Dreaming of the day when you can escape from poverty… SMATOON’s work from Korea “Golden Gratia, Child Beloved by God” is now available on Piccoma


Dreaming of the day when you can escape from poverty… SMATOON’s work from Korea “Golden Gratia, Child Beloved by God” is now available on Piccoma
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CREEK & RIVER ENTERTAINMENT Co., Ltd. (hereinafter CRE), a Korean group company of CREEK & RIVER ENTERTAINMENT Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as C&R), which operates professional agency business, is pleased to announce the release of CRE’s original SMARTOON* work “Loved by God”. We have started distributing “Tako, Golden Gratia” (illustration: Donpur, adaptation: Heez, original work: Gkojaja) on the manga app “Piccoma”.

▼You can read it here (Piccoma)

*SMARTOON: A color digital comic that can be read from top to bottom in a vertical scroll format, suitable for viewing on smart devices.

CRE Nobel Comic “Child Beloved by God, Golden Gratia” Overview

Gratia is a 10-year-old girl who lives in a slum. She suffered abuse from her family on a daily basis, and was often confined to a warehouse except for doing housework. One day, she had a dream. “You will walk a great path in the future. Everyone will look up to you and believe in your choices.” The man in the dream told the girl that she would become a great person. “Let’s meet in the future, my dear Gratia.” It was a truly mysterious and beautiful dream. But when Gratia wakes up, she learns that it wasn’t her dream.

[Comic information]
Illustration: Donpur, Adaptation: Heez, Original work: Gkojaja
Content provided by: Piccoma
Planning and production: CREEK & RIVER ENTERTAINMENT

▼You can read it here (Piccoma)

CRE original comics that can be read in Japan

“Realm of Queen Queen’s Realm”

Pirate Drake is known as the Black Dragon of the Sea. He plunders a Spanish merchant ship and ends up boarding the ship carrying Queen Elizabeth I. Unable to satisfy his desires, he pursues gold and silver treasures, and, feeling his heart flutter when he sees Queen Elizabeth I, he is overjoyed and hatches a plan to acquire the Queen of England. Elizabeth I, who noticed Drake’s ability, helped him in return for devoting the stolen money to the country, and España, angry, used this as an excuse to declare war on England. Elizabeth I contributed to the development of England, which was an underdeveloped country in Europe in the early 16th century, into a major power. A romance story about her life as a single person.

“It’s too strong for a beginner! ”
Saiji Arimoto grew up as an orphan in the children’s home called Wakaba no Ie. When he heard that the Wakaba house where he was raised would be lost due to financial difficulties, he decided to help with money, but just as he was worrying about how to find a way to make money, he suddenly found himself climbing a mysterious tower. A video of myself in the future as a person is sent to my smartphone. Seven years ago, she suddenly appeared in this world and was introduced to the Tower, a gigantic building that randomly took people with her. It is said that those who can safely return from this tower will have special powers and can earn a lot of money. Who sent the mysterious video that showed Saiji’s future? What is the purpose of the “tower”? “Beginner who knows everything” Saiji’s journey begins!

“Golden Print”
I have dreamed of becoming an architectural designer since I was 12 years old. He has worked hard for 30 years without missing a single day. However, now that I am 42 years old, I am the director of a construction site that builds buildings designed by someone other than me. If I hadn’t made that choice at that time… would I have become an architectural designer? I spent 30 years thinking about this… Then a miracle happened to me. 20 years ago, in 2010, I was reincarnated as a college student. I’m only 22 years old, but I have 20 years of experience on construction sites… In this life, I’ll fulfill my dream of becoming an architectural designer and fill the world with buildings I’ve designed…!

[About CRE’s business]
CRE, which operates agency businesses such as TV directors in South Korea, has been strengthening its IP (intellectual property) strategy for about eight years. In addition to this work, the original Webtoon (vertical electronic comic) “Free from Dreams” (original title “Freedom from Dreams (꿈에서 자유로)”, author: 2L) has been published in 9 countries including North America, France, Japan, and China. In addition to being distributed in Japan, the original webtoon work “Hounds” was made into a Netflix drama and aired in 2023. In addition, the original SMARTOON “Beginner but too strong!” which began serialization in Japan’s Piccoma in October 2022. ” (original title: “New Bee is Too Strong (뉴비가 너무 강함)”, original work: First Prize Lottery) is distributed in nine countries including Indonesia, Thailand, and Taiwan. Since the beginning of this year, I’ve been featured in “Man of the Month” and “Villain-sama, I think you’re in the wrong house.” ” and “Golden Gratia, the Child Who Receives Love from God”, we are increasing distribution in Japan one after another, and are actively developing our rights management business globally.

Comics from C&R’s manga/novel studio “Manga LABO”

Manga LABO, C&R’s manga/novel production studio, is mass producing hit works through a production system in which manga artists who specialize in drawing, line drawing, and story are divided into roles, and a sales style based on unique marketing. In addition to publishing original comics and light novels under multiple brands, we are also the first to launch the vertically scrolling comics “WEBTOON” and colorization, and are expanding our distribution and sales network not only in Japan but also overseas, creating new e-books and books. We continue to challenge publishing styles.

