I want to emphasize how amazing Arlecchino is in Genshin!What is the “father”’s parenting theory that is wavering even though he is an overwhelmingly powerful person?


I want to emphasize how amazing Arlecchino is in Genshin!What is the “father”’s parenting theory that is wavering even though he is an overwhelmingly powerful person?
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*This article contains spoilers for the demon mission, the legendary mission “Chapter of Purification Flames”, and some profile voices.

On April 24, 2024, Arlecchino, the fourth Faduy Enforcer, “Servant”, was implemented in HoYoverse’s open world RPG “Genshin”.

She is a high-ranking person in the organization “Fadeui” that appears in the story.

She is known as the “father” who runs an orphanage called “House of Hearth” in Fontaine, the land of water gods.

The first time it was shown publicly was in a scene from the[‘Teiwat’ main story intermission PV – ‘Winter Night’s Play’]which was released on ‘Genshin’ official YouTube on July 11, 2022. It appears that all the executive officers were summoned to the organization’s headquarters on the occasion of the death of the same executive officer, “Lady,” and that all the executive officers were to intercede together.

I remember that travelers all over the world were excited to see the executioners there for the first time. I, too, was excited by this image, which reminded me of a scene in a boy’s manga where enemy organizations gather.

The cast members who play each enforcement officer were also revealed at the same time, and it became a hot topic in that direction as well.

There was a lot of talk about how “Puppet” and “Girl” are cute, how “Fujisha” looks like Byakusou, and how it’s certain that if “Rooster” becomes playable, it will become Arale-chan’s character. Out of all of these, “Servant” was the only cool villain that we had high hopes for making playable.

Nanako Mori, who plays her, was captivating with her performance despite her black-and-white hair, distinctive eyes, and somewhat androgynous features, and she gained popularity as an extremely handsome female executive. The number of travelers who saw her and started saving up rough stones is immeasurable. Of course, I am one of them.


“When will it be implemented?” “Won’t I die as an enemy again?”

In this way, while struggling with the conflict between the great anxiety of not knowing if it would be made playable and the slight hope that it might be implemented, I decided to give up on the wishes of many attractive playable characters. The reality is that we have been waiting for almost two years. It was very painful.

Regardless of whether it’s a playable character or a character that’s likely to become popular, miHoYo’s script is to kill when it’s time to kill. So far, I have succeeded in escaping from the devil’s clutches, but I still can’t shake my anxiety. However, I think that the “servant” himself is probably going on great adventures to his heart’s content with travelers all over the world, ignoring the worries of his fans.

So, in this article, to commemorate the implementation of Arlecchino, I would like to take a closer look at what makes her such an attractive character.

Of course, there is some information that has not been disclosed at the time of writing, and the author’s bias may well be included. I’m sure each user will have different interpretations of this, so please bear with me.

Also, since spoilers cannot be avoided when talking about Arlecchino, the content is based on the assumption that the story has been completed after completing the Demon God Mission Chapter 4 and the Legendary Mission “Purification Flame Chapter.”

◆ A “father” who respects the will of his deceased best friend and makes his children independent.
As I mentioned briefly at the beginning, Arlecchino runs an orphanage called the Wall Furnace House, which accepts orphans from all over the world. Inside the orphanage, the orphaned children call him “Father” with both awe and respect.

Arlecchino himself was once one of the orphans who was taken in by the wall furnace house, but it was revealed in the short animation that he became the current executive officer after killing his previous “servant”.

If it is an orphanage run by Enforcer Fadeui, it is naturally thought that it is a facility related to the organization’s plans. The previous “servant” organized a killing spree among the orphans he had collected, and planned to find a “king” within the orphanage. It seems that the child who survived the injury during this process met a tragic end when he was given as an experiment material by the executioner “Dr.”

It turns out that how the orphans were treated and raised depended on the ideology of the authorities in charge of the orphanage. Perhaps his predecessor was only loyal to Faduy, and considered the children he took in to be nothing more than expendable supplies to accomplish his plans.

However, with Arlecchino taking over as the “servant”, the house of the wall hearth changed dramatically.

Orphans who had been able to survive in the past will no longer die due to the selfish desires of those in power. Even so, the strict rules that have long been ingrained in wall-burning homes remain like a curse. Acts that violate the organization’s policies are still not tolerated.

