Earth Star Luna's new book goes on sale Monday, June 3rd!


Earth Star Luna's new book goes on sale Monday, June 3rd!
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  • “Are you going to another world? ~After getting caught up in a god summoning, the young girl Momo (16 years old) is loved by a group of beautiful knights!~” Volume 1

Author: Amakawa Nana Illustration: YukiyaAuthor: Amakawa Nana Illustration: Yukiya

I was transported to another world and became a 5-year-old!?

High school girl Mizumoto Momoko (Momo) gets caught up in the summoning of a war god and is transported to another world in the form of a 5-year-old child.

Momoko is taken in by the second prince and leader of the Knights, Barkurai (Lord Bar), and begins her life in another world under the watchful eye of handsome knights.

The life of this wannabe little girl in another world is very hectic, as her behavior becomes childlike, she suddenly turns into a one-year-old, and she is thrilled by Lord Bal's sex appeal!

Meanwhile, Momoko gets kidnapped by someone…

A “fake little girl” with the body of a 5-year-old and the mind of a 16-year-old, doted on by a handsome guardian in another world!!

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  • “The Saint Who Was Banished Because She Only Had a Short Time Left to Live, But After Going on a Pilgrimage, She Became Super Healthy” Volume 2

Written by: Machibari Illustrated by: MatoriWritten by: Machibari Illustrated by: Matori

After making the pilgrimage to the first holy site, Platina's health is improving and she no longer has much time left to live. It seems that the “curse” from Queen Rega, who had been oppressing her, was the cause of her poor health…

Meanwhile, Eizen, confused by his feelings for her, decides to protect her.

Amber, who is now able to transform at the second sacred site, and North, who has received orders from the guild, also join the group, and they set out to face the queen, who is desperate to take back Platina.

“Just like you helped me, I'll help you now.”

The story of the men she wants to protect and the saint who is trying to fulfill her mission as a princess is picking up pace!

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  • “Elf-san's Magical Restaurant: I was reincarnated as a fairy queen, but first I'll take it easy and cook a lot of food!” Volume 3

Author: Yokatari Orimu Illustration: Okishi JienAuthor: Yokatari Orimu Illustration: Okishi Jien

One day, while playing in the park in the village of Mezieres, Mel and her friends are invited to a tea party hosted by Lavinia…

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  • Release lineup for Monday, July 1, 2024

1.“Clean away the impurities and live a fluffy, happy life” (2) 

Author: Aripon Illustration: Tobe Yoshi

2.“My twin sister has stolen the protection of the saint, so I'm going on a journey” (2)

Author: Nanami Illustration: Nimoshi

3.“I'm just a maid who was ordered to clean up the mess made by the Saint's younger sister. When I went to apologize to the beastman country, I somehow fell in love with the cold-hearted black wolf king!?” (3)

Author: Sakurada Rin Illustration: Hyodo Ren

4.“Reincarnated Lady Violetta's Agricultural Revolution: While I was searching for delicious food, I was doted on by the Ice Marquis?” (1)

Author: Asatsuki Asa Illustration: Yukko

5.“Librarian: Is the skill of reading books incompetent?!” (3)

Author: Minami no Tsuki Illustration: HIROKAZU

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Earth Star Luna's new book goes on sale Monday, June 3rd!

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Earth Star Luna's new book goes on sale Monday, June 3rd!
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