“Nagasaki Kakuni Manju” has a “nice” collaboration with “Splatoon 3” The flyer is also original


“Nagasaki Kakuni Manju” has a “nice” collaboration with “Splatoon 3” The flyer is also original – All in one Anime games and new release updates, New anime game release, 2024 anime games, upcoming anime games, trending anime games, and lots more!!.

Starting from the 1st of last month, Iwasaki Honpo collaborated with the popular game “Splatoon 3” and is selling a limited quantity of “Box of 3 Kakuni Manju” at its online shop until the 12th of this month.

“Nagasaki Kakuni Manju” is a full-course dish of Nagasaki’s unique banquet cuisine “Shippoku Ryori,” which is made with “Tonporo meat” that is “easier and more delicious.” It was created by sandwiching slowly braised pork belly into a fluffy dough.

For the pork belly, we use Chilean Andean highland pork, which we traveled around the world and spent several years finding. They use the company’s proprietary soy sauce and flour, make it by hand as much as possible, and do not use umami seasonings, pursuing a unique taste, and won the Nagasaki Hand Souvenir Award in January 2019.

Currently, the hands-on event “Come on! Kyushu”, a collaboration between “Splatoon 3″ and JR Kyushu, is being held until the 12th (Sunday). The company also sells original products to support the event from Nagasaki. The original package contains the standard “Nagasaki Kakuni Manju” as well as two types of colorful Kakuni Manju inspired by the world of Splatoon. All are engraved with the Squid branding iron, which is the main character of Splatoon.

In addition, the flyer with instructions on how to warm it up is also original. It can also be enjoyed as a one-handed food that can be easily eaten while playing the game.

■“Box of 3 Kakuni Manju” (1980 yen including tax)
・1 Nagasaki Kakuni Manju
・1 curry-flavored braised manju
・1 braised manju (red)
*Includes limited warming instructions flyer

“Nagasaki Kakuni Manju” has a “nice” collaboration with “Splatoon 3” The flyer is also original

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