It is up to Arlecchino, the current “servant”, to decide what kind of punishment he will receive, but in the story, he is trying to escape from the wall furnace house with Line, Lynette, and Fremine who tried to deceive him. Officially, they were trying to punish the children who had orchestrated the scheme with murderous intent.

However, what is particularly noteworthy about this legendary mission is that Arlecchino himself, who is supposed to be so adamant about the rules, is attempting to do something that could violate the rules of the Wall Furnace House.

Regarding the problem that Rine and the others are hiding things from her, which is tantamount to betrayal to the Wall Furnace family, on the surface she says that she will punish them with force, but she does not want to restrain the main characters who are outsiders. They used it to their advantage and encouraged the children to help.

Even if he wanted to turn a blind eye to the misdeeds of his beloved child, his position made it difficult for him to do so, so he created a perfect excuse. At first glance, he seems like a clumsy father.

However, her sociability and the way she gets around in the play is very flexible, so it would not be possible to describe her as a clumsy character. Even if the main character was not involved in Rine’s case, there is a very high possibility that she was preparing an escape route for the children as things turned out. In the first place, her punishment was not to directly take the lives of the children.

In the legendary mission, it is revealed that after Arlecchino became the “father” of the Wall Furnace House, he was conducting research to “delete memories.” Since Arlecchino’s time, children who have broken the rules of the Wall Furnace House have their memories erased under the pretext of “execution,” which reminds them of death, and are reborn as strangers.

Once upon a time, when Arlecchino was young, there was a girl by his side who could be called his “best friend.” The girl was the biological daughter of her previous “servant,” also known as “mother,” but in the process of killing her, Arlecchino seizes her friend. Moreover, the “mother” in question saw even her daughter as nothing more than a convenient pawn.

Arlecchino is said to have felt frustrated when he survived the murders of his friends and took the title of “King” of the Wall Furnace House. Although it is not clearly stated in the story, given that he naturally called the girl his “best friend” and recalled his memories, he was forced into an unreasonable situation where he had no choice but to kill her best friend. It can also be interpreted as frustration at the inconvenience.

Eventually, perhaps driven by an urge for revenge, it is said that in a desperate struggle with “Mother”, who was supposedly far superior in ability at the time, she defeated him and gained the Eye of God. She says that she assassinated her “mother” to quell her frustrations, but based on the animation, I don’t think she was that level-headed.

What my best friend who died wanted was “freedom”. She witnessed the devastation in which children raised in the same orphanage were forced to kill each other due to her mother’s selfish desires, and even faced a terrible end where she was forced to give up her own life, but she was determined to be free. This desire was reflected in Arlecchino’s thought.

Those who break the rules of the wall-furnace house have some kind of dissatisfaction due to the constraints and difficulty of life. It is synonymous with wanting “freedom” just like your former best friend. That’s why Arlecchino decides to punish the children by erasing their memories and expelling them from the organization, giving them complete freedom. Even now, long after losing his best friend, he says he still doesn’t understand the freedom he once heard from his best friend.

At the end of the legendary mission, there is a scene where she talks to the remnants of her friend, who was born from her own curse-like power, about the thoughts she had kept hidden in her heart. What was being talked about was the idea that the children would be promised freedom after they had proven their will to seek freedom.

As a result, it seems that Arlecchino’s interpretation of freedom was an ideal form that his close friend could fully accept. The punishment for the children, whom I have taught them food, clothing, shelter, and how to survive, forces me as a father to prove my strength and gain valuable freedom…in other words, to transform children into independent adults. You can get a glimpse of “father”’s parenting theory.

When Arlecchino becomes a new “servant,” he begins to call himself “Father” instead of “Mother.” Instead of inheriting even a fragment of the selfish thoughts of their hated “mother,” they explore the thoughts of their closest friends and apply them to the children who have broken the rules of the wall-burning house. That’s probably why the presence of her best friend, who she had been with since childhood, was so important.

At the moment, Arlecchino talks about his past from a bird’s-eye view, and he is portrayed in a way that makes it hard to tell whether what he feels is true or not. However, when I see him face to face with his best friend from the past, who is nothing more than a remnant, I think he may be as emotionally fragile as anyone else. Also, I feel like I’m quite an idiot.

