“Given” and “What did you eat yesterday?” have been made into dramas. ” is ranked! “We asked 100 people! Favorite BL manga ranking BEST 10” announced


“Given” and “What did you eat yesterday?” have been made into dramas. ” is ranked! “We asked 100 people! Favorite BL manga ranking BEST 10” announced – All in one Anime and manga new release updates, New anime release, 2024 animes, upcoming anime, trending anime, and lots more!!.

WonderSpace, which operates the entertainment information web magazine “TV Maga,” conducted a web survey regarding manga. “We asked 100 people! Ranking of the top 10 favorite BL manga” has been released.

“Given” and “What did you eat yesterday?” have been made into dramas. ‘ is ranked…Click here for the image >>

A BL (Boys Love) manga depicting love between men. It is gaining popularity not only in Japan but also overseas, and has been made into an anime and a live-action drama one after another. Which of the BL (Boys’ Love) manga, which has now become established as a genre of manga, left an impression on you?

This time, we will present the results of a survey of 100 people about their “favorite BL manga” in a ranking format along with the reasons for their selection.

Survey period: March 5, 2024 to March 25, 2024

Research institution: In-house research

Survey target: Men and women aged 18 and over (including those who do not answer their gender)

Number of valid responses: 100 people

Research method: Website

4th place: Wait a moment, Harutora-kun

4th place goes to Amekiri’s “Let’s wait a moment, Harutora-kun.” The main character is Sui, a high school student who has been playing the role of being teased in the student dormitory while hiding his expressions behind a mask ever since it became known to those around him that he is gay. This is a love story about her falling in love with Harutora, a new student who is now in her second year in the dormitory.

Reason for choosing

“The story of Aoharu, where Sui, who is full of characters who are being teased after finding out that she is gay, becomes roommates with a junior named Harutora and is toyed with by the straightforward Harutora, is fascinating.Both of them are so cute that their facial expressions change. It’s heart-pounding every time. I recommend it to people who like younger boyfriends, even if it’s not the BL genre, because it’s a full-on Aoharu story.” (Akkina)

“Even when I read BL manga, it didn’t really appeal to me, so I thought I wasn’t one for BL manga.But when I saw the cover of this manga and saw a cute boy on it, I read it without any expectations. I decided to watch it. It was exciting to see Sui and Harutora-kun so close, and Sui’s facial expressions were irresistibly cute. It was the first time I found BL to be interesting.

I would like to see more involvement.” (Acom)

4th place: It seems that if you are a virgin until the age of 30, you can become a wizard.

4th place went to Yu Toyota, “It seems like if you’re a virgin until you’re 30, you can become a wizard.” The main character is Kiyoshi Adachi, a salaryman who turned 30 years old as a virgin and now has the ability to use magic that allows him to understand the thoughts of those he touches. A pure love story with Yuichi Kurosawa, a handsome ace in the sales department who is in love with him. The live-action drama starring Eiji Akaso as Kiyoshi Adachi and Keita Machida as Yuichi Kurosawa was a huge hit. A TV anime was also aired.

Reason for choosing

“It’s a super popular work that has been adapted into dramas, movies, and anime, and I love it.I continue to buy the manga.

Watching the office worker’s pure love is so soothing! It’s a work that you can enjoy in everyday life even without rivals appearing like other manga.” (Minamina)

“I think it’s an easy-to-read BL manga where the main character accepts his homosexuality despite being confused, and there’s nothing weirdly over-the-top about it.It’s a BL manga, but it’s just a love story between two people who want to be together, so it’s easy to read without any resistance. I read it.” (Sarah)

3rd place: I am being threatened by the number 1 person I want to embrace.

3rd place goes to Sakurabi Ladder’s “I’m threatened by the number one man I want to hold.” The veteran actor Takato Saijo, who was ranked number one for five years in a row, and the newcomer who took that spot. A love story depicting the forbidden love of actor Junta Azumaya. A TV anime and movie version were also released.

