“Mystery, Maiden and Spirited Away” takeout collaboration cafe will be held from May 31st (Friday) to June 16th (Sunday), 2024! ![Tablier Marketing Co., Ltd.]


“Mystery, Maiden and Spirited Away” takeout collaboration cafe will be held from May 31st (Friday) to June 16th (Sunday), 2024! ![Tablier Marketing Co., Ltd.]
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Tablier Marketing Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Matsunaga) is involved in the operation of the character lifestyle store “G Store”, which has 5 stores nationwide (Akihabara, Osaka, Nagoya, Kokura, Sendai). Yoshiyuki) will be holding a take-out collaboration cafe for “Mysteries, Maidens, and Spirited Away'' at “CURE MAID CAFÉ'' in the company's G-store Akiba store.

“The Mystery, the Maiden, and the Spirited Away” takeout collaboration cafe will be held!

A take-out collaboration cafe for the TV anime “Kaii to Otome to Spirited Away” will be held at Akihabara Cure Maid Cafe from Friday, May 31st to Sunday, June 16th, 2024.

In addition to the eight drinks inspired by Sumireko and Oto, there will be a total of nine special drinks inspired by the special parfaits at the maid cafes that appeared in the series. To order the special drinks, you must post on social media or compose a song.

In addition, by ordering from the collaboration menu, you will receive a limited bonus[collaboration limited card (total of 9 types)].

Additionally, the eat-in space on the same floor, “Entas Cure Terrace,” also has a space where you can view stills from the film.

You can enjoy the currently airing TV anime “Kaii to Otome to Spirited Away” even more through the collaboration cafe.


“Mystery, Maiden and Spirited Away” take-out collaboration cafe

◆Event period

May 31st (Friday) – June 16th (Sunday), 2024

◆Holding store


〒101-0021 Tokyo Chiyoda-ku Sotokanda 1-2-7 Onoden 4F G-Store Akihabara

Phone number: 03-3258-3161

Business hours: 11:00-20:00 / Last orders: FOOD 19:00, DRINK 19:30

◆Cure Maid Cafe collaboration limited benefits

Collaboration limited cards (9 types)

Receive one gift for every collaboration menu item ordered!

You can complete the benefits by ordering all 9 collaboration menu items (drink tickets are also accepted) in one transaction!

*Size: 91mm x 55mm

*You cannot choose the type.

*Please note that the offer will end as soon as it runs out.

◆Collaboration menu

Take-out 756 yen (tax included) / Eat-in space 770 yen (tax included)

[Ogawa Sumireko]Sumireko's violet-flavored lactic acid bacteria drink

Violet syrup + lactic acid bacteria drink + blueberry + whipped cream + chocolate

A violet-colored adult drink inspired by Sumireko. The blueberries represent moles and the chocolate represents books. A refreshing drink with the scent of violet flowers.

[Ren Adashino]Coffee given to me by Adashino-kun

Coffee + maple nut cookie ice cream + chocolate + white straw + sign

I drizzled some chocolate on top of a maple nut cookie to make it look like Adashino's eyes, and floated it on top of black coffee. You can drink it refreshingly even on a hot day.

[Adano Otsu]The tapioca drink Otsu wants to drink after school

Tapioca + cranberry juice + whipped cream + peanut chocolate + white straw + sign

A bright red juice with tapioca that Otsu often drinks. The whipped cream and peanut chocolate represent Otsu, who loves sweets and enjoys having sweets parties with her friends. It's sweet and sour, and it's a cute cup.

[Azeme Manami]Tea with Mr. Azeme's grandmother and rosary

Hojicha (hot) + whipped cream + sweetened amanatto + bean snacks *Hot drink

A drink inspired by the bond between Professor Azeme and his grandmother. Made with roasted green tea and whipped cream, it has a gentle taste just like Professor Azeme. His precious rosary is represented by sweetened azuki beans. It is also garnished with “peanuts solidified with starch syrup.”

[Shizuku]A memorable drink with Tomoko from Shizuku

Apple jelly (purple) + pineapple jelly (blue) + strawberry jelly (red) + cider + umbrella chocolate *The umbrella chocolate flavor is random, either strawberry chocolate or milk chocolate. The color of the umbrella pattern is also random.

The drink contains purple, blue, and red jelly, which is the same color as Shizuku's hair. It is topped with clear cider and features a chocolate umbrella to represent the rain from the episode with Tomoko.

[Tenchi Nodoka]Nodoka's Idol Twin Tee Ringo Juice

apple juice + lemon + cherry

The apple juice is the same color as Nodoka's hair, and is decorated with lemons to resemble her twin tails. The cherry on top represents the music of her aspiring idol.