Arlecchino shows no mercy towards those who oppose him, and out of all the characters that have appeared so far, he is an inveterate killer who is often depicted as causing someone to die. Among the characters in the story, he has a very serious atmosphere.

What’s more, from in-game episodes to currently released PVs, short animations, and even web events, the Grim Reaper appears to have a sickle as his weapon. Since there are so many scenes where he is disposing of people who seem to have rotten roots, it may be that he doesn’t ask the children to do the direct “assassination” work, and unexpectedly does it himself… .?

◆ What is your personality that seeks rationality and why do you want to create a “true home”?
She doesn’t have a lot of emotional ups and downs, so she usually shows calmness through conversation. She also has a dark side that ruthlessly eliminates those who get in her way at work, so she probably clearly distinguishes between her two sides: the front and the back. Her children either witness this on a regular basis or perhaps sense it in their conversations with her.

The atmosphere of “someone who will understand if you talk to them” seems to contain the fear that “if you say the wrong thing, you will be killed”, which gives off a strong sense of absolute power and presence. . Therefore, although they are trusted by children, they are also feared. However, she was aware of her bias against her and took her “prejudice as an advantage” factor, even if it was an external reputation.

If we were to compare this situation to a father with a family, it would be equivalent to him being labeled as an “unapproachable father” by his neighbors and even his own family. Normally, one would think that for the sake of one’s reputation, one would at least try to resolve the current situation of discord within the family, but Arlecchino seems to be thinking, “That’s fine,” and is taking a positive turn. . The reason for this sloppy stance can be seen from the profile voice that is released when you increase her likability.

First, she chooses Line to be the next “king” of the Wall Furnace House, but Arlecchino and Line are not similar in personality. As players who have already completed the Genie Mission and Rine’s Legendary Mission will realize, Rine was a very sociable boy who cared for his brothers and was kind-hearted. The reason why Arlecchino is trying to make him the next head of the family is probably because he believes that it is unlikely that he will be able to create a “true “home” on his own.

She has the personality of a negotiator who always proposes rational options to the other party and advances things from a transactional and negotiation perspective. She therefore also has her side as a diplomat, and has successfully negotiated with Nuvillette, the Supreme Judiciary. Furthermore, as the “father” of her orphanage, she is also in a position to serve as a role model for the children. How can she accomplish anything in teaching children how to live? That’s what she teaches.

That’s why it’s highly likely that they are more aware of their own weaknesses than others, or even more so. She is also a big name and her name is known, so there are many situations where you can determine what kind of person she is at the negotiation table. Therefore, if she shows her weaknesses, the other person may take advantage of her. From this perspective, the other person’s prejudices may be a cover for oneself. She is a rational and thoroughly rational person.

Also, the keyword “true home” that I mentioned earlier was also a question that my late best friend asked me. In the voice on his profile, when asked about his real “home,” he says, “I couldn’t answer.” The reason for this was that the house was just a group of orphans with no family, and at the very least, the house with the wall hearth, which was managed by a selfish “mother,” was considered unreasonable.

However, unlike Arlecchino, Liné, who she considers to be a candidate for the position of “King”, has a younger sister, Linette, and Fremine, whom she treats like a real brother, although they are not related by blood. In this legendary mission, it was depicted that he got along well with the other children, and the relationships between the children were as good as brothers, with the exception of a few. The appearance is exactly that of a “family”.

In the past, Arlecchino didn’t have the kind of family-like relationships that Rine does today. If I had to say, my best friend was probably the only one who was close to my family, as far as being described. Comparing his old self to Rine, he realizes that he may be able to create a “true home” because he has the “family-like bonds” and “compassion for family” that he lacks. You may be thinking something like…

Currently, Arlecchino is both the “father” and the “king” in the wall hearth house. In the legendary mission conversation, Arlecchino directly explained the reason for choosing Rine as the next “king”. The most important reason is that “Line values ​​her family.”

Considering Arlecchino’s backbone and imagining the “true “home” she aspires to, she finds that it is a world where all the children, including the “father,” the head of the family, have a harmonious family relationship. I can’t help but feel like you’re referring to the ideal family image.

