McDonald’s Portugal airs the 4th episode of its anime


McDonald’s Portugal airs the 4th episode of its anime
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Nicknamed “The Wisdom of the Sauce“, The McDonald’s Portugal posted on its YouTube channel the 4th episode and last episode of the anime that promotes the new McDonald’s McMenu with Sweet Chili Sauce.

This new episode is dedicated to the anime subgenre: fantasy, and is the last in the WcDonald’s universe.

In the episode description we can read:

During the last week of WcDonald’s Sauce, three friends meet to savor this occasion one last time, hoping that the flavor would never have to disappear. And that wish may be granted when they are transported to a distant, magical land, where they are challenged to seek the wisdom of the wise Kenja and keep WcDonald’s sauce. Will these friends succeed in their mission? A true journey through the meaning of life, friendship and of course, the flavor that unites them: WcDonald’s Sweet Chili Sauce.

What was the first anime and manga series created by McDonaldswith the aim of distinguishing the universe WcDonald’s in Portugal. Covering 4 of the anime subgenres: action, romance, mecha and fantasy, the WcDonald’s series produced exclusively for the campaign, strengthened the relationship with the brand’s consumers who are fans of Japanese animation.

In addition to a series of four anime and manga episodes, created and produced exclusively for the campaign, the initiative also includes a WcDonald’s McMenu, with a new “WcDonald’s Sweet Chili” Sauce and a packaging theme, available in the brand’s 200 restaurants.

  • Animation Production: Studio Pierrot
  • General Manager, Direction and Storyboard: Ryota Kawahara
  • Production: Yosuke Tamura
  • Character design: Hiroyuki Saita
  • Art Direction: Masakazu Miyake
  • Color planning: composition by Anna Okamatsu​
  • Directed by: Masashi Uoyama
  • Editors: Takahiro Adachi and Masatoshi Nakano
  • Sound direction: Fumihiko Otera
  • Music Production: maxilla ​
  • Music producer: Seiya Suzuki
  • Production cooperation: BAKKKA Line ​
  • Production: Yuhei Okazaki
  • Production managers: Koki Akanuma and Shumpei Sawa
  • Production cooperation & Casting: Cutlery ​
  • Musical Composer: Akio Izutsu

McDonald’s Portugal airs the 4th episode of its anime

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McDonald’s Portugal airs the 4th episode of its anime

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