A straight drink that is typical of a girl who works hard at studying and being an idol.

[Time-Space Old Man]An old man's otherworldly navy blue drink with cigarette smoke

Lemon jelly (black) + blue lychee syrup + soda + cotton paste

The otherworldly deep blue gradient drink is topped with smoky cotton candy. Please note that the cotton candy will disappear if it comes into contact with the otherworldly colored drink. This may also represent another world…

[Princess Fish Yorumun]Yorumun's small fish cheering drink

Peach jelly + peach syrup + melon soda + whipped cream + mango

A pink and green drink inspired by Yorumun. The whipped cream is topped with mango to represent her hair accessory. The carbonated bubbles pop just like her mermaid self. The peach and melon soda go perfectly together in this drink.

★Special drink

Shizuku's homemade maid cafe special parfait drink that Otsu also loves

Strawberry sauce + milk + whip + strawberry + strawberry ice cream + mint + chocolate candy

A cute strawberry-filled drink inspired by the special parfaits served at the maid cafe where Shizuku works.

Please come and try it at Cure Maid Cafe.

★Special drink order conditions★

Challenge either condition A or B!

A: Tweet with tag

Only those who post their impressions of the work and collaboration cafe on SNS (X, Instagram, Facebook) with the hashtags “#totokami” and “#Cure Maid Cafe” can place an order.

B: Please recite or read aloud “Tsukuyomi no wo chimizu.''

Amenaruya Tsukihi no Gotoku

Agaomoheru, you're in love with me

◆For those who can't finish the drink, we also have this available◆

“Kaii to Otome to Spirited Away” Takeout Collaboration Cafe Drink Ticket In-store/Terrace 770 yen (tax included) / Takeout 756 yen (tax included)

*Choose from “In-store/Terrace use'' or “Take-out use.'' Please note that exchanges are not possible after purchase.

・During the collaboration period, one ticket can be exchanged for one collaboration drink.

・Collaboration benefits will be given to you when you purchase a drink ticket.

・This ticket can only be used at “Cure Maid Cafe”.

*Refunds, cash exchanges, and change cannot be given.

*Tickets without the issuing stamp on the back or tickets whose exchange period has passed are invalid.

*If a ticket system is implemented due to crowding, you will not be able to exchange your drink ticket for a drink without a ticket. Thank you for your understanding.

*Please note that it will be crowded in the second half of the exhibition period, so please arrive early.

◆Collaboration cafe CM

◆Entaskure Terrace

Scene photos and more will be on display at Entas Cure Terrace, the eat-in space on the 4th floor of Onoden!

You can view the exhibition while enjoying the drink menu!

*The tax rate varies, so please let us know when using Entas Cure Terrace.

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*Collaboration limited benefits will end as soon as they are all gone.

*The menu images are for illustrative purposes only and may differ from the actual products.

*The menu is limited in quantity each day. It will end as soon as it is sold out.

*The contents and schedule of the collaboration cafe are subject to change due to various circumstances.

*Depending on the congestion situation on the day of the event, you may have to wait. Also, please note that we may refuse entry depending on the time of your visit.

*Please note that we may take measures such as distributing numbered tickets depending on the waiting situation.

■Right notation

©Nujima, Shogakukan / “Mystery, Maiden and Spirited Away” Production Committee


Founded in 2001 as “Japan's first maid cafe,” the cafe has a relaxing atmosphere for many customers, including office workers in the area. In 2020, the cafe moved to the Onoden Building, a 3-minute walk from Akihabara Station, and is now used by tourists from Japan and abroad.

The drink menu includes CURE MAID CAFÉ's own blend of black tea and herbal tea. The cafe is particularly particular about the tea leaves and brewing method, and has been certified as a “delicious black tea store” by the Japan Black Tea Association. The food menu includes champion cutlet curry and omelet rice, which are made with curry roux, a specialty of Ishikawa Prefecture, and have been popular since the cafe's founding.

CURE MAID CAFÉ is also known as a “model location” that has appeared in various anime and game works, and fans often visit as part of their sacred pilgrimage.

Since our founding, we have held many collaboration cafes with anime and game works. The latest collaboration cafe information is available on the Cure Maid Cafe official website (

CURE MAID CAFÉOfficial social media





“Mystery, Maiden and Spirited Away” takeout collaboration cafe will be held from May 31st (Friday) to June 16th (Sunday), 2024! ![Tablier Marketing Co., Ltd.]

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“Mystery, Maiden and Spirited Away” takeout collaboration cafe will be held from May 31st (Friday) to June 16th (Sunday), 2024! ![Tablier Marketing Co., Ltd.]
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