Since Arlecchino was originally an orphan, it seems that he continues to grope his way through the question of what a family really is. It has not yet been revealed how she became an orphan, but at least throughout her childhood and adolescence, she was surrounded by her family, who she had seen up close, and her closest friends. It must have been a relationship between her and her “mother.” Was this the correct form of family?

Arlecchino’s words from her best friend, who never understood what “true home” was even with her mother by her side, still pierce deeply in Arlecchino’s heart. And because I was the person who witnessed the extremely irrational reality of “home” at the time, I want to create a “true “home” that my best friend before his death could not understand and provide an answer… If you interpret it this way, “father” has a rather romantic side.

In fact, when he says goodbye to the remnants of his best friend, he says, “I’ll see you in the next life,” so I don’t think he’s completely out of line. The friend-loving side that he shows here and there seems to be a reflection of his ruthless, perfect superhuman father, which is very interesting.

◆ “Father” is also a highlight
There are still many charms of Arlecchino that I need to introduce to you. Here, I would like to list one point at a time that I noticed while playing the game.

After all, I was able to join the traveler’s adventures in the game, but if I felt like it, I could end up crossing paths with the traveler again due to the story’s circumstances, and the atmosphere was still brutal. As a supporter of Arlecchino, I feel that we need to highlight the wonderful points of “Father” and emphasize his friendliness even more.

■Trademark “x” on original dishes
If you let him make his specialty dish, “Tartar Tower,” he will occasionally show off his own original dish, “Old Fire Tales.” She doesn’t seem to like dishes with complex flavors because they dull her sense of smell and taste. Therefore, this dish is also described as “no extra seasoning.”

The voice on the profile talks about bringing out the natural flavors of the ingredients, but since this dish uses raw meat as is, it certainly seems like you can enjoy the flavors directly from the ingredients. The seasoning sauce is sprinkled on him in an “X” shape that resembles his own eyes, and he seems to really like it.

■Not familiar with popular words
She is extremely talented as a diplomat, and shows great research skills, such as researching Frina and Nuvillette’s food preferences in advance, and noticing the activities of Rine and the others early on. However, she seems to be unfamiliar with so-called buzzwords, such as words that are currently popular among children.

Her analysis is that they probably want to create a space where they can feel safe, but popular words spread like contagion. I’m a little skeptical that the children are using popular words as she sees them.

Possibly, either a specific group of children in the orphanage are playing around using their own language as a form of family fun, or Arlecchino is simply misunderstanding the situation. As a writer, I would like to recommend the latter theory as it feels more humane.

■Maybe you’re not good at jokes?
This is a scene from a conversation with Tartariya where she talks about the hardships that come with having a large family. Tartalya has her own siblings, Teucer and Tonya, and the idea was to use them as examples and imagine the hardships they would face if they entered a period of rebelliousness. Arlecchino probably used the analogy in a humorous way.

However, the metaphors are not very realistic, such as “getting addicted to pulling out the rooster’s beard” and “dying your hair 42 colors”, and the jokes seem lame. , I wonder if my colleague Tartariya is too pure-hearted, and he seemed to take even such jokes seriously.

■Can it be a goal for travelers?
The traveler fights against Arlecchino for the first time on this legendary mission, but due to the story’s development, he was unable to win. It seems that the title of the fourth-ranking executive officer of Fadeui is not just for fun. Moreover, according to Line’s monologue that continues a while after this scene, it is revealed that Arlecchino was not at his best.

Actually, there are scenes in the main story where the traveler suffers defeat here and there, but it is rare to find a scene where the traveler is made to realize defeat so decisively. This position is like a strong character in a boy’s manga who shows off his overwhelming power and encourages the growth of the main character. Perhaps he is conscious of this, or when he tells the traveler, “You can’t beat me yet,” he probably feels that he can someday surpass him.

I’ve been talking about Arlecchino for a long time, and I hope to see some “fathers” who are guardians participating in events with their children soon. Also, I was very happy that they were able to portray her in such an attractive way, despite her being shrouded in a veil of secrets until now. Let’s hope that “Father” will play an active role in the stories that will be implemented in the future.

By the way, did you make “father” a friend? The author was completely satisfied.

I want to emphasize how amazing Arlecchino is in Genshin!What is the “father”’s parenting theory that is wavering even though he is an overwhelmingly powerful person?

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