorate the release of “Paper Mario RPG,” My Nintendo Store is currently running a campaign!

If you purchase one or more of the four target titles and one or more of the more than 200 target goods at the same time, you will receive30% OffIt will be!
The same set price applies to any number of goods per title, so this is your chance to go on a shopping spree!

Advantageous simultaneous purchase campaignFrom 0:00 AM on Thursday, May 23, 2024 to 11:59 PM on Sunday, June 9, 2024For a limited time only.
Discount coupons for merchandise are also being distributed to those who pre-order “Paper Mario RPG” alone, so be sure to check it out.

© Nintendo. Program © Nintendo / INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS.
© 2004 Nintendo. Game Developed by INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS.

Nintendo Switch version of “Paper Mario RPG” will be released on May 23rd, eligible for catalog ticket exchange

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