Reason for choosing

“I can’t stop feeling excited when I see Takato-san, an older and more arrogant character, being tormented by Junta, a younger, more comforting character.

In daily life, Takato, who is older and more senior to me, takes the initiative. However, at night, Takato is excited to see Junta taking the initiative and pushing him down, but I’m also excited to see him. The pictures are beautiful and the content is interesting, so I recommend it to housewives who are starting to get tired of it.” (Namicky)

“The combination of an openly hostile senior and an innocent and friendly newcomer is the best.What’s more, the positions are reversed, with the newcomer Higashiya trying to grasp and embrace Takato’s weaknesses rather than Takato, his senior. Good” (Ai)

1st place: What did you eat yesterday?

1st place goes to Fumi Yoshinaga’s “What did you eat yesterday?” Centering around Shiro Kakei, a methodical lawyer who is good at cooking, and his partner Kenji Yabuki, a hairdresser, this film warmly depicts the worries and joys of male couples through food. It was made into a live-action drama and movie, with Shiro Kakei played by Hidetoshi Nishijima and Kenji Yabuki played by Seiyo Uchino.

Reason for choosing

“At first, I fell in love with the refreshing illustrations and started reading it.

Although it is a BL manga, there are no naughty depictions and it feels like watching a real happy couple, making me feel happy. I think the two characters are cute and make a good couple. Plus, the food Shiro-san makes looks delicious and whets my appetite.” (Ichimura)

“I got hooked on the drama and started reading manga.When I read the manga, I can hear the voices of the two lead actors, Nishijima-san and Uchino-san, replaying in my head.I always look forward to the dishes that Shiro-san makes, and I even bought a recipe book. I love the way Shiro-san and Kenji care for each other.” (Kenken)

“It’s a work that doesn’t have any naughty atmosphere, so it’s soothing to read.

The interactions between Shiro and Kenji were very natural, and there were a lot of things I could relate to. The food that appears in the story is also attractive, and I can feel the warmth from both the story and the food.” (Mami)

1st place: Given

1st place goes to Natsuki Kizu’s “Given”. High school students Ritsuka Uenoyama and Mafuyu Sato met through music, and Mafuyu’s beautiful singing voice led them to start working in the same band. A youth band story about two people’s love and music. In addition to being made into an anime on TV and in theaters, it was also made into a live-action drama, with Hitoshi Suzuki playing Ritsuka Uenoyama and Sanari playing Mafuyu Sato.

Reason for choosing

“The story is about growing up through the band, so it’s stylish and the characters are very delicately drawn.It’s about a man falling in love with another man, but it’s not that unnatural. It was very easy to get into him because the characters were so convincing that I was drawn to him as a human being, and I could understand his past and what he is now because of it.” (Rasa)

“I had a feeling that I wasn’t good at BL manga, but the work is so good that it overturns that, and it made me cry the most out of all the manga and anime I’ve read or watched. Not only did it make me think about the people left behind, but it was also a work that struck a chord with my sexuality.” (Heshiko)

“It’s interesting to see how the characters change and bond through the band and music, and the process of becoming adults.Also, the songs were actually provided by the artists for the anime and film adaptations, which makes them even better. I’ve been hooked ever since. Also, I like the beautiful original artwork.” (Yururu)

“We asked 100 people! Favorite BL manga ranking BEST 10” list

1st place: Given

1st place: What did you eat yesterday?

3rd place: I am being threatened by the number 1 person I want to embrace.

4th place: It seems that if you are a virgin until the age of 30, you can become a wizard.

4th place: Wait a moment, Harutora-kun

6th place: Nii-chan

6th place: Yarichin☆Bitch Club

No. 6: The Cornered Mouse Dreams of Cheese

6th place: Sasaki and Miyano

6th place: Junjou Romantica

No. 6: Disappeared first love

No. 6: The world’s best first love

No. 6: Someone please tell me it’s a dream

6th place: Classmate

“Given” and “What did you eat yesterday?” have been made into dramas. ” is ranked! “We asked 100 people! Favorite BL manga ranking BEST 10” announced

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