“The genius costumer’s excessive obsession clings to his entire body! ”
My boyfriend of four years was cheating on me while I was at a job that was unrewarding. Shiro, who was depressed due to a series of bad events, suddenly teleports to another world on the night she gets drunk. Darius Fabre, a fashion designer who runs a tailor shop that is said to be the best in the capital, picks Shiro up as she falls. With no place for his girlfriend to go, Shiro ends up staying at Darius’ shop. Although she is confused by her workmate Darius, whose life skills and communication skills are ruined, she gradually gets used to the new world. Before she knew it, she had become conscious of Darius, and she…⁉ New love is supposed to be scary, but she’s still attracted to him. On the other hand, Darius, who used to hate people, suddenly begins to feel comfortable living with Shiro. This gradually turns into a strong desire for possessiveness. In this different world where I came to with only love, work, and myself, I will start my life over again so that I can be happy this time!

“A woman who is wrongly proposed for marriage will be divorced after a year.”
That person… Margrave of Senodel! I can’t believe I get to be the wife of such a wonderful person… Cheryl was not even recognized as a daughter by her father, who called her an “illegitimate child,” and she was treated worse than a servant and was not given enough food. A letter arrived to her girlfriend. The only person who chose me. Someone who showers love on me. You’ll soon be able to meet the warm-hearted Margrave of Senodele! That’s what I thought… “Who the heck are you!?” The popular Amazon Night Novels “A woman who is wrongly proposed for marriage ends up getting divorced after a year” has been adapted into a comic by Hope Cream!

Other manga-related businesses of C&R Group

Nextrek Co., Ltd., a member of the C&R Group, is developing an app called “Mobukomi” for “moving manga” (motion comics).
Currently, you can enjoy 15 works in motion comic format.

App Store:https://apps.apple.com/jp/app/id1666538614
Google Play:

“Valkyrie of the End”
“Unsung Cinderella Hospital Pharmacist Midori Aoi”
“Alice and Zoroku”
“A Tale of The Great Saint who is reincarnated and hides her identity as a saint”
“How to tell the twin princes apart”
“Keiji Maeda Kabuki Journey”
“A woman who is wrongly proposed for marriage will be divorced after a year.”
“Mobuko no Koi”
“The wild final boss has appeared! Blackwinged Overlord”
“Chiruran Shinsengumi Requiem”
“Trace: Reminiscences of a Forensic Medicine Researcher at the Scientific Research Institute”

“Keep a boy”

“Witch Wars”

“Fist of the North Star”

▼Try reading with a short video! A new type of motion comic!!

https://youtu.be/O51pMZb8ieo(Valkyrie of the End)

https://youtu.be/2UEEvvtd-Sg(Unsung Cinderella)

https://youtu.be/ZrnO-dulQuI(Alice and Zoroku)

https://youtu.be/R_BYY4lpsGs?si=J2nq4Ojx_c-PXfxZ(Fist of the North Star)

[About C&R’s rights management business]
Since 2010, C&R has been operating an overseas copyright agency business that introduces and distributes Japanese novels and manga to countries such as China, Korea, Vietnam, and France, and works to translate and publish them. In May 2021, the light novel “Café Eden’s Detective in Love” (e-book) developed by “Manga LABO”, which discovers new talent, will be published as a paper book in Vietnam, and localized to suit the characteristics of each region around the world. (localization) while developing and distributing content. Furthermore, popular manga licensed by C&R, such as “Black Jack ni Yoroshiku” (Author: Hidemine Sato) and “Kaiji” (Author: Nobuyuki Fukumoto), will be turned into NFTs and distributed in the market, creating a new revenue model for creators. We are actively developing our rights management business, such as by proposing the following: C&R Group will continue to expand its various businesses and services globally, and aim to realize its mission of “improving the lifetime value of professionals” and “contributing to the creation of value for clients.”

■CREEK & RIVER ENTERTAINMENT Co., Ltd. Company Profile
Head Office: B/D C_703, 150, Yeongdeungpo-ro, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, Korea
Established: December 2016
Representative: CEO Lu Lianxi
Business content: Agency business/rights business/education/communication business centered on the TV/video field
URL: http://www.crikorea.com/

■Creek & River Co., Ltd. Company Profile
Head Office: Shintora-dori CORE, 4-1-1 Shinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Established: March 1990
Representative: Atsushi Kurosaki, Representative Director and President
Bases: Tokyo (head office), Osaka, Sapporo, Sendai, Saitama, Yokohama, Kawasaki, Funabashi, Takasaki, Kanazawa, Nagoya, Kyoto, Kobe, Takamatsu, Hiroshima, Fukuoka, Kumamoto, Naha, Seoul, Shanghai, Beijing, Los Angeles, montreal
Business content: Professional in 18 fields: video, games, web, advertising/publishing, writers, medical care, IT, accounting, law, architecture, fashion, food, computer science, life science, performing arts, CXO, athletes, and agriculture. We operate specialized agency (dispatch/introduction), production (development/contract), and rights management (intellectual property planning, development, and distribution) businesses. We are creating endless innovative businesses with our professional wisdom.
URL: https://www.cri.co.jp(corporate site)
https://www.cri.co.jp/website-sns/(Official website/SNS list)
https://www.creativevillage.ne.jp/(Professional x Connect x Media “CREATIVE VILLAGE”)

Dreaming of the day when you can escape from poverty… SMATOON’s work from Korea “Golden Gratia, Child Beloved by God” is now available on Piccoma

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Dreaming of the day when you can escape from poverty… SMATOON’s work from Korea “Golden Gratia, Child Beloved by God” is now available on Piccoma
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